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Can you feel it in the air? Everyone is getting excited. Why? Because Christmas is coming, and that means everyone gets to eat and be merry, and get presents! So what's the perfect gift for the hungry family member expecting gifts?

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A beautiful cookbook from one of Australia's favourites. Maybe it's Maggie Beer, or Karen Martini? Maybe they love delicious magazine or adore Masterchef? Whatever their passion, we have the cookbook for them.

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Bon Appétit!

Andrew Cattanach
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by Valli Little

Andrew says: Beautiful dishes have never been so easy to make from the team that brings you Australia's favourite foodie mag, delicious. Scroll down to see our cooking demonstration with author Valli Little.

Blurb: Sharing good food with family and friends is one of life's great pleasures, but it's easy to become stuck in the daily routine and lose your passion.

Love To Cook is designed to help you discover (or rediscover) the joy of spending time in the kitchen and at the table. Inside, you'll find more than 140 recipes - themed by ingredient for easy reference - that will take you from quick weekday dinners with a clever twist to impressive ideas for entertaining.

Love To Cook is the eighth book from bestselling author and food director Valli Little, with the team behind one of Australia's leading food magazines, ABC delicious. Each recipe is brought to life with stunning images created by food photographer Jeremy Simons and noted food stylist David Morgan.

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by Rachel Khoo

Andrew says: Rachel Khoo is fast becoming one of the biggest names in cooking. Her, now classic, book The Little Paris Kitchen continues to charm the world, and My Little French Kitchen is another wonderful installment.

Blurb: The Little French Kitchen is Rachel Khoo's love letter to her adopted country. Taking time out from her base in Paris, she decided to travel to the four corners of France, eager to find out what local dishes and ingredients she could track down on her adventures. And so this is not a book about the whole of France - only a multi-volumed epic could hope to do that - but about the trips that Rachel made around French villages and towns, the people who welcomed her into their homes, farms and food shops, and all the little culinary quirks that she stumbled upon along the way.

From the snow-topped mountains and spice-laden Christmas markets of Alsace to the winemaking region of the Dordogne, the dreamy vistas and sun-drenched vegetable dishes of Provence and the well-stocked larders and coastlines of Brittany and Normandy, Rachel visits some of the best-known foodie places as well as uncovering some hidden gems to share with you. Her delicious recipes include chicken in a pot with crispy garlic rice, pork and clams with cider and butter beans, spicy aubergine sticks with couscous, baked figs with walnuts, a beer-doused ham hock, buttery redcurrant pastries and spiced almond biscuits.

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I was lucky enough to be invited to a cooking demonstration with the wonderful Valli Little, Food Director of delicious magazine and author of Love To Cook, a new collection of recipes.

Valli took us through a couple of gorgeous dishes from her latest book, a salmon dish with a beautiful salad, finishing the day off with a hazelnut cheesecake like you've never seen before.

iPhones flashed as Valli shared some of her tips on cooking salmon, while sharing the recipe for her Mexican-inspired flavours. A simple salad with corn, avocado, lime juice and kidney beans was whipped up in seconds and was absolutely divine. So simple, so delicious.

But it was her layered hazelnut cheesecake that really had us drooling. Incredibly, it was served in small jars ready to eat!

These recipes, and plenty of others, can all be found in her latest book Love To Cook. Thanks to Valli Little and ABC Books for the invitation to this delicious event!

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by Jamie Oliver

by Maeve O'Meara
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Save With Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less - Jamie gets the nation cooking clever, shopping smart and wasting less with his new cookbook, Save with Jamie.

This year, I've got the message loud and clear that as everyone comes under bigger and bigger financial pressure, they want help to cook tasty, nutritious food on a budget - so this book was born completely out of public demand. Save with Jamie draws on knowledge and cooking skills to help you make better choices, showing you how to buy economically and efficiently, get the most out of your ingredients, save time and prevent more...

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Italian Food Safari is the next feast in the beautiful SBS Food Safari seriesaa celebration of the incredible breadth and hard work of the Italians who came and settled in Australia and have kept their food traditions intact. Travel again with Maeve O'Meara and legendary Melbourne chef Guy Grossi as they spend time with Australia's top Italian chefs and producers around Australia. Set around Australia and covering the four seasons, Italian Food Safari introduces you to the concrete backyards full of abundant tomato and basil plants, the cosy home kitchens where masterpieces are whipped up, the elegant restaurants filled with delicious cooking more...

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by Donna Hay

Andrew says: Donna Hay has established herself as one of the nation's favourite chefs. And if you're a fan of Donna, like millions of Australians are, this is one book you can't afford to miss.

Blurb: This is Donna Hay's biggest and best cook book yet.

For Isabella Beeton in 1861 it was Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management, for Stephanie Alexander in 1996 it was The Cook's Companion and for Maggie Beer in 2007 it was Maggie's Harvest. These books went onto become bestsellers, staples in every home; they were the one-stop recipe books that defined these authors' work and became essential everyday reference books for their time.

Now in 2013, Australia's leading cookbook author Donna Hay reveals her landmark book, The New Classics, a definitive collection of classic recipes for every modern cook from Donna Hay magazine. This is the ultimate Donna Hay cookbook, the book that has everything that you ever wanted to know how to cook. Absolutely up to the minute, it contains all our old family favourites as well as new delights, everything from beef and ale pies to dulce de leche, from mac n' cheese to macarons, it's exactly the food that we want to cook and eat NOW, all written in Donna's trademark simple, clear and easy way.

A gorgeously rich and deluxe hardback book with stunning finishes and embellishments - ideal for a Christmas gift, coffee table, kitchen bench or bookshelf - it features stunning photography and hundreds of mouthwatering recipes.

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by Guy Grossi

Andrew says: A huge compendium of the finest Italian recipes from one of the finest exponents of Italian cuisine in the world. Big and beautiful, Guy Grossi's Love Italy is the perfect gift for the foodie in your life this Christmas.

Blurb: Join Guy Grossi as he travels around the gastronomic paradise that is Italy, tasting the best of Italian food and meeting the passionate artisans who produce it.

All the quintessential Italian ingredients are here, from parmesan to prosciutto, balsamic vinegar to buffalo mozzarella. Discover the wonderful characters behind the ingredients, and the traditional artisan methods that have been passed down through the generations.

Then cook your way through 150 recipes, including Slow-cooked veal shoulder with porcini, Bresaola with gorgonzola, honey and fennel, Artichoke tortellini with capers, lemon and olive oil, Crispy polenta chips with truffle mayonnaise and Vanilla panna cotta, strawberries and aged balsamic. This is irresistible, authentic Italian food you can make at home.

Love Italy is a warm, honest and joyful celebration of real food and real people. It is destined to become a classic cookbook and a must-have for any lover of Italian food and culture.

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by Heston Blumenthal

by Stephanie Alexander, Maggie Beer, Kylie Kwong, Matt Moran, Gary Mehigan

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The greatest Victorian dishes, as reinvented by Heston Blumenthal, chef and proprietor of the three-Michelin-starred The Fat Duck - presented in a gloriously lavish package.

Historic Heston starts with twenty-eight historic dishes, take them apart, put them together again and what have you got?

A sublime twenty-first-century take on delicacies including meat fruit (1500), quaking pudding (1660) and mock turtle soup (1892).

Heston examines the more...

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Lantern is proud to publish many of Australia's most celebrated cooks and chefs.

Lantern Cookery Classics gathers timeless recipes from these much loved authors in this new series of indispensable books for your kitchen bookshelf, and this convenient boxed set is perfect as a gift or to enhance your own collection.

Soon you'll be whipping up your favourite dishes from Stephanie Alexander, Maggie Beer, George Calombaris, Kylie Kwong, Gary Mehigan and Matt Moran. 

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Lantern Cookery Classics

Retail Price: $99.00
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by Karen Martini

Andrew says: Ever the innovator, Karen Martini fuses popular dishes with restaurant-style flair in this new collection of recipes sure to impress every mouth at the table.

Blurb: One of Australia's most popular names in food, Karen Martini needs little introduction. Chef, restaurateur, television presenter, recipe columnist and busy working mum, Karen understands the way people cook at home. In Everyday, Karen makes coming up with new meal ideas easy, sharing her best no-fuss recipes for all the delicious salads, pastas, pizzas, curries, roasts, one-pot dinners, puddings, cakes and biscuits you'll ever need.

With a typical Martini twist on classics, recipes include Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Almonds and Feta, Spaghetti Bolognese with Italian sausage, Curried Roast Vegetable Pasties, Prawn and Chorizo Tortillas, Tandoori chicken burgers, Quick Curry Laksa, Turkish Apricot Chicken, Roast Leg of Lamb with Bread and Rosemary Stuffing, Vanilla and Rosemary Panna Cottas with Scorched Lemon Sauce, Chocolate Cream Bombs with Hazelnuts and Honeycomb and the very moreish Cherry Ripe Coconut Macaroons - dishes that your friends and family will request again and again. Karen's inspiring new collection will have you serving up great-tasting food at home, every day.

Retail Price: $39.99
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by Neil Perry

Andrew says: The master returns with this beautiful, simple book of healthy dishes for the whole family. Dishes from the celebrated chef have never been so accessible and easy to prepare. A must have this Christmas.

Blurb: Simply Good Food showcases 105 recipes from renowned Australian chef Neil Perry in a collection of the simple, produce-driven recipes he likes to cook for friends and family.

In Simply Good Food , renowned Australian chef Neil Perry presents a collection of the simple, produce-driven recipes he likes to cook for friends and family. The featured dishes are influenced by many different cuisines, but they are all an expression of Neil Perry's belief in cooking with top-quality, sustainably produced, seasonal ingredients. The recipes illustrate just how easy and enjoyable it is to cook fresh, healthy food at home.

In this evocatively photographed and elegantly styled book you will find a dish for any kind of gathering, from an intimate family meal to a dinner party. Many of the recipes can be prepared either as individual dishes or enjoyed as part of a shared table, and Neil Perry has grouped together Mexican, Asian-inspired and Mediterranean banquet suggestions. With 105 recipes encompassing everything from a small but perfectly formed selection of cocktail recipes through to Chicken with pancetta, Thai-style squid salad and Raspberry and champagne jelly with spiced berry compote, Simply Good Food has your kitchen table covered.

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Retail Price: $49.99
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by Ben Milbourne

by Hayden Quinn
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Ben Milbourne, Masterchef Australia Season 4, has a great selection of recipes to get you making inspired Mexican at home. This is Ben's fresh take on Mexican cuisine and ingredients. Mexican food is one of the oldest cuisines, yet one of the newest trends. It is the perfect food for sharing, is packed full of flavour and is healthy. Mexican Craving is Ben's fresh take on Mexican cuisine and ingredients. Using traditional recipes, Ben will introduce you to the amazing world of Mexican food with easy-to-follow recipes and substitutes for those more difficult to find authentic ingredients. With recipes for tortillas, tacos, tostadas, tortas, chimichangas, quesadillas, empanadas, salsas, sides, salads, and Mexican-inspired sweets you'll find something to tempt your tastebuds.

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Masterchef star Hayden Quinn returns to the kitchen to give you fresh, healthy food that is easy to prepare and share.

MasterChef Australia contender Hayden Quinn's beach-living-inspired kitchen repertoire is packed with punchy flavours from around the globe. Think energy-packed breakfasts and post-surfing power foods, travel-inspired street food, backyard feasts and special occasion meals to share with family and friends. His recipes are easy to navigate, complete with helpful hints on cooking techniques and the best places to source key ingredients. Hayden's enthusiasm for good food and his easy-going cooking style make this the perfect recipe book for cooks who aspire to fresh, healthy, mouth -watering food that's easy to prepare and share - and guaranteed to make you smile!  

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by Jeremy Oliver

by Tyson Stelzer
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A fully independent expert catalogue of the very best Australian wines at each price point. It features more than 300 wineries and nearly 14,000 wines, each of which Oliver has tasted himself! The hot tips include Jeremy's Wine of the Year, his Top 100, plus his ever-popular best Australian wines for under $20. The 17th edition of Jeremy Oliver's best-selling guide to Australian wine is alphabetically arranged and conveniently sized to fit a handbag, glove box or coat pocket. It features professional tasting notes of more than 1200 new releases and includes commentary on current wine trends and concepts, and the issues facing Australian wine producers in a challenging more...

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The Australian Wine Annual 2014

Retail Price: $32.95
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  A fully-updated colour edition of the internationally acclaimed self-published The Champagne Guide, winner of the 2011 Louis Roederer International Champagne Writer of the Year Award for the 2011- 2012 edition. The book contains fully independent assessments, with profiles and ratings, of almost 100 champagne producers - from the smallest growers to the largest houses. The wines have all been reviewed based on current tastings and the notes are accompanied by full colour label images. The 2014u2015 edition features fully updated and frank commentary on all the current issues facing Champagne: global warming, parallel imports, excessive yields, and how to avoid more...

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The Champagne Guide 2014-2015

Retail Price: $39.95
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Growing up in Australia, food was an intrinsic link to my Vietnamese heritage and culture.

Everything 'Vietnamese' I'd learnt as a child was passed on to me through the memories and knowledge of my parents, and the other families in my Vietnamese community. They shared these gifts with us, within our own 'little Vietnam' in the Sydney suburb of Cabramatta. Our lifestyle, cooking and language were a version of our parents' own upbringing.

Through all this, I was inspired to go to Vietnam. I felt a pull to discover the country and people on my own, and to hopefully understand more about the lives of my parents and my own life in Australia. But first I needed to follow the strongest of my passions - my dream of opening my own restaurant, where I could showcase traditional Vietnamese food within the contemporary Sydney dining scene.

My restaurant, Red Lantern, is more than a restaurant to me. It has been my dream fulfilled, but it has also taken me beyond my dreams and around the world, to expand my life and love of food and culture - far more than I ever could have asked for.... more

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and his exclusive recipe for Booktopia.

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