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July 2010 | Edition 22

Hello Booktopia Readers,

I've got a winter warming selection for you this month, starting (of course) with a great deal on Janet Evanovich and another one on the hardback 50th anniversary edition of To Kill a Mockingbird.

There is also $800 worth of Popular Penguins to give away - more particularly, four 20 volume collections, a choose-your-own library adventure!

Darren Groth's Kindling is my book of the month and you certainly won't be disappointed if you take a risk on this little known Canadian living ex-pat. Peter FitzSimons is back with his own memoir and for a block buster that is set to blow everyone away, stand by for The Passage. In fiction, I present everything from Geoffrey Chaucer to Lynda la Plante. There are reds under the beds (The Family File) and a dead author society (the biography of Stieg Larsson), hit men, stand over tactics and interesting things to do with pubic hair. I've covered the world's best architect, an iconic Australian brewery and werewolves (vampires are so yesterday). Who says that reading is boring?

Many thanks to all the participants in our birthday celebrations.

This July issue is a beauty. Enjoy!

Toni Whitmont
Booktopia Buzz
Regular readers of Booktopia Buzz know to look for the great deals and one-off opportunities at the beginning of each newsletter and this month is no different.

First up, for those of you who have been waiting for a year for their Stephanie Plum fix, RELAX. Not only will we have Sizzling Sixteen in stock by the world-wide release date of July 1, but we have a great deal on the back-list as well.

In the spirit of Janet Evanovich's effervescent bounty hunter Ms Plum, we've hunted down the best deals on both Sizzling Sixteen and, for those uninitiated or those buying for others, the best deals on all of the previous 15 titles.

Sizzling Sixteen:
It is summertime in Jersey and our favourite bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is up to her old antics, joined by her gang of memorable characters: Grandma, Lulu, Connie, Vinnie and Mooner. Someone wants to kill Vinnie, Lula's involved in a shabby investment scheme while Stephanie is chasing a dangerous crim.

Adding even more heat to Stephanie's life are those two sizzling hot heroes... it's Ranger days and Morelli nights (Or perhaps it's the other way 'round). Get ready for some grand-scale fun.

With hilarious capers and action galore, this is a laugh-a-minute Stephanie Plum novel not to be missed!

Sizzling Sixteen . . . so hot, the pages might spontaneously combust!

Now, at a somewhat more sedate place, is a very special edition of a book that has been read and loved for fifty years, and no doubt will be for another fifty.

You are not going to find this in many bookstores - the  hardback 50th Anniversary Edition of the Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece of modern literature To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Issued especially for the anniversary, this limited edition hardcover with dust-jacket will come with the beautiful cover design pictured. This lovely design is unique to the special edition.

To Kill a Mockingbird was voted the most loved book of the last 60 years by The Times readers in October 2009.

The 50th Anniversary Edition of To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a must for all lovers of the book and the movie, a must for collectors of fine editions of modern classics, and a must for those looking to encourage a young reader to read one the best and most beautiful books written in the 20th Century.

About To Kill A Mockingbird:

'Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit ’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.'

Atticus Finch gives this advice to his children as he defends the real mockingbird of this classic novel – a black man charged with attacking a white girl. Through the eyes of Scout and Jem Finch, Lee explores the issues of race and class in the Deep South of the 1930s with compassion and humour. She also creates one of the great heroes of literature in their father, whose lone struggle for justice pricks the conscience of a town steeped in prejudice and hypocrisy.

Harper Lee was born in 1926 in Monroeville, Alabama, a village that is still her home. She attended local schools and the University of Alabama. Before she started writing she lived in New York, where she worked in the reservations department of an international airline. She has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize, two honorary degrees and various other literary awards. Her chief interests apart from writing are nineteenth-century literature and eighteenth-century music, watching politicians and cats, travelling and being alone.

Please remember that this is a limited edition that is not widely available and will not be re-printed. Don't miss out! Order today and let us secure a copy for you for delivery in early July.

To Kill A Mockingbird Retail Price $49.95, Booktopia Price: $39.95 SAVE 20%
Australian Author (living overseas)

Darren Groth has been around for a while as an author but it has been hard to track down his books. That is a shame because his latest novel, Kindling, is an absolute stunner.

Kindling is a one-sit read. Read the first twenty pages and you have no choice but to stay put until the end. Then you will be lending the book to a friend, because you are going to definitely have to talk about it.

The story is set on a scorcher of a day in a suburb backing onto the bush. A fire is bearing down on the community. Our two protagonists are Kieran and Nate. Mr Incredible also has quite a role to play. Ten-year-old Kieran is autistic and bears the scars of a house fire in which his mother died. Nate is his dad, whose days of chart success with his band have been put aside. His life now is Kieran.

Groth lets the story unfold in the alternating voices of father and son. One afternoon. Four hours which change everything. Groth’s strength is his ability to switch seamlessly between father and son, each character speaking authentically and utterly truthfully. This is not completely new territory of course. There are shades of Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. It is also reminiscent in parts of Scot Gardner’s Burning Eddy. However, Groth does chart territory that is uniquely his own – and he has a superb sense of pace and timing.

Kindling is one of the books that you could put into the hands of anyone over the age of fifteen.  I do think the publishers have missed an opportunity with this one however. They should be selling it with a bonus box of tissues.

To read my interview with Darren Groth, click here.

Darren Groth answers Booktopia's Ten Terrifying Questions here.

Click here to buy Kindling  -  Australian author
Retail Price: $24.99, Booktopia Price: $19.95 SAVE 20%
Australian Author

When it comes to telling a true story, no one does it better than Fitzy. Whether he is spruiking on the radio, writing his weekly newspaper column, or getting his teeth stuck into Kokoda, Tobruk, Nancy Wake or Charles Kingsford Smith and Those Magnificent Men, he always manages to tell a damn good yarn and to take you along with him.

A Simpler Time transports us back to the 1960s, to Peats Ridge,  horticultural   country carved out of the bush just beyond the reach of Sydney's northern suburban ring. For the first time, FitzSimons is telling his own story, or at least  the story of his parents, and his own youth. With candour, warmth and affection, he re-creates his experiences growing up the youngest in a tribe of mainly brothers, of parents who turned their backs on the city to devote themselves to their blossoming family and their orchard,  of  knocking about barefoot both in the scrub and at school, of the dawning of social and political consciousness as the 70s came crashing in and of eccentrics, dramas and delights that were the stuff of the fringe dwellers.

This book is an absolute delight to read. It is a fantastic choice for both men and women, and would make a marvellous Father's Day gift as well. It is good for a wry chuckle, an occasional tear, and for big dose of nostalgia.

I interviewed FitzSimons at his home in Sydney. Click here to watch the interview.

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Retail Price: $35.00, Booktopia Price: $27.95   SAVE 20%
PenguinsTom Sawyer, Around the World in Eight Days, Dangerous Liaisons, The Happy Prince, Hedda Gabler, The Jungle Book, Keep the Aspidistra Flying, Notes from Underground, Seven Little Australians, The Trial, Washington Square....I feel like I've happened upon an oasis in the desert. Whether your passion is Franz Kafka or Ethel Turner, Primo Levi or Helen Garner, the latest 75 POPULAR PENGUINS are here to intrigue, delight, entertain and inform us.

There are now more than 170 of these timeless books, with their iconic classic orange and white jackets and our stunning low prices. You'll never get a better opportunity to get going with a really good collection of books that you will want to read, and that you know will last the distance.

Now the best part. Penguin Australia has very kindly given us 80 Popular Penguins - worth a whopping $800 - to give away to Booktopia customers. That means that four lucky people will  each soon have 20 books ($200 worth) absolutely free. Best of all, the choice of titles is theirs alone. How good is that?

To enter,
  • Order at least one Popular Penguin
  • Email me your order number and answer the following question "which Popular Penguin are you most looking forward to reading?"
  • Add twenty Popular Penguins titles to your wish list through your Booktopia account. (If you win, we need to know what to send you).

The winners will be announced in next month's Booktopia Buzz.

Click here to see the full range of Popular Penguins
Retail Price: $9.95, Booktopia Price: $8.95
The Grand HotelGregory Day
Australian Author

Robbed of his zest for life by the absurd innovations of the local shire, including knocking down the only pub in his beloved home town and roofing over a section of the creek to protect bathers from the rain, artist Noel Lea exiles himself in the hills above Mangowak, on the south-west Victorian coast. He returns to find an unexpected destiny awaits. At the turning point in the town's history, it seems he has a crucial role to play, as the unlikely publican of an even more unlikely hotel.
There is much to enjoy about The Grand Hotel, and much to recognise about ourselves, although I'm not sure you are going to find random dadaist ramblings as a backtrack in the men's loos in your average corner local!
Day clearly has an affection for landscape and the sparse towns that dot rural Australia, but you could never accuse him of being mawkish or sentimental.
You will be sharing this one.

Click here for Day's responses to Booktopia's Ten Terrifying Questions.

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Australian author
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Booktopia Price: $25.95 SAVE 21%
 Nowhere ManJohn M Green
Australian Author

As a former executive director in Macquarie Bank as well as partner in two major law firms, Green comes to writing (and publishing with the newly formed Pantera Press as his baby) with an interesting pedigree.

His experience in money matters has been brought to bear in this tight, taut financial thriller whose first draft (in August 2001) presciently described the bombing of the World Trade Centre in New York while a subsequent draft nailed the vortex of debt that ripped apart financial markets in September 2008 just weeks before things turned really nasty.
Putting aside the backstory, Nowhere Man is a financial thriller with a sharp disturbing edge that crosses over financial deals, corporate crises, murder, love and conspiracy as a woman's search from Sydney to New York for her mysteriously missing husband turns into a search to find herself.

Click here for Green's responses to Booktopia's Ten Terrifying Questions.

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Australian author
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Booktopia Price: $25.95 SAVE 21%
The PassageTHE PASSAGE by Justin Cronin

Amy Harper Bellafonte is six years old and her mother thinks she's the most important person in the whole world. She is. Anthony Carter doesn't think he could ever be in a worse place than Death Row. He's wrong. FBI agent Brad Wolgast thinks something beyond imagination is coming. It is.

The Passage is an epic, awe-inspiring novel of good and evil that is destined to be a global bestseller. With its vast narrative sweep, dazzling cast of characters and towering vision (not to mention an impressive worldwide marketing budget), The Passage is a feat of imagination that will captivate a huge audience. Combining the mythic storytelling of Stephen King with the brilliance of Cormac McCarthy, The Passage was acquired in a fiercely competitive auction involving the entire UK publishing industry.  Meanwhile, movie rights have been sold to Ridley Scott. This book is going to be big, big, big.

Click here for a film clip and the book trailer.

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I KillI KILL by Giorgio Faletti

Giorgio Faletti is a man clearly not content with one career but he is likely to become best-known (outside his native Italy) for his blockbuster thriller, I Kill, which has already sold over 5 million copies worldwide before its appearance in translation.

While much Italian crime fiction is deliberately parochial, Faletti paints his exuberant narrative on the largest of canvases, and the template here is very much grand-scale, international thriller writing as practised by several top American and British writers. In this regard, Faletti knows exactly what he's doing.

The setting is Monte Carlo, both a playground of the rich and a bolt hole for the criminally inclined. In
I Kill, the more upscale residents are being targeted by an implacable serial killer who calls himself 'No One' (shades of Ulysses in Homer's Odyssey?). He inveigles a reluctant radio talk-show host into allowing him to announce each killing (set against a soundtrack that indicates who the next victim will be). And at the scene of each crime are the words I Kill, scrawled in the victim's blood. The murderer's nemesis is FBI agent Frank Ottobre, struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife, and Police Commissioner Nicholas Hulot. Both men have their work cut out for them, as 'No One' continues to cut a bloody swathe through his victims, seemingly unstoppable.

Faletti is well aware of the imperatives of the blockbuster thriller, and all the requisite buttons are pushed here. The book is long — over 500 pages — but the tension is maintained throughout with genuine skill.

(Review by Barry Forshaw,

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I Kill
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After AmericaAFTER AMERICA by John Birmingham
Australian Author

Clearly from our sales figures, I wasn't the only one to fall for Without Warning. Now, four years after that apocalyptic vision, the action continues as looters and assassins take over a collapsing New York.

There will be an army of fans waiting for this sequel, and this one is full of Birmingham's trademark wit, with the added bonus of plenty of explosions.

Click here for Birmingham's answers to Booktopia's Ten Terrifying Questions.

Click here for the book trailer.

Click here to buy After America  -  Australian author
Retail Price: $32.99, Booktopia Price: $25.95 SAVE 21%


P.M. Newton's bitter-sweet thriller is an arresting debut: astonishingly accomplished and as authentic as a .38 bullet wound. File between D for Disher and T for Temple and sweat on the sequel.

So says Walkley awarded journalist and crime writer Andrew Rule.

The writing is razor-sharp and the dialogue sizzles with tough-as-nails authenticity. Newton is a writer to watch.
So says Matthew Reilly.

Newton worked in the NSW police force for many years and her portrayal of Nhu "Ned" Kelly, a young detective on the best force that money can buy, brings back a Sydney we are all too familiar with.  Newton's approach is authentic, and her style is relentless.

Click here to buy The Old School  -  Australian author
Retail Price: $32.95, Booktopia Price: $25.95 SAVE 21%

ANIMAL KINGDOM by Stephen Sewell
Australian Author

I don't remember there being as much excitement around an Australian movie as there is around Animal Kingdom for a very long time. Acclaimed screenwriter and playwright, Stephen Sewell has written a novelisation of the film, a home grown crime story that reads like something straight out of Underbelly.

So what is it all about? Melbourne's underground, tensions between the crims and the police, and at the centre of it all, one family, holed up, under pressure, and busting to break loose.

Click here to pre-order Animal Kingdom  -  Australian author
Retail Price: $29.99, Booktopia Price: $23.95 SAVE 20% 
Karin Slaughter

Slaughter is a regular top five best-seller in both the US and the UK and Broken is set to be her breakthrough novel here in Australia.
Again set in close set Grant County, Sara comes home for a Thanksgiving dinner and is unwittingly drawn into a horrible crime where the only one who can reveal the truth happens to be dead.
Slaughter on women crime writers:
I want to show violence for what it is. For so long, women weren't expected to talk about these crimes, even though we were more likely to be the victims. I think it's time we started talking about rape and violence against women. When I was growing up, these subjects were "boys only" territory in fiction, so I find it refreshing to see authors like Mo Hayder and Denise Mina really opening up the conversation about abuse and sexual assault. This isn't to say that men are not capable of writing about these topics, only that women authors bring a different perspective.

Click here for Slaughter's
responses to
Booktopia's Ten
Terrifying Questions

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 Lynda La

The thrilling new novel from Ms Prime Suspect herself - Lynda La Plante.
A motorway service station on the M1. Dimly lit, run down, poorly supervised, flickering lights, dark corners. A favourite stopover for long-distance lorry drivers on their way up north from London. Behind it, a body is found in a ditch, that of a girl barely out of her teens. She appears to have no family, no friends, no connections anywhere. Other girls have gone missing in the vicinity and no one has stepped forward to claim them.
Anna Travis is assigned to the case. Her blood runs cold when she receives a letter from a lifer, someone she was responsible for arresting in the past, who writes to her from prison, asking her to visit him urgently. For he claims he knows who the killer is.

Click here to buy 
Blind Fury
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 Allison Brennan

Stand by for the spine-tingling second book in the Seven Deadly Sins series.
Being released simultaneously here and in the US, here is a chilling paranormal thriller for fans of Stephenie Meyer and True Blood.
In Carnal Sin, demon hunters Moira O'Donnell and Rafe Cooper, fresh from their conquest of Evil, now have to take on Lust in the City of Angels.
From the author:
I am thrilled with the response I have received from Australian readers. In 2003 the idea for this series popped into my head when I pictured a teenager running terrified through the woods. Over the next few years I layered on additional ideas, including the premise that the Seven Deadly Sins were actual demons - fallen angels - released from Hell by an evil occult.

Click here to buy the Australian edition of Carnal Sin with  its stunning jacket to match book 1, Original Sin.

Australian RRP: $32.95
Our Price: $25.95
SAVE 21%

Click here to buy the
small format US
paperback edition for
only $10.95.

Austin Wright

Tony & Susan is described as a lost masterpieces of American fiction, and it comes with the very impressive imprimatur of Saul Bellow.

Marvellously written - the last thing you would expect in a story of blood and revenge. Beautiful.

Susan Morrow has just been sent a manuscript to read - her ex-husband of 15 year's first novel. Tony & Susan is at the same time a compelling novel within a novel, plus a playful commentary on experience of the reader, as the partition between memory and imagination starts to break down.
Wright was a wonderful story teller and it is great to see this back in print for a new generation of readers.

Click here to buy Tony & Susan
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Booktopia Price: $23.95 SAVE 20%
 Jonathan Dee

Jonathan Franzen loves it, Jay McInerney loves it, Richard Ford loves it. And just about every review singles out the wedding of Adam and Cynthia (who read like male and female Gordon Geckos) as a heroic start to this bank lit book about excess gone wrong.
I haven't had a chance to get hold of it myself yet, although I was interested in a generally laudatory review in The Guardian which was tempered by this conclusion.

There isn't enough pre-emptive irony in all Manhattan to keep much of this book from seeming like a mash-up of Sex and the City and Bright Lights, Big City, but without the heedless, headlong brio that made Jay McInerney's debut so remarkable. Behind the flashy social anthropology of The Privileges, a more quiet, more disturbing novel about love, family and ambition may well have been trying to make itself heard. I hope next time Dee lets us listen.

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Retail Price: $29.99
Booktopia Price: $26.95 
Peter Rose
Australian author

Known for his best-selling memoir Rose Boys, Peter Rose is a poet and the current editor of  Australian Book Review.
His engrossing new novel Roddy Parr is a classic tale of a young man making his way in the world, finding his vocation and finding love.  But in Roddy’s case, the world is the world of writers and publishers, his vocation is shadowed by unspoken secrets, and the love he finds tests him to his very limit.
For those in the know, there is much pleasure to be found playing ‘who’s that’ – or perhaps more accurately, which bit of whose life is that?  Are those Patrick White’s dogs, for example, playing beneath the great writer David Anthem’s dinner table?  Is Anthem’s career-making book, Bird in the Attic, based on a horrific true crime in rural Australia, meant to draw parallels with another famous book based on a terrible crime? Could there possibly be any publisher in Australia who combines the charm, power and Machiavellian ways of the formidable Julia?
But above all this is a very human story.  You certainly don’t need to be in the literary world to enjoy it, the same way that you didn’t have to be a Tory voter (or particularly interested in UK politics) to enjoy Hollinghurst’s  The Line of Beauty – another great story of an outsider entering a world of privilege.

Click here for reading group notes.

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Australian author
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 Geoffrey Chaucer retold by Peter Ackroyd

The latest extraordinary project from this astoundingly prolific (a book a year) author: a prose translation (his publishers insist on calling it a “retelling”) of Geoffrey Chaucer’s great poem The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer, like Ackroyd, self-effaces, creating, in doing so, a cast of characters and a landscape of tales that magically embodies the whole of 14th-century England. They both abase themselves before the same master, English.
“It’s nothing to do with me, it’s the language speaking. It’s not even translating Chaucer, it’s the language retranslating language. With Chaucer, language takes precedence, so you don’t have any private or personal stake in it. It happens beyond you or outside you.”
In the 14th century, polite society spoke French. The vernacular had no literary existence. Then along came this man, this courtier, diplomat and customs officer, who wrote, inspired by the Italian of Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarch, first Troilus and Criseyde then The Canterbury Tales in the plain English of the people. All  subsequent writers, good, bad or indifferent, are in debt to Chaucer. He invented English literature — perhaps that country's one incontestable claim to greatness as a nation. He was English, said Chesterton, before there was an England.
Ackroyd's Canterbury Tales is written in highly readable modern prose, full of straight talking and humour, and includes lots of supplementary material on the England of the time and why it is still relevant today

Click here to buy Canterbury Tales
Retail Price: $26.95
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Bret Easton Ellis

If Scott Turow's Presumed Innocent was book of the 80s that defined the legal drama genre, around the same time Bret Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero put disaffected, nihilistic south Californians squarely on the map.
While he has written numerous novels since then, including American Psycho, Imperial Bedrooms is fascinating because it looks at just what has happened to Clay and his loosely affiliated contacts (dare we call them friends?), in the decades that have since past.
Narrator Clay (the Holden Caulfield of his era) is now a screenwriter, back in Tinseltown after a sabbatical in New York City and ready to cast his new film, “The Listeners.” It’s a movie set in - of course - the 1980s. As he returns to his home city, he finds the same old song and dance - and same friends, in particular ex-girlfriend Blair and junkie-turned-pimp Julian (who was played with frightening realism in the 1987 movie adaptation of Less Than Zero by Robert Downey Jr.).
Like its predecessor, Imperial Bedrooms takes its name from an Elvis Costello song, serving as a reminder that while this book takes place in a new century, its themes are inherently ’80s. And maybe that’s Ellis’ point.
Not unexpectedly, there is a storm of controversy surrounding this one - but the most instructive comment comes from
If Less Than Zero was a book that sped by and made no real impression on a reader, its sequel can be absorbed just as quickly. But it shouldn't be. Imperial Bedrooms is a book with pleasurable sentences and tensions; with pulpy twists and shivering scenarios. I suspect it will be an easy novel for detractors of the author to misread. But Ellis is not an easy ironist, and here he is not gratuitous. He asks us a question: What can you do with an artful book about spiritual zombies? Read it and weep.

Click here to buy
Imperial Bedrooms
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Katie Hickman

Note to all lovers of historical fiction! While you cool your  heels until September waiting for Philippa Gregory's sequel to The White Queen, called The Red Queen, may I suggest something that is a more than worthy candidate for your attention?
If you haven't discovered Katie Hickman yet, now is the opportunity. The Pindar Diamond will transport you to Venice of the early 17th century, where Levant traders vie for advantage, and courtesans know the power of a really prized diamond.
Katie Hickman is the author of six previous books - novels, history and travel books.  She was short-listed for the Sunday Times Young British Writer of the Year award for her novel The Quetzal Summer. She is married to  English philosopher A.C. Grayling, which if nothing else, must make for some pretty lively dinner party conversations at their house.

Click here to buy The Pindar Diamond
Retail Price: $32.99
Booktopia Price: $25.95 SAVE 21%
Tishani Doshi

In this luminous comedy of four generations of Patels, poet and dancer Tishani Doshi weaves together the worlds of India and Wales, her twin inheritance.

Like the lovers of The Pleasure Seekers, Doshi has a Welsh mother and a Gujurati father. Her debut novel, brimming with tender humour, has the endeared feel of family history.

The Pleasure Seekers celebrates the protean adaptability of family. Doshi poses the exile's age-old question: where is my home? Her writing, never less than poignant, sparkles with exuberance. When Gujurati Babo leaves Madras in 1968 and meets Welsh Siân, his dad is incandescent. He him back to India on the pretext of his mother's illness, and hides his passport. Time passes and the new family puts its roots down in India. Racial difficulties are, if not precisely resolved, then suspended in family love – under the guidance of a benignly powerful grandmother, Ba.

The Pleasure Seekers charms its readers and indulges its people. The episodic narrative has a carnivalesque feel. Departure and arrival mediate one another: all is one. Lithe and agile, the novel dances its people across barriers of race and nation and even across borders of gender.

The brutal racism of the British does not impinge. Doshi runs the intimate family plot against the dire narrative of public events – Bhopal, assassinations, the Republic Day earthquake. If the characters are simplified and idealised (especially the Welsh), the marvels of Doshi's language and a spirit of merriment create a fictional world where all is forgiven.

This one is for fans of Rohinton Mistry, Zadie Smith and Kiran Desai.

Note to literary festival organisers: Please, please, please get Doshi out here for next year's festivals!

Click here to buy The Pleasure Seekers
Retail Price:
$29.99 Booktopia Price: $23.95 SAVE 20%

For an American take on the migrant experience, Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok is making an impact. In fact, the publisher's US reps nominated it as their pick of the season.

Informed by her own experiences of moving from a life of privilege in Hong Kong to working in a sweat shop and living in an unheated apartment in New York, Kwok's story of a Kimberly Chang is both powerful and moving.

Click here to watch Kwok talk about her book.

Click here to buy Girl in Translation
Retail Price:
$32.95 Booktopia Price: $25.95 SAVE 21%


Hart comes to writing after years of working as a carpenter, welder, commercial fisherman and a janitor. Having won the Keene Prize for literature, the largest student prize in the world, he must surely be overwhelme
d by the praise heaped on the unflinching and beautiful Then Came The Evening with comparisons from Cormac McCarthy to Annie Proulx.

Then Came The Evening traces the long descent of a tragic western figure - Vietnam vet Bandy Dorner. It is a heartbreaking, convincing drama in the vein of Sam Shepherd or Phillip Meyer, whose American Rust captured everyone's attention last year.

From Colm Toibin, author of Brooklyn:
Brian Hart's Then Came The Evening shows us the hidden America, a world of remote holdings, long memories, fierce yearnings, and violent strivings. He dramatises this world with an immense care and tenderness. There is a deep feeling in the book for the gnarled landscape itself, its stark beauty, but even greater emotion surrounds the characters that inhabit it. Their efforts to live together and love each other are depicted with a grace and understanding which is rare and memorable.

Click here to buy Click here to buy Then Came the Evening
Retail Price: $32.99, Booktopia Price: $25.95 SAVE 21%


And speaking of the diverse background of writers, this frou-frou comes with a satisfaction guaranteed promise from fashion illustrator for the New York Times, Harold Carlton.

With the endless fascination with Parisian fashion, be it on the catwalk, on the screen or on paper, this Sex and the City meets The Devil Wears Prada tale of four young fashion hopefuls in the Paris of 1968 is sure to be taken up as quickly as a pair of Manolos in a sale.

This is the season's must-have accessory - a delicious romp through Parisian haute couture. With his background as a sketch artist for the Paris collections, Carlton knows the world he writes about intimately. He is brilliant on the rivalries, the etiquette, the indiscretions making this delicious blend of fashion, nostalgia and Paris a book that makes you want to get out the matching luggage and catch that next plane.

Click here to buy Heaven Hell and Mademoiselle
Retail Price: $32.99, Booktopia Price: $20.95 SAVE 36%

Meanwhile, to get an insight into a former model's shocking memoir about her the shopping addiction that nearly destroyed her, you might be interested in Avis Cardella's memoir, SPENT.

Click here to buy Click here to buy Spent
Retail Price: $24.99, Booktopia Price: $19.95 SAVE 20%
Kylie Kwong

Kwong is all about rejuvenating the food chain and in It Tastes Better she travels Australia talking to growers, providores and artisans, all of whom can conjure up goodness from their ingredients alone.
Kwong is a passionate advocate of sustainable and organic food and the recipes in this fantastic volume make a worthy addition to any culinary library.
Fresh flavoursome food, produced in the most beneficial way possible. It's all good!

Click here to see, read and drool over this book, and to find a recipe to try for yourself.

Click here to buy It Tastes Better
Retail Price: $69.95
Booktopia Price: $55.95 SAVE 20%
 Gabriel Gaté

Is he French? Is he Australian? Who cares when he cooks like an angel and can introduce us all to do-able French regional specialities?

Le Tour de France starts next week (and with the cross over with The World Cup, our eyes will really be hanging out of our heads) and Gaté will be there on SBS doing his French foodie thing.
Meanwhile, click here to get a look at the sort of delights that await inside this very appealing and charmingly illustrated presentation of French provincial classics.

Click here to buy Taste le Tour
Retail Price: $35.00
Booktopia Price: $27.95 SAVE 20%
We've just sent out our latest Food and Drink Buzz to subscribers, full of wonderful wintery suggestions. Peter Evans' My Table, Ferran Adria's A Day at elBulli (now more affordable), Yottam Ottogenghi's Plenty, Snowflakes and Schnapps now in paperback and the 2011 wine guides from Matt Skinner and James Halliday plus Masterchef, Masterchef, Masterchef.

Click here to go to the
Food and DrinkBuzz winter newsletter.

 Sam Stern's Eat Vegetarian

18 year old Sam Stern is onto his fourth cookbook. He is an expert at appealing to young blokes looking to get good food fast. His latest is . This complete vegetarian cookery bible is packed with recipes for all occasions and presented in Sam Stern’s fresh and accessible style - perfect for vegetarians of all ages and cooking experience.

Click here to buy
Sam Stern's Eat Vegetarian

Retail Price: $24.95
Booktopia Price: $19.95 SAVE 20%

And definitely for the girls, is Sweet Treats, from the smart, funny, arty creators of Frankie Magazine.

A collection of 39 indulgent recipes which take you right back to those cake stalls at the school fete.

Click here to buy Sweet Treats
Retail Price: $19.95
Booktopia Price: $15.95 

Harry Dillon & Peter Butler

The 200th anniversary of Lachlan Macquarie's swearing-in as Governor of New South Wales will be commemorated with a state-wide celebration program of events. Not surprisingly, there is a  resurgence of interest into this complex and interesting man and Dillon and Butler's book is part of that focus.
Macquarie made an outstanding and extensive contribution to the growth of the colony and his many legacies endure. During his governorship, he introduced churches, schools, hospitals, roads, banks newspapers, agricultural developments, racing carnivals and festivals.
Told as narrative history, this is a timely reminder of his importance to modern Australians. The emphasis is on telling a story about people, their motives, goals, foibles, successes and disappointments.

Readers may also be interested in Rare and Curious, as well as Derek Parker's Governor Macquarie: His Life Times and Revolutionary Vision for Australia which I reviewed in the June edition of Booktopia Buzz.

Click here to buy
Macquarie: From Colony to Country
Retail Price: $34.95
Booktopia Price: $27.95 SAVE 20%
 Mark Aarons

What happens when yours is the most monitored family in the country? How do you live a life when politics, secret spy rings and hush-hush Soviet funding are the backdrop against which all activities are conducted? We are not taking East Germany's Stasi here, we are talking three generations of one family, in Australia all examined in the most minute detail by ASIO.
Mark Aarons tells a gripping story about his family, communism and its legacy in Australia, and life under constant surveillance.
It is a fascinating tale of love and passion, courage and perfidy, ambitions and progressive politics, told against a background of world and national events.
(Hon. Michael Kirby, former Justice of the High Court of Australia).

Click here to buy The Family Files
Retail Price: $34.95
Booktopia Price: $27.95 SAVE 20%
THE MAN WHO LEFT TOO SOON: The Biography of Stieg Larsson by Barry Forshaw

With a life almost as interesting as the characters he created in his blockbusting Millenium Trilogy starting with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson's early and untimely death left almost as many questions as answers.

Click here to buy
The Man Who Left Too Soon
RRP: $29.95 Booktopia Price: $24.95

THERE WILL BE RAINBOWS: A Biography of Rufus Wainwright by Kirk Lake

The first ever biography of one of the most fascinating singers to have appeared in the last 50 years. Lane had access to a variety of producers, musicians, promoters and friends who have been close to Wainwright, giving this book an unusual intimacy. Wainwright has been releasing records for practically a decade. Plus of course, who wouldn't be fascinated by his rock lineage?

Click here to buy
There Will Be Rainbows
RRP: $27.00 Booktopia Price: $20.95
SAVE 22%

 Phil Toledano

This is a very special, very moving visual memoir book. It is a son's photo journal of his aging father's last years, an honest and clear reflection about coming to terms with an aging parent. Do have a look at the images here - you'll see exactly what I mean.

Sometimes, when we're talking, my dad will stop, and sigh, and close his eyes. It's then that I know that he knows. About my mum. About everything.

Click here to buy Days with My Father
RRP: $29.99, Booktopia Price: $23.95 SAVE 20%

As an aside, many customers will be interested in Caring for Your Elderly Parent: A Practical Guide for Australian Families by Kate Sumner. There is not much written in this field, despite the fact that one in eight Australians provides unpaid care to an elderly family member. This book includes practical strategies, dealing with family dynamics, finding home help, preventing falls and accidents, moving into an aged care home, managing financial and legal affairs and getting the best possible medical and end of life care.

Click here to buy Caring for Your Elderly Parent
RRP: $29.95, Booktopia Price: $23.95
SAVE 20%

Sydney came to a stand still last September when the seemingly upstanding Michael McGurk was blown away by a professional hitman, in the street outside his very affluent house, leaving behind a whole lot of questions about his background, property deals and connections to Labor party heavyweights.

Vereker and Abernethy have the inside running on this one and it is not going to be pretty.

Click here to buy The Fast Life and Sudden Death of Michael McGurk
Retail Price: $24.99, Booktopia Price: $19.95 SAVE 20%

by James Morton and Russell Robinson

Of course, standover tactics have a tried and tested place in Australia and the master practicioners used to be the Painters and Dockers, the union which dominated the waterfront of the eastern seaboard for three decades from the 1960s.

Their standover tactics, gambling, prostitution, drugs, smuggling - all stock in trade - set  the scene for the most recent gangland dramas that have subsequently plagued Melbourne's criminal underground.

Click here to buy Shotgun and Standover
Retail Price: $34.99, Booktopia Price: $27.95 SAVE 20%

EVIL IN THE SUBURBS by Cindy Wockner & Mick Porta

This book reads like a crime novel and, like the best components of crime writing, it is almost impossible to put down. But unlike crime fiction, this is a story that will stay with you for a long time.

In August 2000, a gang of rapists lured 12 victims from train stations in a series of planned attacks, with some of the  young women being assaulted by more than a dozen men. In 2002, the ringleader was sentenced to 55 years (which was then subsequently reduced). The cases caused a volatile debate about race and religion.

This book covers the police investigations, the role of one crucial Arabic speaking Muslim police officer, the stories of the women themselves, and the thinking of the Muslim community so wounded by the actions of a few of its sons.

Here for the first time are the accounts of the brutal attacks on these young girls told in a matter-of-fact, non-sensationalised way. Reading it will incense you, and make you realise that as much as there is good in the world, there is also evil.

Click here to buy Evil in the Suburbs
Retail Price: $34.95, Booktopia Price: $27.95 SAVE 20%
Blance d'Alpuget

Blanche d’Alpuget’s original Hawke biography is widely regarded by political aficionados as one of the best ever written about an Australian leader. We now know why: because d’Alpuget couldn’t get her man in real life, as she recounted in On Longing, she poured her heart and soul into the book, which became a best-seller.
Crafted with a novelist's eye, this book picks up where the original biography left off: Hawke before he won the election that made him leader. The book will tell us of the Hayden-Hawke contest, the successive Hawke governments, the challenges of office and of life beyond the Lodge. It will take us behind the Hawke/Keating union, which was so successful for the
country, and its subsequent breakdown.

Blanche d’Alpuget takes as her starting point the extraordinary fascination of the Australian population with Bob Hawke and uses all the craft of the novelist to probe the personality of this contemporary folk-hero. The result is
a magnificently readable account .
(Anne Summers)

Click here to pre-order Hawke
for delivery after July 14.
Retail Price: $54.99,
Booktopia Price: $43.95 SAVE 20%
 Observations from the Gallery

Annabel Crabb

Opposition leaders are like miniature piglets.
They look so sweet in the shop, don’t they? With their whiffling little pink noses and their eagerness to please; with their intelligent eyes and their loving natures and the sales assistant’s guarantee that they are fastidiously clean and, moreover, will fetch the paper every morning – what’s not to love?
It is only much later on, well after the election’s won and the warranty’s expired, that you wake up and realise, with a dull sense of unsurprise, that you’ve got a six-foot grunter digging up your backyard.

From Howard’s dramatic departure to Rudd’s relentless march to power, the last few years have been momentous ones in Australian politics. In Rise of the Ruddbot, Australia’s funniest, most incisive political commentator chronicles these strange and turbulent times. Featuring Tony “People Skills” Abbott, Julia “La Gillardine” Gillard, Malcolm Turnbull, Penny Wong, Godwin Grech, Barnaby Joyce and more, this is the perfect companion for an election year.

Click here to buy
The Rise of the Ruddbot
RRP: $32.95, Booktopia Price: $25.95
SAVE 21%

 Martin Brueckner & Dyann Ross

While the world watches the unfolding disaster that is the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the conflict between profits and people is being played out in a myriad of communities around the globe on a smaller scale.

Erin Brockavich (yes, the original one) has for some time been involved in the preparation of a case to be taken against Alcoa and the social, environmental and health impacts of its Western Australian Wagerup smelter on the small town of Yarloop.
This is a unique story, but it does have implications for the global debate on sustainability and development.

Click here to buy Under Corporate Skies Retail Price: $26.95
Booktopia Price: $20.95 SAVE 22%

 The Environmental Volunteer's Guide to More Than 300 International Adventures To Conserve, Preserve and Rehabilitate Wildlife and Habitat

Pamela K. Brodowsky

Meanwhile, on to something more positive, something that any number of young people would be interested in!
More than 300 programs around the world are explained, assessed and set out, with detailed information and everything you need to know about getting there, getting stuck in and making a difference.
The perfect thing for a gap year, for students and for any one that wants to stop whingeing and start making a difference.

Click here to buy
Ecotourists Around the World
Retail Price: $24.95
Booktopia Price: $19.95 SAVE 20%
Carmel Bird (ed)

What home means to Andrea Goldsmith, Gabrielle Lord, Peter Goldsworthy, Marion Halligan, Matthew Condon, Rosaleen Love, Cassandra Pybus, Ian Britain, Michael McGirr and Carmel Bird.
"Connection with home is the genesis of hope" says Carmel Bird in her thoughtful introduction to this heartfelt collection of stories and essays from ten Australian writers for whom the concept of home almost always sparks an examination of self and identity.
It was 1997 when the Government Report on the Stolen Generations entitled: ‘Bringing them Home’ was first published and Bird has been contemplating the concept of ‘home’ ever since.
From Peter Goldsworthy’s recollections of towns in different parts of Australia to Andrea Goldsmith’s exploration of the home found — and lost — in another person, to Marion Halligan’s recollections of homes in both hemispheres, to the lie discovered by Matthew Condon in the accepted history of his home town Brisbane, these stories evoke the myriad ways in which home can nurture, be full of quiet pain, be found in a fleeting moment or provide an eternal anchor.

Click here to buy Home Truth
Retail Price: $29.99,
Booktopia Price: $23.95 SAVE 20%
 Great Contemporary Writers on the Frontline of Crisis

Dan Crowe (ed)

Tom Craig's beautiful and emotive photography makes for a fine accompaniment to contributions by literary greats and star names such as DBC Pierre, Daniel Day Lewis, Martin Amis, Tracy Chevalier and Ali Smith.
This collection of a dozen essays will appeal to lovers of literary fiction as well as people with an interest in current affairs as they follow everything from gang violence in Columbia to the abuse of women in Burundi.

Click here to read Pierre on Armenia.

Click here to buy Writing on the Edge
Retail Price: $45.00
Booktopia Price: $35.95 SAVE 20%
Germano Celant

OK, I admit it. I would go to Bilbao  in Spain just to see the Guggenheim Museum or to Germany simply for the MARTa Herford museum in Westphalia. Why? Grank Gehry's luminescent vision of what a built space can be. The closest I have got is the "Dancing House" (aka the Fred and Ginger building) in Prague, although in a few more years we'll have our very own Gehry right in in Sydney with the University of Technology's Faculty of Business project still in its concept stage.
Meanwhile, I'll have to content myself with this whopper of a monograph, with 532 colour images, which covers his incredibly creative (and to the rest of us, unimagineable) last 12 years.
Gehry is the living embodiment of the contemporary term “starchitect” and  is arguably the most famous architect alive today. This is the must-have for architects, architectural enthusiasts, and anyone interested in modern design.

Click here to buy
Frank O. Gehry since 1997
Retail Price: $150.00
Booktopia Price: $134.95 

 Elizabeth Ellis

This is a gorgeous natural history collection presented as a hardback in a sliding case designed to resemble a collector's chest. Inside are reproductions of early colonial flora and fauna prints, the originals of which were all presented to Governor Lachlan Macquarie during his time in office in the colony of New South Wales, and which then virtually disappeared until they were rediscovered in the late 1970s lying forgotten and unnoticed in a Scottish castle.
This is of enormous interest to both naturalists and history buffs.

Click here to buy Rare and Curious
Retail Price: $59.99,
Booktopia Price: $47.95 SAVE 20%
Thomas Hamel

Here is a lavishly illustrated sneak peak at some of Australia's most presigious homes, all decorated by Hamel, who has garnered praise both here and internationally.
This showcase of interior design excellence has been beautifully produced and includes over 150 colour photographs.

Click here to see inside the book.

Click here to buy Residence
Retail Price: $99.00
Booktopia Price: $83.95 SAVE 15%

 Christopher Allen

Does Australian art have a history or is it just a series of footnotes to northern hemisphere imaginings?
More than ten years since its original publication, this compendium addresses this very question and is now available again in a revised and update edition.

With 125 images, 58 in colour, and at that low price, this is a reference that everyone can afford.

Click here to buy Art in Australia
Retail Price: $30.00,
Booktopia Price: $26.95 
Sanjay Patel

Pixar style meets a classic Hindu tale in this gorgeously illustrated retelling of
one of the world’s best adventure stories. The author is a seasoned Pixar animator with more than a few films under his belt. His style is unique and instantly engaging and accessible to a large range of ages and cultures.

With over 100 stunning illustrations, this is a coffee table quality book at about half expected price. The book also includes a pictorial glossary of the deities, monsters, and animals featured in the story, a timeline, and sketches from Patel's notebooks showing how he conceived of and created the work.

Click here to see inside.

Click here to buy Ramayana
Retail Price: $45.00,
Booktopia Price: $40.50 
 Michael Pablo

This is one that you will either love, or hate. It makes for a great silly gift for the right person, and certainly a conversation point on the coffee table.
The Chewbacca, The Marge Simpson, The Handlebar, and the rather distinctive black and white Pepe Le Pube, it is all there in glorious illustrative (mercifully, not photographic) style!

Click here to buy Hip Snips
Retail Price: $14.95
Booktopia Price: $11.95 SAVE 20%
Dave the Chimp

Before you all glaze over, let me tell you that the Doodle Book series in all its guises has provided endless entertainment for kids and adults alike. I can't wait to get my hands on Outside the Lines for that reason.
You know the selection process I go through to put together Booktopia Buzz so you know I wouldn't put something like this in unless I really vouched for it.
You'll have fun with this book, whatever  your age. Put it by your phone for when you (the important person) are put on hold, and add some colour to your life!

Click here to see inside.

Click here to buy Outside the Lines
Retail Price: $35.00,
Booktopia Price: $31.50
 Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words (2nd ed)

Peter E. Meltzer

This is a rather wonderful, different kind of thesaurus, for wordsmiths, writers and those who just like to be a smarty-pants.
I've been having great fun with my little sampler and I am now hanging out for the full volume.  I have a new word to describe my mother's rather macabre obsession (she was a taphophile) while my sister's ailurophobia took on almost mythic proportions when we were kids. Enough of this, you'll have to excogitate your own translations!

Click here to buy
The Thinker's Thesaurus
Retail Price: $27.95,
Booktopia Price: $21.95 SAVE 21%

Selena Francis-Bryden

Having made clothes for London's Portabello Rd markets for ages, and have been picked up and fostered by Sex and the City, Francis-Bryden has what it takes when it comes to adapting and creating individual looks that really sing, all for next to nothing.
DIY Fashion assumes no prior knowledge and experience. It also gives you 40 original projects for clothes and accessories that are do-able by just about anyone.

Click here to buy DIY Fashion
Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $35.95

 With its reversible and customisable dust jacket, and $2 from the sale of every copy of this "pink" edition being donated to the McGrath Foundation, this is the ideal way to record your reading experiences and explore the bibilographic world.

With all the major prizes listed (to 2009), interesting websites, famous opening and closing lines, this makes for a wonderful keepsake as well as a great gift.
I have one copy that a lucky purchaser can have as a second to give away to a friend but you have to be able to tell me who penned these opening lines for which book.

It was a queer, sultry summer, the summer they electrocuted the Rosenbergs, and I didn't know what I was doing in New York.
Email me with your order number and your answer.

Click here to buy
Book Lover's Journal

Retail Price: $29.95
Our Price: $23.95
SAVE 20%

 Andrew Bailey

This is a huge, almost A3 sized book full of photographs, reproduced documents and architectural drawings highlighting 150 years of the history of Melbourne's Carlton Brewery.
It certainly will have broad appeal, being about the people that made Carlton into the iconic brand it is today. This is more about the struggle to define and brew an Australian beer. it certainly is not a dry corporate self-congratulatory tome.
Bailey is a one-man beer buff having had a hotel, produced colonial style beers and being a Victoria beer historian (yes, such a thing exists).

The Brewery is a very lavish hardback with colour illustrations throughout. It will make a great Father's Day gift, if you can wait that long.

Click here to buy
The Brewery

Retail Price: $95.00
Our Price: $79.95
SAVE 16%

Will we ever quench our thirst for the paranormal? Apparently not. This is all you need to know this month.

SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater

If you haven't heard of it yet, you certainly will when you go and watch Eclipse. Shiver is going to be everywhere! Thank goodness, this is at last available in paperback. Werewolves and humans make for an uneasy mix in this tale that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let you go.

Click here for the booktrailer.

Click here to buy
Retail Price: $19.99, Booktopia Price: $12.95 SAVE 35%

by Alyson Noel

Evermore, Blue Moon, Shadowland - this series is just getting better and better, and mercifully, we are now in line with its release overseas. No more waiting!

Click here to buy Dark Flame
Retail Price: $16.99, Booktopia Price: $13.95 SAVE 18%

DARKWATER  by Georgia Blain

This isn't strictly paranormal but I can't help bringing it to your attention. This first teen novel from a best selling author for adults combines a riveting mystery with beautiful writing. Blain is a high profile local author who has been nominated for many prestigious awards and according to her publisher, this is the best thing that has appeared on local lists in simply ages.

Click here to read Booktopia's interview with Georgia Blain.

Click here to buy
Retail Price: $18.95, Booktopia Price: $14.95 SAVE 21%

MADIGAN MINE by Kirstyn McDermott

Here is the word from a fellow bookseller in Victoria.

Flawlessly written and thoroughly enjoyable, Madigan Mine will hold large appeal for any reader that loves a dark, compulsively readable mystery/thriller with gripping characters and a daring storyline.

Kirstyn McDermott triumphs where Stephenie Meyer failed, crafting a supernatural thriller where possession of another body is not only a possibility but a horrifying reality.

Puzzling until the very last page, Madigan Mine was a pleasure to read.

High praise indeed!

Click here to buy Madigan Mine
Retail Price: $32.99, Booktopia Price: $27.95 SAVE 15%
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Well done to all of our winners and thanks for participating. Some of the winners include:

Ronald Palmer - Geelong North, Victoria
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Lydia Sheridan - Boorowa NSW
Sarah Geary - Erskineville, NSW
Petra Holland - Hornsby Heights - NSW

As part of the celebration, we asked readers for their feedback. My favourite comment, this time about sharing books with children, came from Lydia Sheridan of Boorowa, NSW.
My best memory of sharing a picture book is reading to my daughters in the 80s, then reading the same book to my granddaughter & seeing the same delight on little Poppy's face as I saw 20 years ago (on her mother).



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David Baldacci
Reif Larson

Click here to read our interview with Larson, one of life's true characters.

Stephen King

Tracy Chevalier

Nick Hornby

M. D. Lachlan

A superbly written fantasy epic that spans hundreds of years of our history to bring Norse legends and the myth of the werewolf to blood-curdling life. The icons of horror have never had more currency - vampires and zombies are everywhere. Part fantasy, part horror, part historical adventure all bound up with a tight, lean style and featuring strangest and sinister magic. A dark and original book, recommended for people who like weird magic, unpredictable outcomes, gore, and Vikings, this has been described as Twilight for blokes, but I think that is underselling it.

Click here to buy this book.

And while we are on the subject of spec fic, the legendary Gollancz launches its young adult list with Chloe Neill's FIRESPELL (book 1 of the Dark Elite series)

Click here to buy this book.
Tony Lee

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.

It had to happen - the Jane Austen mash-up that started this whole sensation is has now been adapted in graphic form, to a whole new audience.

Click here to buy this book.

Bruce Cameron

Speculative yes, but not in the usually understood sense. This is a heartwarming tale, touching and insightful, of a dog's eye view of life with his human friend. What was for cat lovers, Dewey
A Dog's Purpose
will be for dog lovers.

Click here to buy this book.

Emma Henderson

A startling, first-person debut and a unique, spirit-soaring love story, this novel is based on the life of the author's sister, who grew up in a mental hospital and has been submitted for a raft of writing prizes.  The backdrop to this bold and beautifully written novel is the look at changing attitudes to mental health from the institutionalisation of the mid-fifties to the 'care in the community' mid-eighties.

Click here to buy this book.

David Kirkpatrick

From its origins in a Harvard dorm room, Facebook now has more than 250 million users and has changed the nature of how we relate to each other. This book tells the inside story and has been written with the full co-operation of founder Mark Zuckerberg and his top executives.

Click here to buy this book.

Retail Price: $35.00
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How on the money was biographer Jacqueline Kent? There is not much around about our new Prime Minister, but this book has it nailed.

Click here to buy this book.

Retail Price: $32.95
Our Price: $25.95
SAVE 21%