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December 2009 | Edition Eight
Gentle Readers,
How this year has flown past! I can hardly believe it's nearly Christmas time (which might explain why I haven't bought a single present yet!), and then we're going to be welcoming in a new year. And what a year it's been for reading as well! I'll be talking about my favourite titles of 2009 in the January Buzz, but I'd love to hear your opinions as well. Email me at Let's make it an interactive top 10!

I have to admit to not having spent a lot of time reading over the last few weeks. I know, I know - I promise I won't bring up my wedding again, but as I promised, here's a picture. Weren't we lucky with the weather?

But even in among all the planning and the celebrating and the family commitments, I still managed to make some time to read my December Book of the Month - Elizabeth Hoyt's To Desire a Devil. Readers, if you have even the smallest love for historical romances, you can't miss an Elizabeth Hoyt. I asked Elizabeth if she had anything she'd like to share with us readers... you can check it out below!

One other mention I have to make is Harlequin Australia's The Vintage Collection. Featuring six vintage titles from the 1950s, all sporting great covers, and all boxed up in a neat, little package, this is the perfect gift for the romance lover in your house - even if that romance lover is you! With titles like You Never Know with Women and No Good Girl, this is a unique gift and collector's item and definitely deserves space on your keeper shelf!

What I've just finished: Elizabeth Hoyt's To Desire a Devil. So fantastic, I made it my Book of the Month!

What I'm reading now: Though I've had it in my possession since it came out, I just haven't had the time necessary to devote to the new Nalini Singh - Blaze of Memory. Now, however, it's all about the Psy-Changeling universe for me! (psst... this title is on sale for $9.99 for a limited time!)

What I can't wait for: Unless absolutely necessary, I refuse to read Christmas titles before December on principle. But guess which month's just around the corner? Deep Kiss of Winter and The Heart of Christmas, I'm looking at you!

Until next year, gentle readers. Whatever you celebrate, may it be joyous.

Kate Cuthbert
Romance Buzz
Poor Elizabeth Hoyt. She just keeps writing these amazing books, and my expectations just keep getting higher. Heaven help her if she ever writes just a 'good' book. It just might be devastating.

Lucky for me, that hasn't happened. Lucky for you, my book of the month To Desire a Devil demonstrates the same heart-wrenching emotion and deep sensuality that has made Hoyt a star - and it's on sale for $8.99 this month at Booktopia. When I wrote my first review of Hoyt about her book The Leopard Prince, I talked about waving pom poms around - that's how the book made me feel. I think I just graduated to head-cheerleader.

Devil concludes Hoyt's Four Soldiers series, set in the mid-1700s Georgian period, about four men who come back from war in the colonies scarred (some physically, some just emotionally) and try to fit back into their lives. Reynaud, hero of Devil, is more scarred than most - presumed dead, he returns to England an angry and confused man desperate to regain everything he lost.

He stumbles - quite literally - into Beatrice, the niece of the current holder of Earl of Blanchard title - the title Reynaud is desperate to regain. Beatrice is intrigued by his story, his pain, the tattoos around his eyes. Plus she recognises the inherent problems of kicking out the presumed-dead-but-suddenly-very-much-alive heir who holds her future in his (maybe just the tiniest bit unstable) hands.

As Reynaud struggles against his personal demons, Bea is determined to help. And it's more than just her caring nature that draws her to him again and again.

Hoyt really specialises in deep characterisation and sharp, smart dialogue. You definitely don't need to read these books in order, but I would definitely suggest - for your own development and enjoyment as a reader - that you get all the Elizabeth Hoyt you can get your hands on.

Something else to know: Hoyt's world-building is fantastic. How does she research? Well, exclusively for Booktopia readers, she's going to share.

To Desire a Devil, my latest book, the hero, Reynaud St. Aubyn, Viscount Hope, returns home after seven years as a captive of Indians in North America.

Sometimes people ask me if I do any research for my books. To which I laugh a little hysterically. Research? Oh, you betcha. Unfortunately most of my research never makes it into a book because otherwise it would read like an encyclopaedia. So, herewith, is a bit of the background research for Reynaud’s story.

Reynaud was captured in the French and Indian war—at least that’s what Americans call the war. In Europe it’s known as the Seven Years War. During that time the French and the British were fighting all over the world, but I’m concerned with the conflict that took place in North America. There the British—and their Indian allies—and the French—and their Indian allies—were fighting over land. The first thing I wanted to know was: Which Indian tribes were allied with the French?

Fortunately, I happen to be married to an archaeologist who specialises in North American Native Americans. His eyes lit up when I asked him this question and he proceeded to give me a really long and involved explanation of eighteenth century Indian politics, French and British involvement, and the fur trade (which, let me point out, I had not asked about.) At long last I wrestled him to the ground and got a name: the Wyandot, which, to quote Mr. Hoyt, were “remnants of the Huron who were destroyed by the Iroquois in the 1640’s.” (He gave me this off the top of his head, by the way, yet another reason I love my hubby!)

Using this base, I then researched things like: what would a Wyandot Indian do with a war captive? To find out I read a fascinating book, Captured by Indians: 15 First Hand Accounts, 1750-1870 edited by Fredrick Drimmer. Two things were cool about this book: one, that the accounts were first hand (ie: stories that were told by the captives themselves, not newspaper or book stories which had been retold) and two, Mr. Hoyt actually had this book on his shelf (I know! Don’t you wish you were married to Mr. Hoyt?) One other thing about this book: parts of it were really, really gory. I have some descriptions in my books of torture and death, but believe me, I left out the worst parts.

This book (and others) also gave me a nice background on Eastern North American Indian life in the eighteenth century. Many of the tribes had been decimated by disease and warfare, many were barely surviving. Also, I found an account of hunting bears in winter!

I knew that Reynaud had been tattooed while in captivity so the next thing I did was go looking for historically accurate Indian tattoos. Google was somewhat helpful with this and after looking at page after page of tattoos I came across the engraving of a handsome young Indian man with facial tattoos. I liked his thunderbird tattoo so much that I copied them for Reynaud.

One note about all of this: I made very sure that the images and information I was looking at were for eighteenth century Indians living in northeastern North America. America is a very big place and Indian cultures vary widely across the continent. It’s always important for the writer to do accurate research when writing about a culture not her own!

I did lots and lots of other research for To Desire a Devil, which would take up too much room here. Suffice it to say that yes, I do research. Oh, and I hope you enjoy To Desire a Devil!

- Elizabeth Hoyt

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RRP 14.99, Booktopia price $8.99
Is it coincidence that scary rhymes with merry?

Oh wow, that was really bad - what I actually wanted to get across is that there are some hot new suspense titles out this month. Check them out below... and I promise to keep the bad jokes to a minimum :)
Izzy McNeil 3

Laura Caldwell was a lawyer in her past life, which explains where she gets the ideas for her Izzy McNeil trilogy. McNeil herself, well, there is a heroine to fall in love with. Fiery, capable, tough - but still feminine. What else could you want in a romantic suspense?

Izzy McNeil is hot on the trail of one of Chicago's most notorious gangsters. Not that he notices. But she's there. But then her cover is blown, and suddenly she's no longer quite so inconspicuous. In fact she's not inconspicuous at all.  But help is about to come from an unexpected direction - the last person she ever thought she'd see again.

RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

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Summers here in Australia are hot, so if you need something to cool you down try Stephanie Rowe's chilling Alaska-set suspense novels.

Luke erased his whole life, leaving nothing behind of the man he was, then hid his new self up in the wilds of Alaska where no one would ever think to look.

Then Isabella shows up with a bullet in her shoulder and everyone Luke is hiding from coming in behind her. Now he has to make a decision between her and his new life.

Chill is the sequel to Stephanie Rowe's Ice

RRP: $15.99 Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

Click here to buy this book.

  Suspense stories that work best for me are the ones set in small little towns, close to home, in a place where characters feel safe and secure, where they think they already know everything about everyone. I grew up outside of a small town like that, so this plotline? It gets under my skin. It doesn't help that Carla Neggers does this plotline so very, very well.

Hannah's finally come good on her dreams and shown everyone who ever doubted that she is a woman to be reckoned with. Now Sean's returned home as well, looking for a way to reconcile with his past. But a series of violent crimes on a nearby mountain threaten to derail both their plans - and potentially much much more.

RRP: $15.99 Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

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League Series 3

Sherrilyn Kenyon's world-building just keeps getting stronger in this, the third book in her League series. Set in the not-too-distant future, the Ichidian universe is rough, violent, raw, and very compelling.

Devyn finally saw the League for what it really was, and got himself out. Now he's doing what he can to make sure the planets have what they need. Alix signed on to escape from her past, and found something she was actually willing to fight for. But running from the past can only last so long... and Devyn should have known you just don't leave the League.

RRP: $15.99 Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

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Not a lot on offer that's brand new in erotic romance this month - but I think Ms Hamilton and Ms Terry can make up for lack of quantity with an enormous amount of quality.
Merry Gentry 8

Laurell K certainly knows how to keep her readers guessing. Merry finally did what she'd been trying to do for the previous 7 books  of this series and produced an heir to the throne. But did she celebrate her newly-earned power? Try on a tiara or two? Nope, off she went into the world of the mortals to live with her lovers.

But now someone's killing fey - and fey aren't really all that easily killed. Though Merry chose not to live with them, she cannot abandon them. Worse still, she finds herself involved and suspected, as previous acts come back to haunt her.

Once she had to save herself. Now she has to save the fey.

RRP: $32.95, Booktopia Price: $25.95 SAVE 21%

Click here to buy this book.

  Kimberley Kaye Terry has a lot of fans - four and a half stars from Romantic Times, five stars from Affaire de Coeur, and scores of  recommendations. They all seem to use the same words: steamy, sensual, soulful, delicious. I want to add emotional and surprisingly sweet. Yes, Terry writes very, very hot books - but they are always romance.

The best way to get over the old man is to get under the new, right? So when Gabrielle's lover cheats on her, she heads out on a mission - the best sex of her life. Lucky for her, she finds Sweet, a nightclub owner with undeniable talents.

But Sweet's got some secrets... ones that Gabrielle is not going to appreciate when she finds them out. They're going to have to decide if their sexual connection is strong enough to foster one much deeper.

RRP: $16.95, Booktopia Price: $13.95 SAVE 18%

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Mary Balogh, Diana Palmer, Shannon Drake - some of historical romance's biggest names have books out for your enjoyment this month. What better to bring to the beach?
Technically this novel could go in either paranormal or historical but have you seen the paranormal section this month? The poor other genres could use all the help they can get!

Cowboys and vampires - two of my favourite types of heroes are rolled in to one by Shannon Drake - vampire hunters in the wild, wild west.

Alexandra's visions have led her back to Victory, Texas as she searches for her father's murderer - and straight into Cody Fox's arms. But it's not a safe place for her, even if Cody is a lawman.

RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

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  Most of the time I'd be complaining about the fact that 99% of all historicals published are Regency-set. Don't get me wrong, I love Regency-set historicals. But a little variety never goes astray. However, this month, I'm starting us off with two Westerns, so who's complaining? Not this happy little historical reader with a new Diana Palmer in her hands.

Noelle thought her handsome benefactor Andrew could be the man for her... he should be the man for her. But it's his desperado-turned-lawyer brother, Jared that takes her breath away. Then scandal rocks their world, and pits brother against brother, and Noelle is forced to choose.

RRP: $29.99, Booktopia Price: $19.99 SAVE 33%

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Hannah Howell is a New York Times best-selling author. Tangentially, I love the name Hannah - I have a thing for palindromes. I also, happen to have a thing for secrets and intrigue and unusual families.

If He's Sinful has all three.

The Wherlocke family has a reputation for... unexplainable gifts. Things happen around them... to them... to people around them. Penelope, a daughter of said family, has the gift of sight, and it's leading her deeper and deeper into danger. So deep, in fact, that Ashton finds her drugged and alone, helpless on the floor of a bedroom in a notorious brothel. He's aware that he should probably forget her and move on with his life, but his conscience won't let him, and he's determined to keep her safe.

RRP: $12.95, Booktopia Price: $8.99 SAVE 31%

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Maybe December is the month for non-traditional historical romances? Cause here's another historical from Carol Ann Didier for our reading pleasure!

JoAnna and her father are leaving their tragic past behind, forging a new life out west. Only one man, a tall, proud Navajo brave, stands in their way.

RRP: $12.95, Booktopia Price: $7.99 SAVE 38%

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 First cowboys, now pirates - in the Carribbean no less! I think I may be bordering on giddy.

A pirate attack left Alicia with a scar and memory blanks. When she discovers a sister she'd forgotten, she will stop at nothing to find her again - including tracking down pirate Blake Merritt, who wants nothing to do with her or her problems.

Michelle Beattie's second novel is a follow up to What a Pirate Desires.

RRP: $12.95, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 23%

Click here to buy this book.

  This 2-in-1 from Amanda McCabe brings together two England-set stories, set away  from the  glamour of  the London ballrooms.

In the first, Sarah insists on excavating an ancient Viking village for scholarly knowledge - even though the grounds technically belong to Miles, and he had other plans for them...

In the second, Cassie delights in the gothically enchanting Royce Castle, much to the displeasure of practical Phillip who has no times for ghost stories or silly women who believe them.

RRP: $12.95, Booktopia Price: $8.99 SAVE 31%

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Much as our historical romances try to hide it, life in times past was difficult for women. But there are some authors who can show us the gutter, while still allowing us to see the stars. Mary Balogh is one such author.

Annabelle is damaged goods according to society's eyes, and her father,  proud and ashamed, is more than happy to foist her off on any man who will have her, even if he's just an ambitious, grasping tradesman desperate for a connection to the aristocracy, no matter how much it costs. And, of course, no one needs to care what Annabelle wants.

Reginald has no interest in stopping his wild life of abandon, especially to please his father's useless social climbing. But when faced with marriage or poverty, clearly the first is the better option. But that doesn't mean he has to be nice to her.

RRP: $31.99, Booktopia Price: $20.95 SAVE 35%

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  • She doesn't believe in fairy tales, and she definitely doesn't believe she'll ever meet anyone like him - a real knight in shining armour. Victoria Alexander's Believe
    RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

  • Duty to the queen and her family forces her into a loveless marriage, but his untimely death grants her the freedom to flee across the border to Scotland - and into the mercy of a laird. Beatrice Small's The Captive Heart.
    RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

  • He needs to find his true love. She's been abandoned by everyone she's ever loved. Now she's on a quest, and she's not being distracted by anything or anyone. Melissa Mayhue's A Highlander's Destiny RRP: $14.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 33%
Just like in the historical category, contemporaries are sporting some of the biggest names in the genre this month - Julie Garwood, La Nora, Debbie Macomber, and a brand new Robyn Carr. So stop reading me and start reading them!
Julie Garwood first delighted her fans with deeply romantic and emotional - and often surprisingly funny - historical novels. Luckily she carried across these trademarks and added spine-tingling to her contemporary intrigue novels. Sizzle is her latest.

Lyra's closing in on graduation, and now she has decisions to make. Take the job back in her hometown, recognising that settling back into the bosom of her loving family might be a bit stifling. Or should she run the greater risk of sticking around LA?

All choices are moot until she finishes her final project, but after she unwittingly films a shocking crime, her choices for life after school suddenly don't seem all that important. Staying alive to make those choices does.

RRP: $55.00, Booktopia Price: $33.95 SAVE 38%

Click here to order this book.



It's a curse that spans generations and only love can heal it.

His ancestor altered his genetic makeup in an obsessive and desperate bid for power over his rival more than three centuries ago. Now Jack is paying the price.

Nightmares and blackouts are bad enough, but Jack knows that they're only the beginning. There's a cure, but not only does it sound a bit far-fetched, he also can't go after it alone. Even if he does find the Burning Lamp, he needs the woman who can read its dreamlight.

Chloe has a talent for finding things, and a talent for reading their dream energy. But neither she nor Jack expected to find an undeniable and overwhelming sexual pull.

Tied into Jayne Ann Krentz's Arcane Novel series, Fired Up is the first in a new trilogy.

RRP: $55.00, Booktopia Price: $33.95 SAVE 38%

Click here to buy this book.

Cedar Cove 9

Did you know that Debbie Macomber sells as many books in the US as Nora Roberts? The Cedar Cove series are a fantastic indication why.

Troy Davis is the sheriff in Cedar Cove, and he'd hoped to marry Faith, but she called off the relationship due to a few misunderstandings... misunderstandings he could explain if only he had the time. But what with the unidentified remains found outside of town, local break-ins, and a friend fighting cancer, he just hasn't managed yet. But he will. Soon. He hopes.

RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price $9.99 SAVE 38%

Click here to buy this book.

 Virgin River 8

In Robyn Carr's Virgin River series, though set in a remote mountain village, the inhabitants still manage to find themselves in some rather sensual situations.

The town is abuzz with excitement when a widowed pastor buys the church on eBay, especially when said pastor is young and clearly in need of some TLC. He can't do everything himself, but he's not entirely sure that the candidate his ad turned up is the right person for the job. An ex-stripper looking for a respectable veneer, Alicia is bold, brassy, and beautiful. But maybe they might be just what the other one needs.

RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price $9.99 SAVE 38%

Click here to buy this book.

This anthology doubles the pleasure and doubles the fun - it's all about mistaken identities and mixed-up couples and it features two New York Times Bestsellers and two USA Today Bestsellers.

Deidre Martin's steps up with a New York Blades story. Lori Foster brings back the Winstons in a brand new novella. Elizabeth Bevarly features one condo - and two prospective renters. Christie Redgway has a chauffeur, a chauffee (is that a word?) and an across-the-tracks romance.

RRP: $29.99, Booktopia Price: $19.99 SAVE 33%

Click here to buy this book.

  • She's fled the city for some inspiration and some peace and quiet to finish the pieces for her exhibition just in time to run into him - and all his muscles. Susan Johnson's Hot Property.
    RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

  • She's worked hard to stand on her own two feet. He's out for revenge on her father, no matter who else gets caught in the crosshairs. Susan Mallery's Hot on her Heels
    RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

  • Two Nora Roberts' MacGregor series books in one lovely-covered volume. Nora Roberts' Finding Home
    RRP: $19.99, Booktopia Price: $15.99 SAVE 20%

  • Her business card is one of the only things left on the body, and she's sent north to investigate. She and her brash, sexy bodyguard. Julie Garwood's Fire and Ice RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%
Wow. If you're a paranormal fan, you are going to be drowning for choice. The paranormal releases leave every other genre in the cold this month. Remember when I said scary rhymes with merry? It works in this category too...
A lightworld /darkworld novel

From Jennifer Armintrout - the next in her Fae series.

Cerridwen is heiress to the Faery throne, and exiled to the human world while the battle between light and dark rages on. But her absence leaves a void, one that's filled by Danae, who is not going to give up her power easily. Cerridwen is left with a choice - where does her destiny truly lie? Up with the humans where she's made a home? Or in the land of her ancestors, and her ancient birthright?

RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

Click here to buy this book.
 A Midnight Breed Novel

From Lara Adrian - the next in her vampire series.

She saw unspeakable things as a child, and now bush pilot Alex is being forced to witness them again, as something horrific stalks through her Alaskan home.

Kade's back in Alaska to stop the terror, but quickly realises that it's tied to him. Now his past is catching up, and it will jeopardise his present, and his future with the determined Alex.

RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

Click here to buy this book.
  A Ghostwalker Novel

From Christine Feehan - the latest in her psychic/paranormal series.

They have a history - erotic and electric. But it's history. In the past. Especially as she vanished into thin air.

Except now Jaimie is back in Mark's life - and they're both all grown up. She's a spy, he's into urban warfare in a big way. Now they're hooking up again, and it's going to be a bumpy ride.

RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

Click here to buy this book.



The first in PC Cast's YA trilogy arm of her Goddess of Partholon series.

Rather than give in to her family's restrictions and ideas of what's good for her, centaur Brighid sets off on her own, determined to not limit herself. But while helping a human, Cuchulainn, home, she finds herself beginning to care for him - something completely forbidden by her clan. To add to her troubles, she's suddenly been gifted with a power that's been denied to centaurs for centuries - visions of the future. But she only sees tragedy, and a desperate choice for herself.

RRP: $19.99, Booktopia Price: $15.99 SAVE 20%

Click here to buy this book.


The second in PC Cast's YA trilogy arm of her Goddess of Partholon series.

Elphame knows she's different from everyone else, her abilities, her connection to the Goddess. Now her restlessness and desire to discover her own destiny away from the world where she grew up. So she travels across the country, to where the wounds of an evil war remain unhealed. There she finds the answer to her dreams, and the potential for the destruction of them, and a man and a place desperately in need of her.

RRP: $19.99, Booktopia Price: $12.95 SAVE 35%

Click here to buy this book.


The first in Alyson Noel's Immortals series.

Ever since Ever's family died in a horrible accident, she's been able to see auras, hear people's thoughts, and learn their stories through touch. Branded a freak at school suits her just fine - the further away she stays from people, the saner she is. Then Damen comes into her life - someone with different abilities who can silence the noise in her head. She doesn't know who or what he is, but she doesn't really care.

RRP: $19.99, Booktopia Price: $12.95 SAVE 35%

Click here to buy this book.


The second in Alyson Noel's Immortals series.

Ever is learning all she can about her new abilities, but something is terribly wrong with her beloved Damen. As she grows stronger and more capable, his powers are fading, along with his memories, his identity, and - potentially - his life. Desperate to save him, Ever makes the dangerous trip to the Summerland, where she learns more about Damen than he wanted to reveal, and is given a choice that will re-write her past, and determine her future.

RRP: $19.99, Booktopia Price: $12.95 SAVE 35%

Click here to buy this book.

 Jill Kismet 4

The latest in Lilith Saintcrow'Jill Kismet series.

Jill can't do much when the Cirque du Charnu blows into town except wait for it to leave again. But when the performers start dying, she has to step in to keep her city safe, and the performers in line. When the zombies show up, she knows her life is about to get much, much more difficult.

RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

Click here to buy this book.
  The Others

The latest in Christine Warren's The Others series.

Graham's played a starring role in Missy's fantasies since they met. But as the leader of the Silverback werewolf clan, Graham has much better things to do than pay attention to a human with a crush. But lupine law decrees every Alpha needs a mate, and after running into Missy at a party, literally, Graham's decided she might just be the one.

RRP: $14.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

Click here to buy this book.
Want an introduction to the latest in paranormal? It's called Steampunk, and it's been creeping around the edges for awhile. Liz Maverick is - well, be warned, here comes another pun - but she's a maverick in the subgenre, and the woman to read, if you want into the genre now, instead of after everyone else starts talking about it.

It's a Romeo & Juliet tale: he's a vampire, she's a human, and their love is more than forbidden. And now a peace-making marriage threatens to separate them forever.

But that marriage - that peace - doesn't actually work out quite that well, and now Marius and Jill have to travel through the city from its very beginnings to save it - and their one chance at happiness.

And as an aside, Liz is also one of the funniest writers online: check her out on twitter: @lizmaverick

RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

Click here to buy this book.
 Roaring 20s Trilogy 3

The last in Susan Krinard's 1920s set paranormal series has - and I'm going to admit it right here - a secret baby. But it's okay. Secret werewolf babies are different.

Gillian is all set to make the marriage her father wants her to make, even if she can't forget Ross and the passion they shared. Now he's back and he's determined to prove his worth, but Gillian's nobility and a spate of murders stand in their way.

RRP: $22.99, Booktopia Price: $17.95 SAVE 22%

Click here to buy this book.
  Clare Point Series 1

The first in VK Forrest's new series where vampires try to atone for their sins.

Fia is an undead FBI agent, and her cousin has just shown up dead, with all the calling cards of a vampire slayer. As more vampires turn up dead, she needs to move fast to save her race and herself. But her partner, Glen, is proving a distraction that she can't afford - tempting her into a forbidden love affair that takes time she can't lose.

RRP: $12.95, Booktopia Price: $8.99 SAVE 31%

Click here to buy this book.
  • As the mortal daughter of the King of Dreams, she has the ability to live between worlds. But now the Nightmare council claims she's broken the rules, and are demanding her life as penance. Kathryn Smith's Dark Side of the Dawn
    RRP: $14.99, Booktopia Price: $8.99 SAVE 34%

  • Courting a prickly, pretty outlander was never going to be easy, but he's The Cat, and only the most fascinating woman will do. Jean Johnson's The Cat.
    $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

  • A two-in-one bind up from the queen of vampire romance, featuring two twilight novels. Maggie Shayne's The Chosen.
    RRP: $29.99, Booktopia Price: $23.99 SAVE 20%

  • She may be the key to waking from the nightmare of the last 15 years. But will the shadows from the past destroy them both? Christina Skye's Bound by Dreams
    RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

  • He's as gifted in the art of seduction as he is in magic, so why would a smart, straight-arrow like her trust anything he says? Jessica Inclan's Believe in Me
    RRP: $12.95, Booktopia Price: $8.99 SAVE 31%

  • He's only killing time until his service as a Soul Gatherer is up, until he meets her, a strong, sexy survivor who needs his help. But Death comes for everyone. Annette McCleave's Drawn Into Darkness.
    RRP: $12.95, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 23%

  • Nothing ruins an around-the-world holiday like an evasive boyfriend who may or may not have broken up with you in Brussels. But, you know, she's strong. She was a children's librarian after all. Molly Harper's Nice Girls Don't Live Forever.
    RRP: $15.99, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 38%

  • Four of today's hottest paranormal writers together in one anthology: Chance, Liu, Galenorn, and Wilks: Inked  RRP: $12.95, Booktopia Price: $9.99 SAVE 23%
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With these upcoming titles (available in January 2010), it's bound to be a very happy new year!

January 2010 Titles
Jennifer Crusie
RRP $15.99, Booktopia price $9.99
SAVE 38%
Lora Leigh
RRP $22.99, Booktopia price $19.99
SAVE 13%
Nora Roberts
RRP $15.99, Booktopia price $9.99
SAVE 38%
Caroline Linden
RRP $14.99, Booktopia price $8.99
SAVE 40%
Stephanie Laurens
RRP $15.99, Booktopia price $9.99
SAVE 38%
Robyn Carr
RRP $15.99, Booktopia price $9.99
SAVE 38%
Looking for some Christmas cheer?

Here are the Christmas titles spotlighted in Romance Buzz over the last couple of months.
Linda Lael Miller
RRP $32.95, Booktopia price $26.95
SAVE 18%
RRP $15.99, Booktopia price $9.99
SAVE 38%
Janet Dailey
RRP $14.99, Booktopia price $8.99
SAVE 40%
Kresley Cole & Gena Showalter
RRP $38.00, Booktopia price $28.95
SAVE 24%
Janet Chapman
RRP $15.99, Booktopia price $9.99
SAVE 38%
RRP $15.99, Booktopia price $9.99
SAVE 38%
Kat Martin
RRP $29.99, Booktopia price $19.99
SAVE 33%
Debbie Macomber
RRP $34.95, Booktopia price $21.95
SAVE 38%
Deborah Macgillvray
RRP $12.95, Booktopia price $7.95
SAVE 39%