MARCH 2009| Edition 1

Welcome to Booktopia's very first edition of The Food & Drink Buzz.
Put together by our resident foodie Karen Coleman, I am really hoping that The Food & Drink Buzz will become indispensable monthly reading for all of you out there who love to be in the kitchen, be it domestic or commercial. We also have plenty on offer for those for whom the kitchen is a necessity rather than a love - perhaps we can inspire you and make your time there just that little bit more rewarding.
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This first edition has a veritable feast of fabulous books, some great bargains, two terrific offers on Heston Blumenthal's Big Fat Duck Cookbook and Bill Granger's forthcoming Feed Me Now and much, much more. And now, over to Karen.
Bon Appétit!
Toni Whitmont
Managing Editor
Booktopia Buzz
Hello to all fellow lovers of an early morning banana-and-maple syrup pancake, a  hobbit-like second breakfast full fry up, a crisp and flavourful crunchy salad lunch, a relaxing afternoon velvety hot chocolate, a steaming fresh stir fry and glass of wine for dinner, finished with warm pudding and homemade custard before bed.

Sounds like a pretty nice day to me. But of course, as all true food addicts know, only half the pleasure is in the eating. The other half is in the creating. As a friend's father once nodded sagely to me: 'You only really taste about a third of your food. In the other two thirds, you smell and see. And there lies all the anticipation'. Cooking is about allowing yourself to be engulfed by those smells whilst turning your plate into a sculpture.

But of course, lets be realistic, how often do most of us really get a chance to relish these pleasures? Not as often as we'd like. So here at Booktopia we have put together a list that provides both the indulgences and the conveniences. In the News we feature Chefs from this month's Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and Sydney's recent Taste Festival, where the best of slow, luxurious food feature - including a delectable deal on Blumenthal's Big Fat Duck Cookbook. We also have a range of titles For Families, where quick, easy, fun recipes are absolutely essential. We have catered for those with Special Dietary Requirements, including Vegetarians and those who might be aiming to lose a little weight. The fantasmagorical new Planet Cake book has arrived, as have some other heavenly sweet treats books. We also have a fabulous offer on the forthcoming Bill Granger book, and a book on Bento lunch boxes I am dying for...  enough, there is much more than I can possibly mention here - read on!

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Something Special: The Big Fat Duck Cookbook
Dummies Month
Festivals of Food!

It seems that March is the month eat, drink and be merry - and who are we to refuse? There have been a range of spectacular festivals celebrating all the best our nation has to offer in fine dining, and whether you were able to make it to the festivities or not, there are still plenty of great books to take home. Sydney welcomed Taste Festivals Australia in mid-March, while the party continued for a very full seventeen days at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Some of Australia's finest chefs, turned authors, are featured below and have been showcasing their talents at various events throughout the month. Among these look out for Ferran Adrià's book A Day at El Bulli - the Spanish chef extraordinaire has been attending the Melbourne festival as guest of honour. The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival sadly finished on the 23rd of March. For more information on the festival, click here.

The Big Fat Duck Cookbook

Heston Blumenthal


We currently have Heston Blumenthal's stunning Big Fat Duck Cookbook (usually valued at $299) and Further Adventures in Search of Perfection (usually valued at $59.95) on offer together for a total of $295.

Blumenthal appeared at the Langham Melbourne MasterClass in March 2009 as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival where spoke about his unique and witty approach to gastronomy. Blumenthal is a self-taught chef, whose restaurant, The Big Fat Duck, has been named The Best Restaurant in the World and granted 10/10 in the UK's Good Food Guide. Blumenthal has also achieved an OBE and an Honorary Doctorate of Science.

The Big Fat Duck Cookbook tells the full story of Blumenthal's rise and The Fat Duck, birthplace of snail porridge and bacon-and-egg ice cream, whilst introducing us to the passion, perfection and weird science behind the man and the restaurant. Fifty of his signature recipes - sardine on toast sorbet, salmon poached with liquorice, hot and iced tea, chocolate wine - which, while challenging for anyone not equipped with ice baths, dehydrators, vacuum pumps and nitrogen on tap, will inspire home cooks and chefs alike. With an introduction by Harold McGee, incredible colour photographs throughout, illustrations by Dave McKean, multiple ribbons, real cloth binding and a gorgeous slip case, The Big Fat Duck Cookbook is not only the nearest thing to an autobiography from the world's most fascinating chef, but also a stunning, colourful and joyous work of art.

Further Adventures in Search of Perfection describes the second series of Blumenthal's TV series, In Search of Perfection, shown on BBC2 . In each series Blumenthal examines eight classic dishes to find out how to cook them to perfection, as well as exploring the culture and history behind the food we eat. The list of dishes featured includes: Trifle, Baked Alaska, Fish Pie, Hamburger, Peking Duck, Chicken Tikka Masala, Risotto and Chilli Con Carne.

Click here to buy this special offer.


Peter Kuruvita

Kuruvita is Executive Chef at Flying Fish restaurant, Sydney, and was serving delicacies such as Sri Lankan Snapper curry with basmati rice and coconut sambal and Love cake with cinnamon cream at the Taste Festival in mid-March.

Serendip takes us on a rich and rewarding journey through Sri Lanka's traditional foods, its family-oriented culture and its colourful approach to life. Kuruvita reaches deep into kitchen experiences with his grandmother and aunties, and has travelled the markets and stalls of the lush green island, to bring us this comprehensive collection of Sri Lankan recipes and a host of heart-warming stories. Offering Sri Lankan curries of every kind, as well as traditional snacks, breads and sticky sweet treats, Serendip is a treasury of spicy meals and tasty morsels.

To view sample pages of this book click here.

Click here to buy this book (Available in April).

The Age Good Food Guide 2009

John Lethlean, Necia Wilden

The Age is the presenting partner of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and  is the resident expert on writing about good food.

There has been extensive action in the Melbourne restaurant scene over the past 12 months and The Age Good Food Guide 2009 has kept track of it all. Whatever the occasion – or even if there is no occasion – the Guide provides all the information you need to choose just the right venue in and around Melbourne, or in the country.

John Lethlean and Necia Wilden share a great enthusiasm for food, wine, restaurants and quality journalism and writing. In this, the 29th edition of The Age Good Food Guide, their focus is clearly on the best places to eat and drink in Melbourne and country Victoria.

Click here to buy this book.

  Slow Food Nation's Come to the Table : The Slow Food Way of Living

Katrina Heron, Anya Fernald, with a foreword by Alice L. Waters

Slow Food Victoria has united with this year's Melbourne festival to showcase A Taste of Slow. This international movement has combined ethics and pleasure by revolutionising  how we think about producing and consuming food.

Come to the Table is a celebration of community food that is delicious, ecologically sustainable and socially just. It tells the stories of twelve separate meals, each hosted by an artisan or farmer family, including menus and approximately 50 recipes. With a foreword by Alice Waters, this is an inviting introduction to the slow food movement.

Click here to buy this book.

Click here to browse other books on the Slow Food Movement.

Modern Thai Food
100 Simple and Delicious Recipes from Sydney's Famous Longrain Restaurant

Martin Boetz, Sam Christie, David Thompson

Just to whet your taste buds, the famous chefs at Sydney's Longrain restaurant were serving a Yellow curry of lamb with cucumber relish and Tapioca pudding at this year's Taste Festival.

In Modern Thai Food Boetz has recreated and streamlined his recipes for the home cook. Revel in the flavours found in recipes such as Grilled Scallops with Peanut Nahm Jim, Grilled Cuttlefish & Pomelo Salad and Light Red Curry of Beef, along with lighter, fresher interpretations of such Thai classics as hot and sour soup, red and green curries, fish cakes and salads.

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  A Day El Bulli

Ferran Adrià

Melbourne became a highlight of Adrià's world tour on Sunday 8th March when he was received by his largest audience anywhere in the world. His peers Heston Blumenthal, Thomas Keller and Iñaki Aizpitarte made similar appearances at the Langham Melbourne MasterClass in March 2009.

To read more about Adrià's event click here

In A Day El Bulli, Adrià reveals the culinary secrets that have created his renowned restaurant, elBulli, on the sunny beaches of Spain. For the first time, this remarkable chef - and his menus - are showcased in a stunning book. With over 1,000 photographs, those who couldn't get a reservation can experience a 30-course meal visually, along with an insight into how it is dreamt up and  made.

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  French Lessons

Justin North

North is Executive Chef at Sydney's Bécasse. North and his partner, Georgia, founded the restaurant in 2001 with the aim of serving great modern French food and wine, at a reasonable price. Bécasse was one of the restaurants featured in the Taste Festival. To read more about the restaurant, click here.

Containing more than 300 simple recipes, French Lessons is a comprehensive and colourful volume demystifying the popular continental cuisine. A guide to essential ingredients and equipment is followed by 23 individual lessons, each based on a particular course or technique. Chapters on savouries including  stocks and soups, sauces, steaming, braising, and grilling are coupled with information on sweeter courses, such as sorbets, fruit, and chocolate.

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Feed Me Now!

Bill Granger 


We have a fabulous deal lined up for Mother's Day this year, with signed copies of Bill Granger's latest release Feed Me Now! available for $44.95 (down from the retail price of $49.95) and, just to sweeten the deal, we will throw in Susan Loomis' On Rue Tatin (valued at $24.95). This little treasure is a classic collection of recipes and stories written whilst  Loomis was living and teaching cooking classes  in regional France.

If anyone knows how to please a crowd its Bill Granger, the man behind the landmark Bill's restaurants. Bill's food is fresh, simple, healthy and delicious; it is food for people who love to eat but are short of time to cook - people with too much to do to fuss in the kitchen, and at the table, people with families and friends to feed - people just like you. Divided into quick reference chapters so you can find the meals which best suit you, Feed Me Now! is Bill Granger's seventh cookbook and gives you new ideas for breakfasts for which Bill is world famous, lunches and dinners; food for two, food for more, meals on a budget, snacks and nibbles, and meals you can freeze now, eat later. Recipes are accompanied by beautiful photography and handy kitchen tips from Bill. Destined to become a kitchen essential Feed Me Now! is Bill Granger at his best, bringing you real food you can enjoy every day.

Click here to pre-order this special offer (available April).

Granger has also just released a  paperback edition of Everyday, which of course, is much more economic than the original hardback.

Click here to buy Everyday.

A Year in My Kitchen

Skye Gyngell

As food editor for Vogue Magazine and The Independent on Sunday, and chef of the Petersham Nurseries Cafe, a magical 'town-meets-country' oasis in south west London, Gyngells refreshingly original approach to cooking yields superb results.

The recipes in this book are an absolute treasure trove of dishes especially created to make the most of ingredients at their seasonal best. Try a refreshing springtime Panade of Broad Beans with Pancetta, Mint and Ricotta, a summertime treat of Tea-Smoked Wild Salmon with Chilli Sauce, a warming Sweet Potato and Ginger soup in autumn, and a Spicy Italian Sausage with Rosemary, Chilli, Red Wine and Polenta to cheer you through the dark winter days. Simple, clean and clear flavours are the prevailing characteristics and the food sings in the mouth as well as visually on the plate. Gyngell's enthusiasm for great-tasting food is conveyed on every page, providing a constant source of inspiration.

To read an interview with Gyngell, including a range of her recipes such as Goat's Cheese and Lemon Thyme Souffle and Mint Ice Cream, click here.

Click here to buy this book.


Tetsuya Wakuda

Executive Chef at Sydney's famous Tetsuya restaurant, Tetsuya Wakuda, is a true artist. He is inspired by the ingredients native to his adopted Australia and the techniques and flavours of his birthplace Japan.

Stunning photographs of Tetsuya’s most famous dishes and insightful bits of commentary, separate recipes laid out like poetry to make this book both beautiful and functional. Without a doubt, Tetsuya would make an exciting addition to the kitchen collection of gourmets who love to cook with a variety of fresh ingredients and who want to try something truly different.

Recipes such as linguine with a Ragout of Oriental Mushrooms is simple to prepare and bursts with the rich, earthy flavour of exotic mushrooms brightened by hints of garlic, sake, mirin, tomato, and chilli. Many but not all of Tetsuya's creations are Asian influenced. There are a large number of magnificent European-style dishes, like a Salad of Sea Scallops with Asparagus and Beans, Venison with Roasted Shallots and Morels, and Granny Smith Apple Sorbet with Sauterne Jelly.

To read more about Tetsuya, click here.

Click here to buy this book


José Maréchal
Have you ever wanted to make chocolate Christmas trees? Maybe it's just me, but this book fulfils that certain dream. Fresh from the forefront of European foodie fashion, the verrine has arrived. These individual glass vessels are cleverly layered in savoury or sweet combinations to offer a unique balance of flavours and textures in a single mouthful. Maréchal is chef and partner at Café Noir in Paris' 20th Arrondissement. In his visually spectacular book, more than 60 recipes for colourful concoctions in verrines are laid out for variously crunchy, creamy, sweet, spicy, chocolaty and fruity flavours.

To see a video of the Café Noir team live in action, click here.

To see sample pages and recipes from this book, click here.

Click here to buy this book.
  Pier: A Unique Australian Seafood Experience

Gregory Allen Doyle, Grant King, Katrina Kanetani

Greg Doyle's Pier, a Sydney institution, is internationally renowned and awarded as one of Australia's finest seafood restaurants. In Pier, chefs Greg Doyle and Grant King and pastry chef Katrina Kanetani, offer 99 of the restaurant's signature dishes, using only the very best seasonal produce in innovative ways. All feature the freshness, delicacy and restraint that are hallmarks of the Pier style.

To see a video featuring Greg Doyle and the rest of his team in action at Pier in Rose Bay, click here.

To read more about Pier restaurant, click here.

Click here to buy this book.
The Allergy-Free Cookbook: More Than 150 Delicious Recipes for a Happy and Healthy Diet

Eileen Rhude Yoder

Food allergies are on the rise, and the update of this classic cookbook provides more than 180 fantastic recipes to help those with restricted diets. The book is designed to provide wholesome, satisfying meals throughout the day whilst conquering the most common food allergies. It also features tips, cooking suggestions, resources, and information about recently passed laws designed to protect consumers.

Click here to buy this book.

The Best Gluten-Free Family Cookbook

Donna Washburn and Heather Butt

The Best Gluten-Free Family Cookbook features sensational recipes for baked goods, desserts, and main meals - foods that are typically avoided in gluten-free diets. Appetising recipes include: Blueberry Orange Muffins or Loaf, Rum and Pecan Pie, Lotsa Lemon Squares, Triple Threat Chocolate, Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies, Grilled Salmon and Roasted Peppers with Fusilli, Cranberry and Wild Rice Stuffing, and Quinoa Stuffed Peppers.

Click here to buy this book.

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Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free & Dairy-Free Recipes: More Than 100 Mouth-Watering Recipes for the Whole Family

Grace Cheetham

This book features 100 easy-to-make, nutritious, mouth-watering recipes for every day. From simple breakfasts and quick lunches, to stunning recipes for dinner and entertaining, these dishes ensure that you’ll never miss out on great food again!

Click here to read more or buy this book.
Cook Yourself Thin Quick and Easy

Sophie Michell, Gizzi Erskine, Harry Eastwood and Sal Henley

Straight from the hit TV series of the same name, these four sexy chefs bring us another great collection of recipes that let us have our cake, eat it, and look gorgeous too!

It's time to ditch the cabbage soup, maple syrup and rabbit food only diets and discover the easiest, most enjoyable way to lasting weight loss...

Following the amazing success of the first book,  The Delicious Way to Drop a Dress Size, comes this brand new collection of over 120 recipes, plus fantastic tips and real life success stories. By popular demand there is an entire chapter devoted to chicken, more tempting desserts, family favourites (spag bol, chilli con carne) and lots of mouth-watering meals in minutes for the time poor among us.

Finally, a diet to savour...

Click here to read more about the TV series, including episode guides and sample recipes.

Click here to buy this book.

Click here to see the great sale price we are offering on the bestselling first book, Cook Yourself Thin: The Delicious Way to Drop a Dress Size.

The Diet Delusion

Gary Taubes

For all those who have been yearning for something more meaningful than just the 'next fad diet'. This is a compelling and insightful overview of the diet industry and its effects on both our biological and psychological well-being.

The Diet Delusion is an in-depth, scientific, ground breaking examination of what actually happens in your body as a result of what you eat, rather than what the diet industry might have you believe happens and is essential reading for anyone trying to decide which diet - low-fat or low-carbohydrate - is truly the healthy diet.

"Easily the most important book on diet and health to be published in the past one hundred years. It is clear, fast-paced and exciting to read, rigorous, authoritative..."(Richard Rhodes, winner of the Pulitzer Prize).

For years we have been deluded by the dieting industry. Now it's time to find out the truth.

Click here to buy this book.

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In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto

Michael Pollan

What to eat, what not to eat, and how to think about health: a manifesto for our times "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

Click here to read more about this book or to place your pre-order (Available in April).
  Gillian McKeith's Boot Camp Diet: The Easy Way to Lose Weight Now!

Gillian McKeith

McKeith is an internationally acclaimed holistic nutritionist and presenter of the hit TV series You Are What You Eat.

In Boot Camp Diet McKeith welcomes you to fourteen days that will turn around your diet and turn around your life. She writes: "If you are a diet procrastinator, you've got more excuses than a fifth former trying to get out of gym class or you just need a bit of motivation, you've come to the right place. My Boot Camp Diet book is a focused way of making positive long-term changes for life... This is not to be confused with a crash diet. It’s not even a diet in the conventional sense. Crash diets ask you to adopt bad food habits and restrict food intake in order to get very temporary results. My Boot Camp Diet is a diet in the new true sense of the word, whereby I want you to eat a varied abundant diet with loads of whole healthy foods. My Boot Camp Diet book will put you on the path to good food and lifestyle habits and allow you to look deep within yourself. The results are forever life-changing. I ask you to give me just 14 days and I promise you a whole new world."

Boot Camp Diet is the tenth in McKeith's long list of bestselling books, including You Are What You Eat and Gillian McKeith's Food Bible.

To browse a range of McKeith's other books, click here.

To visit McKeith's website, click here.

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Sneaky Chef to the Rescue

Missy Chase Lapine

More Simple Strategies for Getting Your Kids Eating Right; 101 all new recipes and sneaky tricks for creating healthy meals kids will love!

This New York Times bestselling author returns - this time responding directly to her readers' most pressing concerns. Legions of fans have written to her, asking for more recipes that focus on their specific family challenges. She has heard them loud and clear, and has crafted meals that are targeted to these special needs, including:
Sneaky Chef Light: Delicious recipes for kids struggling with their weight: with lower calories, lower fat - and all the taste!
Sneaky Chef for Food Allergies: For the millions of children who suffer from food allergies, here are recipes that are dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free. Sneaky Chef Celebrates: Even special days can be healthy, as the Sneaky Chef unveils recipes for birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Valentine's Day, Passover, Easter, and more!

To browse other books in the Sneaky Chef series, click here.

To visit the Sneaky Chef website, click here.

Click here to buy this book.

  Petit Appetit: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Easy, Organic Snacks, Beverages, and Party Foods for Kids of All Ages

Lisa Barnes

Barnes is founder of the Petite Appetit Company, dedicated to offering convenient and healthy  food to parents and children alike.

As kids get older, parents get busier, and they all need simple, creative, healthy ideas and recipes for school lunches, snacks, drinks and the seemingly endless round of parties, play dates, and special occasions. This all-new collection of recipes from Petit Appetit is just what they need. These nutritious, organic, and easy-to-prepare snacks, drinks, and celebration foods are the perfect alternative to processed store-bought items laden with high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, additives, and preservatives. Chef and mother Lisa Barnes’ simple, delicious recipes enable parents to think “outside the bag” (of processed chips, crackers, and cookies) and learn how to create new family favourites with healthy, organic ingredients.

Barnes has written a number of books, to browse some of her other cookbooks, click here.

To visit the Petit Appetit website, click here.

Click here to buy this book.

Ready, Steady, Spagetti: Cooking For Kids and With Kids

Lucy Broadhurst

Vibrant design and 300 colour photographs will draw both kids and adults into the kitchen in Broadhurst's clever Ready, Steady, Spaghetti.

Broadhurst makes cooking with kids easy and entertaining. Kids will fill up on fun and food with cool and exciting recipes like Spaghetti with Chicken Meatballs, Stir-Fried Chinese Vegetables, Moo Juice, Lemon Butterfly Cakes, Fairy Wands, Martian Cookies, Chocolate-Cherry Spiders, and more. She even makes preparing (and eating) vegetables a treat.

There's also a party food section that will have kids celebrating. With easy-to-follow recipes and step-by-step photos this is a kid's cookbook that will score with the big kids.

Click here to buy this book.

  Family Meals: Creating Traditions in the Kitchen

Maria Helm Sinskey

Family Meals is filled with family traditions and stories, delicious family-friendly recipes, and fun culinary projects. This is an inspiring cookbook for both parents and kids that makes being in the kitchen together fun - and delicious.

Filled with delicious, easy to prepare, made-from-scratch recipes such as Fresh Rosemary Focaccia, Corn Fritters with Lime, Chicken-Coconut Curry, and Baked Butterscotch Puddings, Family Meals is written for people of all ages.

Family Meals is much more than just a collection of recipes. Each chapter sparks curiosity about where food comes from and how the foods we love are made through culinary projects such as curing bacon, smoking salmon, and making home made ricotta cheese. This book is sure to become a staple in your kitchen.

Click here to buy this book.
Real Food for Mother and Baby

Nina Planck

Planck is one of the great food activists, she changed the way we view old-fashioned foods like butter with her ground breaking Real Food. Then she got pregnant. In Real Food for Mother and Baby, Planck explains why many modern ideas about pregnancy and infant nutrition are wrong-headed and why traditional foods are best.

Planck’s basic premise hasn’t changed — whole foods are best — but some of the details are surprising. Pregnant women need meat and salt, not iron supplements. Nursing will be easier if you act like the mammal you are. Delaying the introduction of certain solid foods doesn’t prevent allergies. With these tips and more, Planck shows you how to keep your baby healthy on good, simple food.

Click here to buy this book.
  The Credit Crunch Cookbook

The credit crisis has put a lot of strain on the weekly shop and eating well, especially where those with families to feed are concerned. The Credit Crunch Cookbook is a vital tool that shows you how to creatively use cheaper ingredients and leftovers to produce wonderful meals for any occasion. And when you feel the urge to order your favourite take-away, The Credit Crunch Cookbook shows you how to make your favourite international dishes at home. With hundreds of delicious recipes and expert advice helping to save both your wallet and the planet, The Credit Crunch Cookbook will keep you and your family filled to the gills so that you will soon need to loosen your belts while everyone around you tightens theirs!

Click here to buy this book.
  Betty Crocker Party Cookbook

Betty Crocker
This faithful reproduction of Betty Crocker's Party Book will be a treat for anyone who lived through the 1960s - or wished they had! Readers will find detailed plans for more than 30 different parties, including themed birthday celebrations (such as a space-age adventure party and Cinderella party), holiday get-togethers (for Christmas, Halloween, and more), and wedding-related events (like a bridal shower and an anniversary party). The accompanying recipes - including blueberry coffee cake, pineapple chicken, brownie s'mores, and Easter bunny cake - are as tasty today as they were back in the sixties. Complete with craft ideas (such as how to make a gilded fruit centrepiece), this book would make a perfect gift.

Click here to buy this book.

Nicola Graimes


An authoritative, fully illustrated guide to the essential ingredients for good health, with practical advice on choosing, preparing and cooking wholefoods.

Over 100 appetising vegetarian recipes, from breakfasts and brunches to main meals, side dishes and salads, as well as desserts, breads and other baked dishes.

Includes essential facts about the healing powers of health-giving foods and their traditional healing uses.

Click here to buy this book.

  The Organic Kitchen

Paul Waddington


A cook's guide to natural ingredients packed full of delicious recipes and hundreds of instructional photographs.

Explanations why organic ingredients offer the best health choices, with practical advice on buying, storing and cooking.

Simply delicious step-by-step recipes that make the most of seasonal organic cooking, including soups, salads, meat, poultry and fish dishes as well as tempting desserts and bakes.

Click here to buy this book.

Seasoned Vegetarian

Simon Rimmer

Rimmer is one of Britain's most popular vegetarian chefs, featuring on Great British Menu and Making a Meal of It. Building on the success of The Accidental Vegetarian and The Rebel Cook, this book contains recipes that are accessible to even the novice cook and tasty enough to satisfy the most experienced home cook. This book contains recipes that are accessible to even the novice cook and are tasty enough to satisfy the experienced home cook. It offers over 100 vegetarian recipes and is suitable for vegetarians who wish to eat seasonally and people who buy veg boxes or enjoy cooking vegetarian food for health reasons.

To read an interview with Simon Rimmer, including a range of sample recipes, click here.

Click here to buy this book.

Click here to browse other books by Simon Rimmer.
  The Face On Your Plate

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

If you weren't vegetarian before, you certainly will  be after this. Not for the faint-hearted, Masson's revelatory work, shows how food affects our moral selves, our health and the environment. As a psycho-analyst, Masson uses all his scientific and psychological expertise to raise the questions that make us conscious of the decisions behind every bite we take: like the effect eating animals has on our land, waters, even global warming, what the results of farming practices are on animals and humans, and how the health of animals affects the health of our planet and our bodies.  This book looks at how denial keeps us from recognising the animal at the end of our fork - think pig, not bacon - and investigates each culture's distinctions among animals considered food and those that are forbidden.  The Face on Your Plate will be a pivotal book of the food revolution.

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Click here to browse this book as an audiobook.
Healthy Life: Low Fat Barbeque

Madeline Weston

                        IN STOCK

Expert advice on lighting and cooking over the barbecue, as well as information on preparing healthy fat-free food. This book provides a wealth of ideas to choose from.

Over 250 stunning colour photographs  making it easy to identify ingredients and methods, with clear step-by-step instructions to help you prepare each recipe to perfection.

Click here to buy this book.

  The Great Aussie Bloke's Cookbook

Kim Terakes


According to Kim Terakes, when it comes to cooking, things should be simple. He wants food that tastes great, makes him look good and doesn't take all day and numerous trips to the shops to prepare.

With over 120 recipes, this is a book for every man: the 20-year-old who's just left home; the family man whose wife is busy running a small nation; or the sports fiend wanting to feed his mates while watching a Significant Sporting Event on the TV. This book would make a perfect gift for any man who isn't afraid of getting into the kitchen.

Click here to buy this book.

Pressure Cooker Recipe Book

Suzanne Gibbs

Gibbs is daughter of the indomitable Margaret Fulton, and Food Director of the BBC Good Food Australia magazine. In this book she shows us how to use a pressure cooker to create slow-cooked flavour in a fast-paced world. The food is cooked in liquid at high temperatures, which shortens cooking time by up to 70 per cent. Because the method seals in flavour and nutrition, cheaper ingredients can be used to great effect. Learn how to cook an osso bucco in 25 minutes, a chicken tagine in 15 minutes and a delicious bread and butter pudding in 20 minutes. The Pressure Cooker Recipe Book is a must-have guide for anyone balancing the constraints of time and money with a desire to create delicious healthy meals for themselves, their friends and their families.

Click here to browse other books on using your slow cooker.

Click here to browse a selection of other books Gibbs has authored or co-authored.

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  Fish: Cook's Kitchen Reference Series

Kate Whiteman

60% OFF Original Price

This essential guide features information on every type of fish and shellfish from salmon  to sea urchins (and a recipe on how to cook sea urchins, just in case you were wondering). Full-colour photographic identification guides, information about the seasonal habitats and nutritional benefits of different kinds of seafood are also featured.

Fish explains how to choose the very best in your seafood, and to undertake proper preparation and cooking techniques. All the usual favourites are included, such as tuna, salmon, shrimp, lobster, and oysters.

Click here to buy this book.

This book is one in a series, other titles in the series include:

Eggs     60% OFF Original Price
                 IN STOCK
Onions  60% OFF Original Price
                 IN STOCK

Click here to browse the whole series.
500 Bento Lunches : 500 Unique Recipes for Brilliant Bento

Korero Books

Intended for various bento box enthusiasts or beginners, this title includes 500 recipes including organic, sustainable bento recipes, from traditional Japanese to modern.

Created by a range of contributing artists, chefs and health food experts, 500 Bento Boxes has been designed as a range of beautifully presented home-packed lunches with small portions of varied delicious foods. The book builds upon traditional Japanese techniques, fitting perfectly into a contemporary, healthy foodie diet. Organic, sustainable modern bento recipes are included, as well as more traditional style recipes to suit the whole whole family's taste. With 500 recipes, stunningly photographed, vibrantly presented, and easy-to-follow instructions, this is the perfect cookbook for a busy lifestyle.

Click here to buy this book.

  Chinese Cookery

Ken Hom

The comprehensive guide from the world's best-selling Chinese cook.  These classic dishes have been passed down from generation to generation and follow the Chinese rules of balance to ensure a harmony of colour, texture, aroma and flavour. Recipes include old favourites such as Cashew Chicken, and Sichuan Prawns in Chilli Sauce as well as new recipes from the kitchens of Hong Kong and Taiwan such as Steamed Salmon with Black Beans and Mango Chicken. Chinese Cookery is beautiful, authentic and clear, and remains one of the most popular and inspirational Chinese cookbooks ever published.

To visit Ken Hom's website, including recipes and information on cookware, click here.

To browse a range of other Ken Hom books, click here.

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Everyday Indian: 100 Fast, Fresh and Healthy Recipes

Bal Arneson

Classic and contemporary Indian cuisine with a healthy focus. This new cookbook introduces a modern concept in Indian cuisine - dishes that can be prepared in less than 25 minutes. Indian food is simple, quick and delicious with dishes like: Bal's no-butter chicken, Baked samosas and,  Lamb kebabs with Thai-Indian fusion sauce and Whole wheat naan bread.

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  Easy Mediterranean: Simple Recipes from Sunny Shores

Easy Mediterranean takes you on a culinary tour through southern France, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece, Turkey and beyond. In Soups and Salads, find classic Bouillabaisse and Gazpacho, Meat and Poultry brings together Greek Chicken Stifado and French Cassoulet. Pasta, Bread and Pizza are also an unmissable part of Mediterranean cooking, from Sicilian Spaghetti to a Turkish Pizza Turnover.

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Planet Cake

Paris Cutler

We have already seen copies of this stunning book and have been gob smacked by its range of ideas, worthy of a collaboration between Willy Wonka and Gaudi. The fine presentation and bursting colour of the photographs made our mouths water and our eyes twinkle as we flicked through the pages!

Planet Cake is a beautiful and funky beginners cake-decorating book that is written like a course, with learning outcomes, materials lists, equipment, step-by-step photography, instructions and hints. The book covers a range of popular cake designs for both sexes and all ages. The designs are fresh, vibrant and often whimsical, not traditional. The 28 designs include cupcakes and handbags, shoes, present boxes, tyres, pirates, lollipops, make-up boxes, turntables, trains, ice creams and rockets.

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Divine Heavenly Chocolate Recipes with a Heart

Linda Collister

The Divine Chocolate recipe book is an unashamedly gorgeous celebration in recipes and pictures of the wonderful chocolate produced by the Divine Chocolate Company - chocolate made from the cocoa beans supplied by the Kuapa Kokoo farmers of Ghana, part owners of the Divine Chocolate Company. Samples of heavenly chocolate delights include: Chocolate Macaroons, Swedish Chocolate Fingers, White Chocolate Strawberry Cream Cake, Double Chocolate Pretzels, Upside Down Sticky Pear Pudding and Roast Venison with Chocolate Sauce.

The book is printed by one of the world's leading print companies on superior quality 130gsm matt-coated art paper, stitched and cased, gold-blocked on the case, with head and tail bands fixed and with a coloured bookmark ribbon attached.

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  Dolce! 300 Indulgent Desserts by La Cucina Italiana

Have you ever walked past a bakery window and wished you could make those glazed tortes, fruit-filled tartlets and colourful mousses at home? What about the soufflés, sorbets and layered semi-freddos? Or the gorgeous decorations of caramelised fruit and chocolate that garnish restaurant desserts? This book contains all the secrets and invaluable tips you need to make delicious desserts and sweets, from the most classic recipes to modern, innovative variations.

To visit the La Cucina Italiana website,  including recipes, ingredients guides and glossaries, click here.

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Easy Desserts

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Coffee and Bites

There is a huge range of coffee beans available, all with different flavours and qualities. This means that there is a coffee out there for everybody, and Coffee & Bites aims to help you find it. Coffee & Bites features a selection of delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes, both savoury and sweet, designed to complement the comforting and welcoming aroma of coffee.

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500 Places for Food and Wine Lovers

Holly Hughes

Covering food festivals, farmer's markets, cooking schools, street food, wineries, wine trails, and restaurant wine lists - as well as the world's best restaurants in several price ranges and categories throughout the world -  the book also includes contact and Web site information, plus details on accommodation and services to help with trip-planning.

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James Halliday's Wine Atlas of Australia new edition


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  Wine Diet

Roger Corder

Experts sometimes claim that wine drinkers are generally healthier and often live longer, that they have less heart disease and diabetes, and are less likely to suffer from dementia in old age. Is this the wine, their diet or their lifestyle? The Wine Diet contains the very latest ground breaking research from an internationally renowned scientist and his team. Enjoy 40 delicious new recipes and benefit from the author's practical cooking tips and eating plans.

Roger Corder is Professor of Experimental Therapeutics in the William Harvey Research Institute at Barts.

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