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With Christmas lurking around the corner, some of Australia's Favourite Chefs are jumping onto the page to share with you their favourite dishes for the holiday season.

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Everyone's favourite Maggie Beer is back with her beautiful book Maggie's Christmas. Matt Preston is here with a follow up to his bestselling debut cookbook from last year. We also have an amazing prize to give away, plus books from Luke Nguyen, Adam Liaw, and Anna Gare!

Bon Appétit!

Andrew Cattanach
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Rodney Dunn

*Order The Agrarian Kitchen from Booktopia by 30th November 2013 to go into the draw to win an Agrarian Experience class for 2 people, worth $700 (flights and accommodation not included).

The Agrarian Experience

The Agrarian Experience is a celebration of the seasons. The day begins with guests donning gumboots and foraging in the garden for the ripest fruit and vegetables, other ingredients are sourced from local farmers and producers.

Once harvesting is complete we continue in the kitchen preparing and cooking together a seasonal feast. Central to the experience is the Alan Scott-designed wood-fired oven. 6 to 7 dishes are usually prepared and the day will culminate with lunch including premium Tasmanian wines and artisanal ales. Read More

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by Maggie Beer

Christmas is Maggie Beer's favourite time of year, a time for everything she loves - for hugs from the grandchildren, for giving, and for creating special memories. But most of all, it is a time for family and friends to gather around a table groaning with delicious food.

With her hallmark generosity and warmth, Maggie invites you to join her Christmas celebrations in South Australia's beautiful Barossa Valley.

From roasting the perfect turkey and transforming leftovers into fabulous meals, to turning ripe summer fruits into luscious desserts and creating a glamorous formal dinner to welcome in the New Year in style, Maggie shares her most cherished recipes.

With plenty of advice for stress-free entertaining, Maggie shows you how to celebrate this special time of year with panache and joy.

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by Matt Preston

My new cookbook is full of recipes for stuff that is quite simply delicious, and that I cook for my family and friends. It's a wee bit different from my first book in that the dishes are fresher, lighter, healthier...

Well, that was the idea. I then suggested all those naughty, over-the-top dishes that I also love. These had to go into a sealed section because, like a Bangkok nightclub act, they are just a little too full-on for the delicate stomachs of some, and for the good of your health. That section is sealed for your own safety. Please resist opening it if you are a helpless slave to your passions.

In short, this book is like me. It starts out with REALLY GOOD intentions for a while until it is overwhelmed by temptation and then, quite frankly, once self-control is gone it turns into a bit of an orgiastic free-for-all. Good times!

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome, my friends, please grab a fork.

Matt Preston.

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by Serge Dansereau

I was lucky enough to have lunch with Serge Dansereau at Bather's Pavillion earlier this week, and his passion for fresh produce is contagious.

Combining his French-Canadian flair with the love of his adopted homeland Australia, Serge is undoubtedly one of our finest chefs.

Click here for more detailsSeasonal Kitchen gives you 220 new recipes that celebrate Australian produce. In this eclectic collection of recipes, which draws its inspiration from the Mediterranean, as well as India and China, Serge continues to use his chef know-how to demonstrate how to turn modern-day classics from good dishes into great ones.

Click here for more details Capitalising on his reputation as the 'father of the fresh food movement', Serge moves us through the year, listing in-season produce and offering us recipes that will show them at their best.

Buy a copy of Seasonal Kitchen today, you won't regret it.

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by Luke Nguyen

Tying in with Luke's immensely popular SBS TV show, Luke Nguyen's Vietnam, this book follows his trip from southern Vietnam up to the north, through the marketplaces, backyards and kitchens of strangers and family alike.

In addition to the stunning location photography and mouth-watering food shots, Luke's records of his experiences with the people he meets and the places he visits along the way pepper the pages of this book, breathing life into the classic recipes of Vietnam, from pho to banh mi and everything in between.

About the Author

Click here for more detailsLuke Nguyen is a renowned Vietnamese Australian chef, best known for his television series Luke Nguyen's Vietnam, which this book ties into, and more recently his new series Luke Nguyen's Greater Mekong.

Born in a Thai refugee camp after his parents escaped their homeland in Vietnam, Luke's family eventually made their way to Australia where Luke was raised in Sydney's vibrant and storied Vietnamese quarter. His parents opened and ran a local Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Cay Du and it was this familial passion for food that first ignited Luke's interest in Vietnamese cooking.

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by Adam Liaw

Asian After Work is a cookbook for busy people.

Taking a simple and practical approach, and using easy-to-find ingredients, Adam Liaw shows how anyone can create authentic and affordable Asian dishes at home without spending hours in the kitchen.

From Chicken Kra-Pow, Black Pepper Beef and Grilled Prawns with Salty Lime, to Lychee and Coconut Granita, Leche Flan and Sesame and Honey Ice Cream, Asian After Work brings you family favourites and new creations that you'll come back to again and again.

If you love Asian food, let Asian After Work be your guide to the delicious and exciting world of Asian home cooking. Fast, fresh and easy Asian food.

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  by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

by Justin North
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Welcome fruit into cooking with 200 easy recipes that are delicious, original and surreptitiously healthy

The fantastic resource of fruit-so delicious and so very good for us-is ridiculously under explored in our kitchens.

This cookbook puts that right. Hugh's brilliant new recipes have carefully balanced flavour combinations for sturdy fare like marinated lamb and fig kebabs; goat tagine with apricots and almonds; chicken and  more...

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River Cottage Fruit Every Day!

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The chef behind some of Sydney's finest dining experiences, Justin North is equally passionate about cooking at home.

This collection of his favourite family recipes will help you to make the most of seasonal ingredients and family-friendly cooking methods, such as baking in foil, tray-roasting and one-pot meals. 

Drawing his inspiration from local produce markets but using ingredients available at  more...

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Family Cooking

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by Anna Gare

As a host on Australian Junior MasterChef and host of Great Australian Bake-Off, Anna Gare knows a thing or two about balancing busy days with eating well.

In her new book, Eat In, she brings together her favourite collection of recipes. Anna gives plenty of hints and tips for shopping, meal planning and store cupboard standbys-her mantra is you deserve to eat well and, with just a little thought and preparation, you can.

Anna's down-to-earth advice on preparing healthy and tasty food will be welcomed by busy and hungry people everywhere.

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by Valli Little

Sharing good food with family and friends is one of life's great pleasures, but it's easy to become stuck in the daily routine and lose your passion.

Love To Cook is designed to help you discover (or rediscover) the joy of spending time in the kitchen and at the table. Inside, you'll find more than 140 recipes - themed by ingredient for easy reference - that will take you from quick weekday dinners with a clever twist to impressive ideas for entertaining.

Love To Cook is the eighth book from bestselling author and food director Valli Little, with the team behind one of Australia's leading food magazines, ABC delicious. Each recipe is brought to life with stunning images created by food photographer Jeremy Simons and noted food stylist David Morgan.

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by Silvia Colloca

'Italians are passionate and opinionated about their food and I am no exception!'

Italian-born food lover, blogger and actress Silvia Colloca offers us her personal insight into authentic Italian home cooking. Now living in Australia, she is quick to correct the misconception that every dish must be drowned in olive oil or topped with a thick coating of parmesan. On the contrary, Silvia's everyday recipes are simple, light and healthy, and based on fresh, seasonal ingredients. This is the food she grew up with. This is how Italians really eat.

Step into Silvia's kitchen and sample such goodies as twice-cooked cinnamon galettes, watermelon rind jam, white wine and fennel crackers, Abruzzese fisherman's stew with garlic toast, ricotta gnocchi with cavolo nero pesto, and strawberry and mascarpone cake. Silvia's warmth, humour and thoughtful instructions show you how easily it can be done in your own kitchen.

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by Rena Patten

by Tara Duggan
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The third book in the successful Quinoa collection from New Holland. Rena's back with more great quinoa recipes to feed the family, whatever the budget, taste or dietary requirement. Did you know that 2013 is the International Year of Quinoa?

That's because this tiny seed has so many nutritional and unique health benefits. And with Rena's fantastic everyday meals, you and your family will be able to enjoy a healthy diet, full of good nutrients and delicious textures. Everyday Quinoa contains information on this amazing seed as well as how to prepare the different varieties of quinoa.

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Everyday Quinoa

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A cookbook featuring more than 65 recipes that make use of the parts of vegetables that typically get thrown away, including stalks, tops, ribs, fronds, and stems, with creative tips for making the most of seasonal ingredients to stretch the kitchen dollar.

Make the Most of Your Produce!Don't discard those carrot tops, broccoli stalks, potato peels, and pea pods. The secret that creative restaurant chefs and thrifty great-grandmothers share is that these, and other common kitchen scraps, are both edible and wonderfully flavorful.

Root-to-Stalk Cooking provides more...

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Root to Stalk Cooking

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by Dave Broom

The Complete Bartender's Guide is a handbook for anybody who wants to become a barman, either professionally or just to show off to family and friends.

The centerpiece of the book is the cocktails section, which provides recipes and mixing instructions for around 600 of the most popular mixed drinks. And there are special features on 10 classic cocktails, detailing their history and the bartender responsible for their invention.

In addition, the author explains the basics of stocking a bar at home. He advises in the correct conditions and temperatures in which to store the various ingredients which make up some of these drinks. As well as brief history of the base spirits and an explanation on the distilling processes to create them, there is also advice on the best brands to buy for all the world's principal alcoholic drinks.

And, to round off The Complete Bartender's Guide, there is invaluable advice for anyone who is suffering after enjoying a cocktail or two too many!

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