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September 2010 | Edition 24
Spring is in the air, the election is behind us (well, sort of), and there seems a new sense of possibility about everything. In the book world, it really is an exciting time.

Today is Indigenous Literacy Day, and the whole publishing and bookselling industry is getting together to support this worthy cause. Here at Booktopia, we are donating 10 per cent of our profit today to the Indigenous Literacy project, so today is the day to make your dollar count, and buy up big.

The annual Get Reading promotion kicks off in earnest today as well. Fifty great titles to choose from, your choice of two wonderful new free books - what could be better? More on that further on in the newsletter.

If thrillers are your thing, we have a stunning deal on Kathy Reichs' first novel, as well as the low down on her latest. And for great reads, you can't go better than The Tiger, and Lights Out in Wonderland, two remarkable books that are my books of the month for non-fiction and fiction respectively. Meanwhile, Jonathan Franzen's Freedom is being hailed as the book of the century (I kid you not).

All in all, it is shaping up to be a great month of reading, so enjoy the newsletter.

Toni Whitmont
GET_logo_200 The Australia wide  2010 Get Reading! promotion runs from 25 August to 30 September. During the campaign, those who buy one of the 50 books listed here (or in the FREE 50 Books You Can't Put Down guide that we are currently distributing with parcels leaving our warehouse) receive a FREE book.

There's something for everyone in the guide. Two-thirds of the books listed are Australian and they include new releases, new editions and popular recent releases.

Those who buy one of the 50 titles receive a free book - either a free book for adults or a free children's book. It is up to you, simply select your free gift in the shopping cart . You get one free book for each of the books you purchase so you could get more than one free book in your order.

Ten Short StoriesAdults will enjoy TEN STORIES YOU MUST READ IN 2010 with original, new stories from Maggie Alderson, Georgia Blain, Mark Dapin, Nick Earls, Alex Miller, Judy Nunn, Malla Nunn, Craig Silvey, Rachael Treasure and Christos Tsiolkas.

Ten of Australia's best writers serve up more-ish morsels to savour. There's something for everyone in this all-new collection, and it's exclusive to Get Reading!
Pickled Onions
For the kids, what better than the new TICKLED ONIONS by Morris Gleitzman

Kids in a pickle, parents in a jam - this fun collection, which includes four new stories, is exclusive to Get Reading! and celebrates the launch of Pocket Money Puffins and 70 years of Puffin.

Some authors write from imagination while others write from experience. When it comes to Kathy Reichs, her own life is so interesting that she could be the subject of a novel herself.

DEJA DEADFrom teaching FBI agents how to detect and recover human remains, to separating and identifying commingled body parts in her Montreal lab, as a forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs has brought her own dramatic work experience to her mesmerizing forensic thrillers. Dr. Reichs has travelled to Rwanda to testify at the UN Tribunal on Genocide, and helped exhume a mass grave in Guatemala. She aided in the identification of war dead from World War II, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Dr. Reichs also assisted with identifying remains found at ground zero of the World Trade Center following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Kathy Reichs's first novel Déjà Dead catapulted her to fame when it became a New York Times bestseller. She has since written 12 more. She is also is a producer of the hit  TV series, Bones, which is based on her work and her novels.

If you haven't discovered Kathy Reichs yet, or if you only came in half way through the series, we have an absolute bargain for you.

Normally selling at $21.95, that represents a
discount of 80%.

The first of the Tempe Brennan novels, Déjà Dead is terrific and terrifying in its own right, easily rising above Patricia Cornwellian similarities. It has excellent plotting, an appealingly headstong heroine and superb mastery of tension.

Click here for more details or to buy Déjà Dead
Retail Price: $21.95, Booktopia Price: $4.50 SAVE 80%

mortal remainsUp for seconds? Or should I say thirteenths? Reichs is at the top of her game with the 13th Tempe Brennan novel - Mortal Remains.

John Lowery was declared dead in 1968-the victim of a Huey crash in Vietnam, his body buried long ago in North Carolina. Four decades later, Temperance Brennan is called to the scene of a drowning in Hemmingford, Quebec. The victim appears to have died while in the midst of a bizarre sexual practice. The corpse is later identified as John Lowery. But how could Lowery have died twice, and how did an American soldier end up in Canada?

Tempe sets off for the answer, exhuming Lowery's grave in North Carolina and taking the remains to Hawaii for reanalysis-to the headquarters of JPAC, the U.S. military's Joint POW/ MIA Accounting Command, which strives to recover Americans who have died in past conflicts. In Hawaii, Tempe is joined by her colleague and ex-lover Detective Andrew Ryan (how "ex" is he?) and by her daughter, who is recovering from her own tragic loss. Soon another set of remains is located, with Lowery's dog tags tangled among them. Three bodies-all identified as Lowery.

And then Tempe is contacted by Hadley Perry, Honolulu's flamboyant medical examiner, who needs help identifying the remains of an adolescent boy found offshore. Was he the victim of a shark attack? Or something much more sinister?

Click here for more details or to buy Mortal Remains
Retail Price: $32.95, Booktopia Price: $26.50 SAVE 21%

Can you imagine not being able to read a newspaper, a road sign or directions on a bottle of medication? Sadly, this is a reality faced by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders living in remote communities today.

The Indigenous Literacy Project (ILP) aims to raise literacy levels and improve the lives and opportunities of indigenous Australians living in remote and isolated regions.

This is done by providing books and literacy resources to indigenous communities and raising broad community awareness of indigenous literacy issues.

Today, September 1, is Indigenous Literacy Day. Booktopia is donating 10 per cent of our profit to the ILP today.

Red Queen image THE RED QUEEN by Philippa Gregory

Gregory has long dominated women's historical fiction genre and titles such as The Other Boleyn Girl have had a big following both on the page and on the screen. She moved to another level last year however when she released The White Queen. Here at Booktopia, our customers couldn't get enough of it. Stand by then for its sequel, The Red Queen , again presented as a very attractive hardback (at a very attractive price).

The reigning queen of historical fiction, Gregory continues the story of The Cousins War from the side of the house of Lancaster. The Red Queen features many of the same characters that we met in The White Queen, but focuses on Margaret Beaufort, mother of the soon to be Henry VII. 

We have the book trailer and more details here, but anyone who has read a Gregory won't need any second urging.

Click here to read more or buy The Red Queen
Retail Price: $36.00, Booktopia Price: $28.95 SAVE 20%
Lights out in Wonderland I have to admit I approached DBC Pierre's latest novel, Lights Out in Wonderland, with a good deal of trepidation.

Despite winning the Man Booker in 2003 for his debut novel Vernon God Little, the Australian born is known to be an acquired taste. And I had been told by the publisher, that Lights Out in Wonderland, was not only much better than VGL, it was in fact "brilliant".

On top of that, our DBC comes with somewhat of a reputation as a scoundrel and a liar, a bad boy at best. No doubt Melbourne Writers Festival goers are currently hearing more about that.

Let me say from the start that the premise of the book is not original.  Gabriel Brockwell has decided to kill himself, and that decision in itself frees him from the normal constraints of everyday life. Armed with his exit strategy, he embarks on a global odyssey in pursuit of pleasure. But why has he decided to think terminally? Because he is totally at odds with society, with the death throes of capitalism (or perhaps with the complete ascendancy of consumerism).

My better read colleagues point out that this device has been used before, most notably in Dostoevsky's The Devils. Be that as it may, this thoroughly twenty first century take is completely compelling from start to finish. Lights Out in Wonderland is a novel about philosophy, about big picture concepts. DBC Pierre's talent is to "whoosh" us along (I use the word advisedly - there is a lot of whooshing in the novel) with him, through the turns and about turns in Brockwell's mind, through all his warped logic and peculiar life views, through adventures, through the jaded peaks and alluring troughs of human existence,  all the while wondering if Brockwell will complete his mission.

This is a huge ride of a novel, one that you won't want to put down, one that is enormously entertaining despite the topic, and one that you will want to talk about. In some ways it is reminiscent of Christos Tsoilkas' extraordinary Dead Europe (although I am happy to report it is decidedly less visceral) but it is exceptional in its own right and deserves lots of attention, whatever one thinks of its author.

Click here for an extract or to buy Lights Out in Wonderland
Retail Price: $32.99
Booktopia Price: $25.95 SAVE 21%

eat pray loveElizabeth Gilbert

This enormously successful primer on life, love and living has been become somewhat of a staple for countless people right around the world. Gilbert's memoir has now translated to the screen in a movie staring Julia Roberts which will premier in Australia on October 7. Meanwhile, for the whole story, in all its marvellously drawn details, read the book.

Click here for more details or to buy
Eat Pray Love
Retail Price: $24.99
Booktopia Price: $19.99
SAVE 20%

The Girl Who Played with Fire Stieg Larsson

I happened to be a late starter with the fabulous Millenium Trilogy, but then read the whole series in three knuckle-biting days. I was lucky enough to go to an industry advance screening of this one a couple of weeks ago, and it made me want to go right back to the beginning and do it all again.

Click here for more details or to buy The Girl who Played with Fire
Retail Price: $24.95
Booktopia Price: $19.95
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The Tiger image In The Tiger  John Vaillant has written a piece of non-fiction that would give the likes of Lee Child a run for his money. It is an eco-thriller, but with writing so deft and a story so incredible (I use the word advisedly), I had to keep reminding myself that this isn't a work of a particularly imaginative novelist, but in fact a particularly thorough account of precisely what happened in the furthest, almost coldest, corner of Russia just thirteen years ago.

It is December 1997, and a man-eating tiger is on the prowl outside a remote village in Russia's Far East. The tiger isn't just killing people, it is annihilating them, and a team of men and their dogs must hunt it on foot through the forest in the brutal cold. As the trackers sift through the gruesome remains of the victims, they discover that these attacks aren't random: the tiger is apparently engaged in a vendetta. Injured, starving, and extremely dangerous, the tiger must be found before it strikes again.

As he re-creates these extraordinary events, John Vaillant gives us an unforgettable portrait of this spectacularly beautiful and mysterious region. We meet the native tribes who for centuries have worshipped and lived alongside tigers, even sharing their kills with them. We witness the arrival of Russian settlers in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, soldiers and hunters who greatly diminished the tiger populations. And we come to know their descendants, who, crushed by poverty, have turned to poaching and further upset the natural balance of the region.
This ancient, tenuous relationship between man and predator is at the very heart of this remarkable book. Throughout we encounter surprising theories of how humans and tigers may have evolved to coexist, how we may have developed as scavengers rather than hunters, and how early Homo sapiens may have fit seamlessly into the tiger's ecosystem. Above all, we come to understand the endangered Siberian tiger, a highly intelligent super-predator that can grow absolutely enormous and range daily over vast territories of forest and mountain.

Beautifully written and deeply informative, The Tiger circles around three main characters: Vladimir Markov, a poacher killed by the tiger, Yuri Trush, the lead tracker and the tiger himself. It is an absolutely gripping tale of man and nature that leads inexorably to a final showdown in a clearing deep in the taiga.

Click here for more details or to buy The Tiger
Retail Price: $35.00, Booktopia Price: $27.95 SAVE 20%

A JourneyTony Blair

People have been pre-ordering this for a couple of months now and it is no surprise.
Tony Blair's A Journey will break new ground in prime ministerial memoirs just as Blair himself broke the mould of British politics. His book is frank, open, revealing and written in an intimate and  accessible style. As an account of the nature and uses of power, it will have a readership that extends well beyond politics, to all those who want to understand the challenge of leadership in today's world.
(Gail Rebuck, chairman and chief executive of the Random House group)
Tony Blair was a once in a life time leader and this will surely be a once in a life time book.

Click here for more details or to buy
A Journey
Retail Price: $59.95
Booktopia Price: $47.95
SAVE 20%

What Men Want in BedBettina Arndt

Is there a subject in the world more fascinating than sex? Apparently not, according to our customers. Following on from her bestselling The Sex Diaries, Arndt lifts the lid on the sexuality of Australian men. Her material is meticulously pieced together using  diaries of more than 150 willing participants.
The book has been put together with lots of literary and pop cultural references, as well as a fair degree of humour, which is just as well as there is  quite an emphasis on that most awkward of all problems, erectile dysfunction, usually considered no laughing matter. There is lots of detailed health and self-help information and of course, with an author as well-known as Arndt, you can be sure that there will be a lot of discussion in the media.
Meanwhile, for the real story of real men, this is your book.

Click here for more details or to buy What Men Want in Bed
Australian author
Retail Price: $34.95
Booktopia Price: $27.95
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Why should teens get all the fun? Well, clearly they don't anymore with so many books ostensibly written for young adults being snaffled up by older readers.

I read two absolute corkers in this genre this month (reviews below). Meanwhile, we are selling bucketloads of the following titles. Big names, big authors, big series.

TormentTORMENT by Lauren Kate
How many lives to do you need to live before you find someone worth dying for? Risk it all for love.
Fallen was a huge hit. Now people are lining up for Torment
Click here for more details or to buy Torment
Available for delivery after September 28
Retail Price: $29.95, Booktopia Price: $23.95 SAVE 20%

MockingjayMOCKINGJAY by Suzanne Collins.
The final stunning book in the Hunger Games series. Whet your appetite with the trailer here.
Click here for more details or to buy Mockingjay
Retail Price: $18.99, Booktopia Price: $13.95 SAVE 27%

clockwork angelCLOCKWORK ANGEL by Cassandra Clare
Go back to Victorian England in the prequel to The Mortal Instruments series. The trailer, an extract and an interview with Clare are all to be found here. Meanwhile, join the queue to get that all important book in the mail.

Click here for more details or to buy Clockwork Angel
Retail Price: $24.95, Booktopia Price: $19.95 SAVE 20%

MiceGordon Reece

A couple of weeks ago I couldn't get out of bed one morning, and it certainly wasn't because it was the coldest morning in Sydney in more than 60 years. Nup, I was in the grip of Gordon Reece's  Mice. Cold or no cold, I just had to stay put and read.
Mice is about Shelley and her mum who have had enough of being bullied. Retreating to an isolated cottage in the country, they think their troubles are over, but one night an intruder disturbs their peace and something inside Shelley snaps.
This book  caused a huge stir at the recent international book fair in Bologna. It was hotly contested with rights sold to young adult and adult publishers for up to six figure sums on four continents. Having now read it cover to cover (or should I say consumed it?), I can tell you that this compelling, psychological thriller with powerful moral questions is as riveting as it is relevant.

Click here for more details or to buy
Retail Price: $19.99
Booktopia Price: $15.99
SAVE 20%

I am Number FourPittacus Lore

Get set  for another
"unputdownable" crossover teen-adult book for those who like fast pace altered reality reads. 
I am Number Four is about to be seen  everywhere.
A September release, it is firmly in the Chaos Walking camp. Fans of Patrick Ness can breath a sigh of relief.  At last there is somewhere to go after Monsters of Men. Hunger Games fans will also be more than satisfied with this one. But don't be put off by the young adult comparisons.  I am Number Four held me absolutely in its thrall from start to finish.
We have a book trailer, extract and much fuller description here . Suffice to say here that this is a pretty scary, fantasy thriller about nine survivors from another planet hiding out on earth, in isolation from each other. They are slowly being picked off by aliens who make pretty credible human impersonators. Three are dead and our hero, fifteen year old John Smith is next on their list, if only they can find him. The publicity blurb on this one says it is a one-sit read, and I quite agree. I can't wait for the next book in the series. It really is excellent, pacey stuff.

Click here for more details or to buy
I am Number Four
Retail Price: $19.95
Booktopia Price: $15.95 SAVE 20%
by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton (illustrator)

When Griffiths burst onto the children's book publishing scene with The Bad Book there was a huge kerfuffle. He managed to raise the ire of many teachers, librarians and parents. The trouble was, the kids absolutely loved it.

Griffiths and Denton make a powerful combination with their devilish humour and clever interplays. The Very Bad Book is packed full of very bad verse, mayhem and madness and could just about keep you out of very bad trouble these coming school holidays.

(Ages 6 and up).

In a very bad wood,
There was a very bad house.
And in that very bad house,
There was a very bad room.
And in that very bad room,
There was a very bad cupboard.
And in that very bad cupboard,
There was a very bad shelf.
And on that very bad shelf,
There was a very bad box.
And in that very bad box,
There was a VERY BAD BOOK...

Click here for more details or to buy The Very Bad Book
Australian author
Retail Price: $14.99, Booktopia Price: $11.95  SAVE 20%
What a month for fiction it has been! But then, I always say that, and at this time of year the big books just keep on coming.

I have included my favourites here. If you are a crime lover, go straight to our most recent crime newsletter here. We're put together a dossier on the best of the best. For speculative fiction readers, you'll find the month's biggest releases in science fiction and fantasy here.

And of course go here to receive our regular emails about your favourite genres including our hand-picked selection of the very best new release picture books for babies and toddlers which we have just put together in the last day or two.
All the HOpeful Lovers William Nicholson

What with his career as a novelist and the film adaptations, Nicholson is everywhere at the moment. In All the Hopeful Lovers he casts his unflinching yet empathetic eye on relationships, as he deconstructs what happens over a week as fifty year old Belinda discovers her husband Tom's infidelity, while Tom's mistress discovers her dependency and  his daughter discovers her new sexual potency.
With brilliant characters who ring true, Nicholson deftly captures the way life turns on a sixpence. I really enjoyed this one.

Click here to buy
All the Hopeful Lovers
Retail Price: $32.95
Our Price: $25.95
SAVE 21%
  Union AtlanticAdam Haslett

I just love contemporary fiction and this one has me intrigued. It has huge reviews from all the right people, and it is at the  top of my pile next to the bed. I can't report back on it yet but this Bonfire of the Vanities for our times certainly sounds like it pushes all the right buttons.
America of the noughties under the novelistic microscope of a bold stylist, Union Atlantic is a coruscating dig into the ascendancy of a fictional American bank of that name, told through the eyes of four intersecting characters. Apparently without an ounce of padding, while at the same time including a panoply of modern thematic touchstones, this book has got everyone talking.

Click here to buy
Union Atlantic
Retail Price: $29.99
Our Price: $23.95
SAVE 20%

In Australian fiction this month, Bereft stands head and shoulders above the rest with a long-thought-dead young man returning to his country NSW home, contemplating life and death after his time in the trenches of the Great War.
Bereft is a beautiful novel, which is a strange thing to say about a tale of so much loneliness, injustice and anguish. But somehow Chris Womersley peers deep into the suffering heart and sees beyond the pain that humans inflict on each other, to a place where dignity, loyalty and even affection might blossom. He writes with such compelling power it is barely possible to put the book down.
(Debra Adelaide)
This book is thoroughly enjoyable, compelling, moving, warm and completely memorable. I had that very rare experience of wanting to read it again, almost immediately. This book crosses the lines of popular fiction, literary fiction and mystery.  (Bookseller & Publisher)
The book trailer is here.

Click here to buy Bereft
Australian author
Retail Price: $32.95
Our Price: $25.95
SAVE 21%

FreedomJonathan Franzen

It has taken Franzen nine years to complete Freedom, the follow-up to his 2001 bestselling novel The Corrections, and the wait seems worth it. The novelist just made the cover of Time magazine, the first living author to enjoy that distinction since Stephen King a decade ago. And the positive reviews are beginning to pour in all of which point to it being that rarest of things: an ambitious literary novel and a bestseller.
While the structure at times seemed awkward,  Franzen's ability to create fully-realized, three-dimensional characters and, more so, to inhabit their minds with such penetrating psychological acuity, is seemingly limitless. Sam Anderson says much the same in his article for New York magazine. We have excerpts from that review and others here.
Fourteen years ago, Franzen declared that sweeping socially engaged novels by serious writers had lost their appeal. He then went on to write one, and to sell more than 1.5 million copies of it. A decade later he is attempting to prove himself wrong a second time.
Freedom is a multi-generational epic that follows an idealistic young couple who settle in the rough neighbourhood of St Paul, Minnesota. A very powerful insight into the disillusion of marriage and a story about the challenges, burdens and opportunities of personal freedom, the novel is full of the more generous ironies that endeared The Corrections to readers and literary reviewers alike. In charting the mistakes and joys of Freedom 's intensely realised characters as they struggle to learn how to live in an ever more confusing world, Franzen has produced an indelible and deeply moving portrait of our time.

Click here for more details or to buy Freedom
Retail Price: $32.99
Booktopia Price: $25.95
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Eleven Mark Watson

Watson is an English comic. He is also a person who can weave a pretty complicated plot line so effortlessly that this acutely observed tale of our times slyly hijacks  readers without them even noticing. Stephen Fry describes the books as "brilliantly hilarious and hilariously brilliant". Fry's jacket quote, while it might be a draw card, is misleading. No matter, as Watson's tale is engaging regardless of what is written on the cover.
So what is it all about? One moment, eleven lives and endless consequences. As the jacket says "Eleven is a tale of love, loss, scrabble and six degrees of separation, asking whether the choices we don't make affect us must as powerfully as those we do". It is a good description. Xavier Ireland, an Australian late night radio jock in London, manages to keep life at bay while dispensing moderately helpful advice over the airwaves to insomniacs. When he ignores a bullying incident in the snow one night, the consequences play out for eleven strangers who are unaware of how in fact they are connected. Yes, I know this isn't startlingly original, but Watson's talent is to continually build on previous incidents and to build tension seamlessly while creating a few unexpected twists. All that with social insight thrown in, and somehow, miraculously, soothing the readers so they don't need to keep the sort of cast of character list that is usually needed  for a story with such interlocking plots and figures.
Eleven would be enjoyed by David Nicholls, Nick Hornby and Jonathan Tropper fans, as well as any of the lad lit brigade. It is no Bernard Schlink or David Mitchell, but it is just about the perfect book to read in between them.

Click here for more details or to buy Eleven
Retail Price: $29.99
Booktopia Price: $23.99
SAVE 20%

Wicked AppetiteJanet Evanovich

Jump on board for thrills, joy, comedy and romance, plus more than a little craziness, as Evanovich introduces a brand-new heroine,  Elizabeth Tucker, the unlucky-in-love bakery assistant.

Click here for more details or to buy
Wicked Appetite
Available from September 14.
Retail Price: $32.95
Booktopia Price: $25.95 SAVE 21%

The CobraFrederick Forsyth

Forsyth is one of the world's bestselling thriller writers and The Cobra features characters from his previous page-turner, Avenger.
Scarily prescient, effortlessly topical, completely relevant - this is Forsyth at his pulse-pounding best.

Click here for more details or to buy
The Cobra
Retail Price: $32.95
Booktopia Price: $25.95 SAVE 21%

Wildflower HIllKimberley Freeman

A compelling tale of two seemingly very different women whose lives become intertwined as a result of fate, opportunity, love - and disaster. This is a sweeping, moving saga in the tradition of Paullina Simons and Belinda Alexandra - engaging commercial fiction brimming with suspense, secrets, courageous characters, evocative settings and troubled romance.

Click here for more details or to buy
Wildflower Hill
Australian author
Retail Price: $32.95
Booktopia Price: $25.95
SAVE 21%

Last night in chateau marmont Lauren Weisberger

Weisberger has been dangling this in front of us for months, and finally, the author of The Devil Wears Prada, is coming good with her delicious blend of sex, satire and style.

Click here for more details or to buy
Last Night in Chateau Marmont
Release date September 14
Retail Price: $29.99
Booktopia Price: $23.99
SAVE 20%
Heartstone C.J. Sansom

Sixteenth century England and Portsmouth is a warzone as it prepares to engage a massive French fleet hell-bent on its destruction. Sansom has a well deserved reputation for his robust historical novels and this one has already been commissioned into a series starring Kenneth Branagh.

Click here for more details or to buy
Retail Price: $32.99
Booktopia Price: $25.95
SAVE 21%

HomecomingCathy Kelly

Hello and welcome to Golden Square,
I know that sounds a bit mad but after a year of writing Homecoming, I feel as if Golden Square, where the novel is set, is a real place. ...When I started writing I had an idea of a woman who'd left Ireland 70 years before with nothing more than a suitcase and her mother's handwritten recipe book...That woman turned into Eleanor Levine, a renowned psychoanalyst who comes back to Ireland and rents an apartment in Golden Square where she sits in her window and watches what goes on around her - but of course, nothing is ever as it seems.
The irreplaceable Cathy Kelly. If you love Maeve Binchy, then you will love coming home to Cathy Kelly.

Click here for more details or to buy
Retail Price: $32.99
Booktopia Price: $25.95
SAVE 21%
The Happiest Refugee My Journey from Tragedy to Comedy
Anh Do

He has become a favourite on the stand-up circuit and a regular media performer, but Do is a lot more than a laugh-a-minute kind of guy. His connection to Australia goes right back to the Vietnam War when his family fought alongside the Aussies. He survived a harrowing boat trip to our shores, pirate attacks, a life of struggle here with 17 house moves in his school years. He is a lawyer, lived with hippies, he married into the wealthy establishment. Do writes his own story with humour, insight and sensitivity.

Click here to buy
The Happiest Refugee

Australian author
Retail Price: $32.95
Our Price: $25.95
SAVE 21%
  Marching with the Devil My Five Years in the French Foreign Legion
David Mason

Unfortunately I have only read a chapter sampler of this one but it has left me with a taste for more. Australian barrister Mason has done just about everything in his life, from owning an opal mine, to working the prawn trawlers to  advising the Iraqi Minister of the Interior on the rule of law. It is his half decade with the French Foreign Legion however that makes for fascinating reading.
This is a boy's own adventure book from a hometown boy whose all grown up. Great stuff indeed!

Click here to buy
Marching with the
Australian author
Retail Price: $35.00
Our Price: $27.95

SAVE 20%

  EnforcerDonna & Caesar Campbell

Bikie culture is never far from the headlines and usually for all the wrong reasons.  Never before has such a senior member of this feared group written so openly about it. This is a shocking story, but Campbell's own experience of life on the wrong side of the law speaks volumes.  An expert in hand-to-hand
combat, and as fearsome with his fists as he was with a knife or baseball
bat, Caesar competed ruthlessly in Sydney's underground fighting scene. He was a founding member and sergeant-at-arms of the Bandidos in Australia,
and went on to become one of the most feared enforcers in the outlaw bikie world. Now retired, Caesar lives a quieter life with Donna, his "ol' lady" and two of his children in their home in Cooma, NSW.

Click here to buy
Australian author
Retail Price: $34.99
Our Price: $27.95
SAVE 20%
HIgher Richer Sleazier How Drugs and Money are Changing Sport Forever
Roy Masters

Could there be a more passionate follower and defender of sport than Roy Masters? Here in a readable and well- argued polemic, he turns his attention to a subject that has been skirted around for ages. Modern day sport comprises a cut-throat world of big money, poisonous rivalries, sledging and the temptation to dabble in performance enhancing drugs. Aussie sports fans love winners, but they still value sportsmanship.  Masters explores how we have come to this and how we might be able to juggle the inherent inconsistencies in our vision of sport in the 21st century.

Click here to buy
Higher Richer Sleazier
Australian author
Retail Price: $24.99
Our Price: $19.95

SAVE 20%
  Coast WatchersPatrick Lindsay

We have such an appetite for world war two stories, and this one by the author of Kokoda Spirit and Fromelles sounds absolutely  fascinating.
This is the story of the small band of men who stayed behind enemy lines, aided by islanders. Coast Watchers has a plethora of secret reports never before seen and reads more like a thriller than a military history.

Click here to buy
Coast Watchers
Australian author
Retail Price: $34.95
Our Price: $27.95


on radji beach 2Readers will also be interested in On Radji Beach by Ian Shaw which tells the incredible story of the 65 nurses who boarded a boat to escape Singapore, only to be either drowned at sea or gunned down by the Japanese on shore. Miraculously one  nurse survived.

Click here to buy
On Radji Beach
Australian author
Retail Price: $34.99
Our Price: $27.95


  When it RainsMaggie MacKellar

Tragedy struck MacKellar in 2002 when her husband died, leaving her a widow, pregnant  and mother to a pre- schooler. Not long afterwards, her life was shattered again, when her mother died suddenly. Her response was to return to the family farm. This is a very sad, and very uplifting book - a story of inspiration. If you are a fan of Susan Duncan's Salvation Creek, you will be inspired by When It Rains.

Click here to buy
When it Rains
Australian author
Retail Price: $29.95
Our Price: $23.95

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Half the Sky os Nikolas Kristoff & Sheryl Wudunn

Fierce, moral, pragmatic, full of amazing stories of courage and inspiration, Half the Sky has sprung from that wonderful empowering movement (google it) and makes for  essential reading for every global citizen.
This is a  call to arms against the most pervasive human rights violation of the 21st century - the oppression of women in the developing world.
This fantastic project will resonate with many, many Australians.

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Half the Sky

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AtlanticThe Biography of an Ocean
Simon Winchester

When it comes to narrative history, certain authors names stand out - Peter Ackroyd, Mark Kurlansky and Simon Winchester.
This then is the epic life story of the Atlantic Ocean from a truly credible, and immensely readable, author. He has travelled extensively across the Atlantic to complete his research for this book. He blends history, science, travel and reportage to bring a fresh, unique perspective to the study of the ocean that is the life blood for four continents.

There was something uncanny about the sudden silence, the emptiness, the realisation of the enormous depths below us and the limitless heights above, the universal greyness of the scene, the very evident and potentially terrifying power of the rough seas and the wind, and the fact that despite our puny human powerlessness and insignificance invisible radio beams and Morse code signals had summoned readily-offered help from far away. It was an augury of sorts, I have come to think in the years since, that this entire small drama had taken place on the first voyage that I ever took across the seas.

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Eat, drink and explore with these guides to our major cities. Whether you are a local, or just visiting for a short time, you'll find these books indispensable.


An annual staple in both cities, you really can't go out and eat without first boning up on all the possibilities. These yearly compendiums are absolutely essential for all matters foodie.

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Australian authors
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Australian author
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by Mark Scandurra

Coffee Guide Melbourne Coffee Guide SydneyIn a new edition for both cities, these are full of must visits, best newcomer, best menu and thankfully at last (say I, a confirmed tea snob), a new section on tea. These little guides make for an essential reference for anyone who takes their caffeine seriously.

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Australian author
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Australian author
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Canberra's BEst WalksCANBERRA'S BEST BUSH PARK AND CITY WALKS by Marion Stuart

This series is both great value and hugely informative and it is about time Canberra goers had the benefit of it. It boasts maps, tracks  and 150 photos, with useful information such as facilities, distances and highlights in the surrounding area. Perfect timing for Floriade.

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Australian author
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the Festival GuideTHE FESTIVAL GUIDE - 2011 EDITION by Siena Morrisey

How good is this? Everything from WOMADelaide to the Top Half Folk Festival and everything in between, this covers the arts hot spots around the country - writing, gardens, culture, music and film, the works -  this is a must have reference or gift.

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Australian author
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SYDNEY'S BEST ADVENTURES by Stuart Veechi and Isla Curtis

Sydney's Best AdventuresThis is a unique fun look at exploring Sydney, perfect for visitors and residents alike. It uses the same format as those fabulous walking guide series (Canberra etc above) and with its full colour photography and colour coding, the guide is easy to navigate. More than 70 adventures in nine sections, for when too much fun is barely enough.

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Australian authors
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A little bit of everything, to suit all tastes and all pockets.

RiftJames Jean

This is a gorgeous, cleverly designed whimsical accordian style art book. Have a look at the clip we have here for you to really appreciate how you can view, and re-view, this truly lovely object which can be kept in its slipcase, or else on display on a shelf.

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Retail Price: $19.95
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All My Friends Are Dead Avery Monsen &
Jory John

It can be hard buying humorous little gift books over the internet but with this one you can be confident because we have put plenty of internal images up for you to see. Funny sad and sad funny, in accessible cartoon form, this is an existential predicament primer. It has kept us amused in the warehouse for weeks and makes a cute, inexpensive gift for just the right person.

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All my friends are dead
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William DobellElizabeth Donaldson

William Dobell is considered one of Australia's greatest
artists, with an international reputation, and yet it has been nearly two decades since there was a credible look at his contribution. This book is a fitting tribute to both the man and his work and is written in a warm, accessible style so that it will appeal to the mainstream art lover, not just art critics or those already familiar with his work.

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William Dobell
Australian author
Retail Price: $49.99
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Ars SAcraRolf Toman

This book has made it into the Buzz again, because of its magnificent presentation and superb coverage. We have plenty of internal images here for you (although they are from the German language version - suffice to say that when they finally arrive in our warehouse next week, they will be in English).
If you are interested in the history of art and architecture, you won't find a more sumptuous tome (yes, it is huge). All the pleasure of a European tour to be enjoyed again and again, and without any of those taxing queues!

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Ars Sacra
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A Place in the SunStuart Harrison

A Place in the Sun is for anyone interested in Australian architecture and design, or anyone interested in looking at some pretty wonderful buildings. It focuses on building environmentally in Australia and New Zealand and is extensively illustrated with photographs, plans and elevations.

The book is particularly timely. The face of Australian architecture is changing. The onus is now on architects to produce buildings that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle: from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and deconstruction. This practice expands and complements the original classical building design philosophy that had concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort.

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Australian author
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Something is OUt there Unlocking Australia's Paranormal Secrets
Julie Miller &
Grant Osborn

Port Arthur, Picton, Old Melbourne Gaol, Sydney's Quarantine Station, Monte Christo residence in Junee - all places with stories that raise the hairs on the back of your neck.
Miller and Osborn make it their business to investigate claims of ghosts, UFOs and other psychic events. If its paranormal and in Australia, they will be on to it.

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Something is Out There 
Australian authors
Retail Price: $27.99
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Miton Black's 2011 Astrology Milton Black

Black's predictions are followed by just about everyone who is interested in matters astrological. His 2011 guide covers all the zodiac signs, monthly and weekly predictions, detailed compatibility notes, numerology as well as tips on health, beauty, relationships, career, love and destiny.

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Milton Black's Horoscopes 2011
Australian Author
Retail Price: $29.95
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Given the focus on Indigenous Literacy this month in paricular, here are the best of the recent and upcoming titles of specific First Australian interest.

Brownwyn Bancroft
Kim Scott
(pre-order for October)
Andrew Stojanovski
Shane Howard
Neil Murray
Archie Roach
Paul Kelly
Congratulations to Clare Brennan of Macedon Victoria who is the lucky recipient of our signed Jeannie Baker back-list pack. Mirror has proved to be an enormously popular picture book.

I asked entrants to tell me their favourite childhood memory of picture books and this is what she wrote.

There really weren't any picture books as such around when I was a kid, but I loved it when my mum read the Little Women illustrated classic to me. Sadly it died an early death from overuse.
The pathos of the story was wonderful. Coming from a large family, I shared a room with 3 others.  Reading with mum gave me room to escape to my own little world every night.
I adored Laurie and Jo and kept hoping for Beth to get better. I remember bawling when she died.
As a teacher I now read to my kids every day, sharing the delights of quality Australian authors such as  Jeannie Baker, Graeme Base, Bruce Whatley and so on. It takes me back to those magical moments of leaving the book at the exciting part, hanging on what will happen next and illustrations to pour over to see what I can spy. Great conversation, anticipation and nerves.
What a joy!

And now,  our final winner in the Popular Penguin competition - Tanya Fischer of Lavington NSW.
We had such fun with this competition, and obviously so did you.
Read some of those wonderfully inventive entries here.

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The Weekend
Even Silence Has no End
and furthermore
our kind of traitor
the fry chronicles
here on earth
Blossoms and Shadows
Guinness world record 20100
Bill's Basics