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Kate's Month Ahead
Gentle Readers,
One of the things I love about internet ordering is the ability to do so from inside my warm house, while dressed in warm pyjamas, sipping a warm hot chocolate. I can get my books delivered straight to my door, without ever once having to set foot outside into the frosty Canberra air.

Lucky for me, I live in the age of the internet. Double lucky for me, there are a lot of winter warmers available this month. Take a browse below!

As always, we also offer pre-ordering, and I've picked some of the hottest titles available in August and popped them on the sidebar.

Finally, my author of the month is Meljean Brook, who dropped by to tell us about her obsession with superheroes - and why we're all a bit obsessed too. Her new book  - the latest in her Guardian series -
Demon Blood is available this month.

What I've just finished: Have I obsessed enough about Rachel Vincent's YA Soul Screamers series to you yet? I just finished My Soul to Keep, the third, and latest in the series, and I am desperate for number 4.

What I'm reading now: I've stepped out of romance to read an anthology of short stories, called Stories, and edited by one of my very favourite non-romance writers, Neil Gaiman. Under the direction of 'and then what happened?', some of the world's biggest writers have contributed. It's dark and fascinating and utterly addictive.

What I can't wait for: I have many an interesting title cross my desk, but I admit, I'm intrigued by a book I have sitting here called Amazon Ink. A new area of the paranormal not yet explored...

Until next time, happy reading!

Kate Cuthbert
Booktopia Romance Buzz
Way, way back - in a galaxy far, far away - I picked up a thick9780425235478 little book called Demon Angel from a brand spanking new author and lo! a new fangirl was born. DA topped my best of 2007 list, and Meljean Brook remains at the top of my must-buy paranormal authors. So imagine the squeeing that erupted* when she agreed to join us this month, as Booktopia Romance Buzz's book of the month.

*I believe it was heard in New York

Meljean's latest in her mega awesome Guardian Novels (number 6) Demon Blood is out this month.  Don't deny yourself the joy - read these books in order.(you can get a list in order here) Also, give yourself a week off to do so. You won't be putting them down.

Meljean's here to tell us why super- are the best kind of heroes.

Up, Up, but not Away... Paranormal Heroes Are the Superheroes Who Stay

I've been in love with comic books almost as long as I've loved the romance genre. It's not really surprising, I think - despite the old stereotype of romance being for girls and comics for the boys, they often tell similar stories of larger-than-life characters overcoming incredible odds, and (usually, for the superhero) with a happy ending.

batman-wonderwomanBut for the die-hard romantic in me, comics always lacked one thing: the happily-ever-after that included a love story. Superman being one of the few exceptions (and his relationship with Lois is so sweet and perfect that I'd just die if anything happened to either of them in the ongoing series), the superheroes and heroines in comic book worlds don't have lasting relationships. Batman's lovers always die or leave - so do Wolverine's. Part of the reason is simply the ongoing, serial nature of comic books: like soap operas, it's hard to keep the tension going if everyone is happy and complacent. So people die, secrets are always coming out to break a couple up, or Spider-Man has to make a deal with the devil, and choose between saving his aunt's life, or erasing his history with Mary Jane - and erasing their marriage.

Sometimes, it's hard for a die-hard romantic to love other genres. But luckily, paranormal romance began increasing in popularity, and created the perfect blend of romance and superheroes.

wolverineWe have our X-Men and our Justice Leagues - groups of people with superpowers, fighting together, whose relationships change and evolve through the series. We still have fantastic storylines and epic battles of good vs. evil. And yet each hero and heroine is unique, easily recognizable by their power and personality, and their individual tale fascinating - and worth being told in their own books.

batmanWe have our Wolverines and our Batmans - tortured heroes with complicated pasts who are fighting to save the world, but instead of watching their heroines die or walk away, we've got heroines who can fight just as hard to save their men and the world. The story ends with a happily-ever-after, and although we might see the characters again in another book, there's no need to break them up to keep the tension going. No...we just find another hero and heroine to love in the next book.

That is something I've kept in mind while writing the Guardian series: I want to tell huge, romantic stories, with unforgettable and unique characters. Deacon is very much a tortured superhero, and Rosalia just the woman to save him ... while they both save the world from demons. Every book is a fun, hot, and exciting ride, and I love writing every single word.

And best of all, our heroes and heroines don't wear spandex.

-Meljean Brook

As a special offer to our awesome Booktopia Romance Buzz readers, Meljean is giving three lucky readers a copy of Demon Blood!

Just visit this website for details. Good luck!
If you've been a Romance Buzz reader for awhile, you know how much I love contemporary romances, and how I long for more - clearly I've just been in the wrong season. Northern summer is perfect for beaches - and perfect for a little contemporary beach reading.

Course, those of us freezing down here in our winter don't get the beaches...but don't worry - the books still make a nice consolation prize. Even if we curl up with blankets and hot chocolates instead...
9780758234261So I know it's only been 6 months since I first met Victoria Dahl, but as we all know in romance land, quick love doesn't mean it's not true. She writes historicals, she writes contemporaries, she writes unlikeable heroines that you can't help but like.

She breaks out of her series to write a standalone summer romance...

Look, all weddings are stressful, but faking your own death to get out of it is a bit extreme. But that's what Chloe's fiance did, and now she's the kind of woman that men fake death to avoid being with. A remote island and a quiet existence until the storm blows over is just what she needs. But then she meets Max, who thinks she's just a normal, girl-next-door. He doesn't need notoriety. But that's what Chloe brings.

Booktopia Price: $10.95 SAVE 32%
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Like dogs? Like romance? Like Kristan Higgins? ...what about office politics, overdue marriage proposals, impending 30th birthday parties held in funeral homes?


Our Price: $10.95
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All I Ever Wanted


She's the queen of contemporary romance - discover Carly Phillips. means discovering a crime reporter, a reluctant hero, a ring, a bevy of single ladies, and one uninterested heroine.

Up for an adventure?

Our Price: $10.95
SAVE 32%
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Kiss Me if You Can

9781416547099You may know her as a historical author - but who says Julia London doesn't have hidden talents?

...this story has a search for identity, a widow, a mysterious past, and a whole parcel load of secrets.

Ready to go digging?

Our Price: $10.95
SAVE 27%
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One Season of Sunshine.

Oooh suspense readers: have we got treats for you!

Is that what I think it is? 9780345521200

A new Suzanne Brockmann?

A new paperback,  never before published Suzanne Brockmann?Is that what I think it is?

A new Suzanne Brockmann?

A new paperback,  never before published Suzanne Brockmann?

A new paperback, never-before-published, original Suzanne Brockmann??

Why yes...yes it is!

She's a historian, trying to bring a little reality to the Wild West on film. He's a real life cowboy complete with a hat and a tarnished past. Oooh Suzanne Brockmann originals.

A new paperback, never-before-published, original Suzanne Brockmann??

Why yes...yes it is!

She's a historian, trying to bring a little reality to the Wild West on film. He's a real life cowboy complete with a hat and a tarnished past. Oooh Suzanne Brockmann originals. How I have missed you!

Booktopia Price: $10.95 SAVE 32%

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9780749941796If you are a greedy reader (and we all know we are) and one Suzanne Brockmann isn't enough to fill the void - don't worry, we've got Nora.

Nora excels in arrogant heroes, and this book delivers: he's an artist, newly arrived. She's a recluse, hidden away, happy in her quiet world. But her past is about to catch up with both of them.

Booktopia Price: $25.95  SAVE 21%
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9781409101048 And if you still aren't satisfied, look, we are there for you. More than Suzanne ...more than Nora? We've got brand new Lisa Gardner

Three women, three lives, are connected in unsuspected ways. Detective D.D. Warren will have her hands full trying to sift through the blood ties that bind.

Recommended Retail Price: $59.95
Hardcover Edition
Booktopia Price:
SAVE 51%!!!

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Historicals this month are jam-packed with the latest releases from some of the industry's heaviest hitters. Historical lovers? It's time to snuggle in - it's about to get a lot hotter.
9780061632679Guys, Loretta Chase. Seriously. Do you really need more than just that name to squee?

How about the fact that this is the story of Peregrine and Olivia - the two kids who stole the show in the wonderful Lord Perfect? Yeah - them. And we've been waiting a long time for them to grow up.

Peregrine is back from Egypt, and no challenge there can top dealing with his family - and Olivia, the one woman with the history of dragging him into any number of perfectly irrational  schemes. Maybe the latter can explain how he ends up in a gloomy Scottish castle with only ghosts for company?

Booktopia Price: $10.95 SAVE 32%
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9780345518897Have you seen the book trailer for Tessa Dare's Stud Club novels? It's a fantastic  way to demonstrate the sly humour you can expect in her novels.

He's a playboy with a well-deserved reputation. She knows he has more to offer - and she's determined to claim it all.

Our Price: $10.95
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Three Nights with a

9780061795176He's shipwrecked, injured, and committed completely to his mission. She's tempestuous, emotional, and a leader among her people. Together, there will be sparks.

Check out the third volume of Stephanie Lauren's Black Cobra Quartet.

Our Price: $10.95
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The Brazen Bride.

9780061626845 She doesn't believe in charming princes - and he's certainly not changing her mind. He already has a fiancee who will fulfill his ambitions - and she's not going to change his mind. Definitely no fairy tales are going to come true in Eloisa James' latest novel.

Our Price: $10.95
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A Kiss at Midnight
9780446558945He needs a guide through the perilous streets of London's most notorious slums. She can provide that. She needs a benefactor to help keep her foundling home running, and the residents fed. He can provide that. Really, it should be a very simple transaction...

But with Elizabeth Hoyt novels - things are bound to get deliciously, wonderfully, heatedly complicated.

Oh I love Elizabeth Hoyt novels!

Booktopia Price: $9.95  SAVE 29%
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Cold winter nights? Here are a few ways to heat them up...

9780425235263Lauren Dane recently won the Australian Romance Readers' Association's 2009 Favourite Erotic Romance for her novel Laid Bare. Haven't checked her out yet? Here's a great chance, with her new novel Insatiable. (and Good Heavens, did you see the abs on the guy on the front??)

Carina is the key to peace between two warring factions; Daniel is enlisted to keep her safe. They may be adversaries by birth, they're going to have to find a way to trust each other to survive.

Booktopia Price: $21.95 SAVE 27% (Paperback)
Click here to buy Insatiable

9780385342285 Larissa Ione is one of my very favourite authors - and one of the few I know who can master both short stories and novels. Team her up with Stephanie Tyler as writer Sydney Croft and you've got an erotic paranormal series that sizzles.

A team of Navy SEALS has been wiped out by something sinister - and superhuman - and they need help. Sela and Marlena, ACRO agents, are sent to Brazil to sort it out. But they won't be able to do it alone.

Booktopia Price: $21.95 SAVE 27% (Paperback)
Click here to buy Tempting the Fire

9781605045122Maya Banks
writes some of the hottest stories around - and there are two in this volume. Now, I know the cover of her Wild doesn't have the abs of some of the other titles, but trust me - this is definitely not a book to judge by its cover.

He's just trying to save an injured cheetah. Imagine his surprise when he comes back to find a beautiful, naked, woman instead. Not that he's looking a gift shapeshifter in the ... whatever.

She never had reason to trust humans - until she met them. Now she needs to trust that they will find their way home.

Booktopia Price: $21.95 SAVE 27% (Paperback)
Click here to buy Wild
Guys? There's a new Nalini Singh? Do we have anything else to talk about?
9780515148244 Still get a little misty-eyed over The Little Mermaid? Check out the new Christine Feehan - where the rescuer is a she, a  sea-urchin diver with an affiniyty for the sea, and the rescued has no memory of who - or what - he is.

Booktopia Price: $10.95  SAVE 32%
Click here to buy Water Bound

9780425233207 One anthology - one author (yes, that would be Sherrilyn Kenyon) - and three stories, together for the first time in one handy volume. It's all here: dragons, virgins, assassins, heroes, and fantasies come to life. What more could you need?

Booktopia Price: $10.95  SAVE 32%
Click here to buy In Other Worlds.
9780749909253MaryJanice Davidson's latest novel - look I did about all I could to tie in some pun-tastic opening about the unfinished part her long-running, very funny, seminal series that gave birth to the genre of light paranormal, Undead and Unfinished, but I just couldn't make it work.

Failure is bitter, my friends. Here's a plot synopsis.

So making a deal with the devil is never a good idea, but getting through the Book of the Dead is driving Betsy mad, so she's willing to do just about anything. So she and Laura will spend enough time in Hell to repair some family ties - and set things in motion that they can't understand. After all, the devil will get her due.

Booktopia Price: Australian edition: $25.95,  US edition $35.95
Click here to buy Undead and Unfinished (Paperback)
Click here to buy Undead and Unfinished (Hardcover)
9780425235447Anyone who was at the ARRA Awards Dinner in Sydney in May (and you know that anyone who is anyone was there :)) knows just what a delight Nalini Singh is. Which makes it just so much more wonderful that her books are so delightful too!

Bonds of Justice is the latest in her Psy/Changeling series, and it features a human, Max, and a Justice Psy, Sophia - who is about to start feeling all sorts of forbidden emotions. Are you getting shivers? I'm definitely getting shivers - and it has nothing to do with the chilly Canberra weather.

Booktopia Price: $10.95 SAVE 32%
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