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November 2009 | Edition Four
Dear readers and diners,

Hold onto your socks in November because this is a rollicking roller-coaster of a month in both the book and the culinary worlds! As always, we have hand-picked each title featured here and taken 20% off because we believe they are the very best new releases you will find in the epicurean world right now - but the discount is only for a limited time - so get in quick!

Like a good tasting plate, in this newsletter there is something to sate every desire. Whether you have a hankering for crunchy-fresh produce (go straight to Stephanie Alexander's latest treasure); are craving for sweet-soft baked delights (you will want Manna from Heaven and Rose's Heavenly Cakes); are just ravenous but don't want to bust the waistline (The Gut Foundation Cookbook is ideal); or need to feed the hungry hoard at home in less than no time (Express Cook is the one for you).

If, like me, you have been completely engrossed by the wealth of culinary entertainment we are being treated to at the moment, you will be interested in Jamie Oliver's new book Jamie's America, three new Masterchef books, Luke Nguyen's tour of Vietnam and Paul Mercurio's exploration of Australia. There is also a wealth of fantastic titles associated with the International Food Festival that hit our shores in October, including the 2010 Foodies' Guides and Good Food Guides.

Choosing a pick of the month out of this list is like choosing a favourite child, but under duress I would have to say one from a childhood hero, She's Leaving Home, and Thai Street Food, for the taste that feels like an overseas holiday.

Enjoy the selection,

Karen Coleman
Food and Drink Editor
by Stephanie Alexander (who else?)

This is without a doubt my new favourite cookbook. Alexander arranges her fruit and veg in alphabetical order and provides information on how to plant, grow, cook and eat each of them - all in stunning Stephanie style. Since opening the Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder, Alexander has been working with Collingwood College to develop a Kitchen Garden that teaches children about where their food comes from. In 2004 she established the non-profit Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation to expand her model into other primary schools. In this book, she now furthers the project into Australian homes. She provides intricate details on how to build all sorts of home gardens, from those dug into the ground, above the ground, and on apartment balconies, as well as how to create your own compost, and adds so many more useful tips. Her wealth of knowledge, in both the kitchen and garden, shines through. As a result of her experiences, her advice is geared towards planting and cooking with kids - making the process all the more fun for big kids too!

The book jacket to this edition is an amazing textile, dyed vibrant red. Alexander often acknowledges where her recipes have come from, including such headline names as Greg Malouf and Kylie Kwong - but I think we would all admit that Alexander really has been adopted as a collective Aussie grandmother. This is THE Christmas cooking present of the year - give it to yourself, or if you can stand it, someone else.

Click here to read Booktopia's exclusive Q&A with Alexander herself, and to see inside this book. Also, click here to see Alexander's Website or click here to browse the Kitchen Garden Foundation website.

If you are really interested in building a garden at home, you should also check out Don Burke's latest book, Organic.

Click here to buy this Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Companion:
RRP $125.00, Booktopia Price $99.99

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing approach has revolutionised the way in which we think about our waistlines, what goes into our mouths, how our bodies move and how we feel. The authors of this new volume bring a wealth of expertises including child and and adolescent health, clinical research, pyschology, nutrition and child weight management. Together they make a formidable team of five women! Their regime encourages not only healthy eating, but actively leading and monitoring your child's level of exercise - they provide details on appropriate activity levels for all ages of children, and contrast it with 'screen' time. Vegetable taste challenges are launched, helping you discover your child's fibre-full taste preferences, and a range of easy vegetable mains and sides made for colourful eating. There are chapters on revolutionising the lunch box, dinner table and snacks - not to mention a range of really smashing desserts. Apart from endorsing educated and proactive parenting, the most encouraging element of this lifestyle is that parents act as role models. The ethos emerges that hand-in-hand, families are encouraged to live happier, healthier lives together - something that sounds like a gold-mine of fun to me.

Click here to see inside this book.

Click here to buy the CSIRO Wellbeing Plan for Kids:
RRP $34.95, Booktopia price $27.95
Paul Mercurio

For all the people writing about their culinary journeys, it is a real delight to see someone taking one around Australia. And who better than our beloved dancing man with the twinkling eyes, Paul Mercurio? Taken from his adventures shooting the TV show, this collection of travel stories and recipes in regional Australia and New Zealand is arranged by state, describing exactly who gave him the recipe, or where he got the inspiration for it and how he tried to recreate a range of tastes experienced along the way. Magical Mercurio offers alternatives for seasonal produce and cheaper (less gourmet) approaches to his dream-creations, for instance, goat burgers could become lamb or eggplant and capsicum. The piccys are of particular delight - the food, the landscapes and Mercurio enjoying both of them!

Click here to see inside this book.

Click here to buy Mercurio's Menu:
RRP $34.95, Booktopia price $27.96

THE COMFORT TABLE: Everyday Occasions

Katie Lee Joel

Billy Joel's better half brings together this festive collection of hospitable menus to suit all occasions. Very specially, she includes music suggestions for each course.

Click here to buy The Comfort Table:
RRP $39.99, Booktopia Price $31.99
Available in December
  Gordon Ramsay

Alright, I have a confession to make. Until now, I have been a Ramsay virgin. The infamous F-worder has never yet captured by imagination, but I have to say this time he might have just won me over. In one book, Ramsay takes us on a globe-trotting tour of culinary favourites. Does your mood call for Italian, Chinese, French - you name it. With his own twinge on each, Ramsay pulls together all our most popular dishes from the variety of countries we most love to escape to through our food. His information is detailed and enlightening on each - for instance his moussaka breaks free of the authentic Greek method with the inclusion of grated cheddar. Sorted by region, each includes starters, mains and desserts, and a special section on mastering specific techniques, such as wrapping steamed dumplings, for which his tip is: 'patience, time and practice', to make it worth your while you may as well 'make a large batch so that you can freeze some for another meal'. The book also includes information on staple ingredients and a feature page for each region providing five great ways in which to enjoy them. Try Middle Eastern, Thai, Indian, Spanish, Greek or even British and American - the latter of which is, Ramsay declares, 'not for the faint-hearted', though I would defy anyone to say no to his Mississippi Mud Pie, made with good-quality chocolate rather than cocoa powder, as is commonly used by American home cooks...

Click here to see inside this book.

Click here to buy Gordon Ramsay's World Kitchen:
RRP $49.95, Booktopia price $39.96
Bill Granger

This 10 year-anniversary celebratory edition of Bill's first classic cookbook has been updated for collectors. Featuring iconic Sydney photography, a fresh new hardback and slipcase, this book will make a beautiful gift or souvenir for visitors to Sydney. Bill's Sydney Food contains all the must-have recipes from the man's original restaurant in inner-city Darlinghurst - his signature scrambled eggs, ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter, and delicious chocolate chip cookies. His hallmark fresh, simple, healthy and delicious approach creates food that is for people who love to eat but are short on time - a no-fuss approach to the kitchen and table that allows you to focus on the people you want to share it with.

Click here to see inside this book.

Click here to buy Bill's Sydney Food: Collector's Edition
RRP: $49.95, Booktopia Price $39.95
When I Get Home
Matt Moran
RRP: $49.95, Booktopia Price $39.96
Available December

Click here to see inside this book.
  Huey's Bloody Good Recipes
Iain Hewitson
RRP: $49.95, Booktopia Price $39.96

Click here to see inside this book.
 Food Safari
Maeve O'Mara
RRP: $55.00,
Booktopia Price $43.99

Click here to see inside this book.
The Sydney October food festival has just been and gone, and though I know only Sydneysiders could partake of the delectable events on offer, that is no reason for the rest of the nation to have missed out! Below I have highlighted some of the books written by those national and international stars of the festival; click here to go the Festival website and read more about them and their restaurants.

Also click here to see a list of past bestselling titles from chefs featured in the Festival.

Luke Nguyen

Written whilst shooting SBS's new series Vietnam, featuring Nyugen, The Songs of Sapa is the story of his travels through Vietnam, discovering his ancestor's culinary traditions. Nyugen's previous book, Secrets of the Red Lantern, was an intimate story of Nguyen's family and the restaurant he created with his sister and brother-in-law in Sydney. In this new book he writes about his experiences meeting extended family and friends, being invited into the homes of locals and learning techniques straight from the chefs in the land in which they were invented. The book tours Vietnam, starting in the northwest villages and hills around Sapa, exploring the roots of traditional cooking. He then moves south in Hanoi, where hybrid French-Vietnamese cuisine comes to the fore. He discovers the imperial style of Hue, famed cau lau noodles in Hoi An, and simple seafood dishes along the coast of Nha Trang and Quy Nhon. Finally he finds himself in Saigon and is greeted with open arms by his family. This beautiful travel log whisks you belly first into another time and place - all from the comfort of home!

Click here to see Secrets of the Red Lantern, Nguyen's family memoir and collection of recipes from his Sydney restaurant The Red Lantern.

Click here to read Booktopia's exclusive interview with Nguyen.

Click here to read more about SBS's new series Vietnam launched this month.

Click here to buy The Songs of Sapa:
RRP: $69.95, Booktopia Price: $55.96
I know that to be writing these two in the same review I will be reigniting an age old rivalry: Melbournians claim that they have found the nourishment capital of the nation, Sydneysiders will argue that their shores feature the pick of fresh and plentiful produce found within our coasts. Either way, we are certainly blessed with some great variety and quality to choose from. The authors of these guides have scoured their relative cities, seeking out the best coffee, creme brulee, mozzarella, sour dough, seafood, fruit and veg - just to get you started. Whether you're doing the Saturday shop or are out for a treat, take these as your guide.

Click here to read an extract from The Foodies' Guide to Melbourne.

Click here to read all about The Foodies' Guide to Melbourne on its authors' website.

Click here to buy The Foodies' Guide to Sydney or The Foodies' Guide to Melbourne:
RRP: $29.95, Booktopia Price: $23.96
Also, don't miss The Foodies' Diary 2010.

Of course, this newsletter wouldn't be complete without a reminder that the Sydney and Melbourne Good Food Guides are available now and ready to ship!

Click here to buy Sydney and Melbourne Good Food Guides:  RRP: $29.95 Booktopia Price $23.96

And for all those not living in our two biggest cities, we have also discounted the Courier Mail Food and Wine Guide to Queensland 2010:
RRP $26.95, Booktopia price $21.55
Fritz Gubler, David Glynn and Raewyn Glynn

Click here to buy: Great, Grand and Famous Chefs and Their Signature Dishes
RRP: $49.99
Booktopia Price: $39.96

Click here to see inside this book.
  Allan Campion and Michele Curtis

Click here to buy In the Kitchen:
RRP: $59.95, Booktopia Price: $47.96

Click here to see inside this book.
All of us who sit with baited breath at 7.30 on a Wednesday (oh - and just a note on the side - is there anyone who actually wanted Miss Ferocious Universe to whip the two docile blokes to death the week before last?)... We are all in for a very special treat this Christmas: three masterful books from the creators of the show.
George Calombaris

All gloves off here: Calombaris is by far my favourite judge  on Masterchef- he's warm, personable, the kind of guy I would genuinely be thrilled to meet in the kitchen, after having had a comfortable, soulfully satisfying meal in his restaurant. This book gives Calombaris a chance to open up about his family history, his restaurant and his approach to life and reveals just how deep that unassuming air he gives on the Masterchef show goes. This one's a good egg: he just wants quality food to share with family and friends, when its all said and done. Oh,  and it must be mentioned - this is amazing Greek food!

Click here to see sample pages from the book.

Click here to buy Greek Cooking from the Hellenic Heart:
RRP $50.00, Booktopia Price: $39.99
Masterchef Australia

The official companion of the Masterchef series - this book collects recipes from 20 finalists including controversial invention tests (like Chris' 'beeramisu') and extra behind-the-scenes stories and tips. A must for Christmas stockings.

Click here to see inside this book.

Click here to buy MasterChef Australia The Cookbook Volume 1:
RRP: $39.95, Booktopia Price: $31.96
Available in December
  Matt Preston

He's the Dicko of our culinary entertainment world: the man we love to fear. If, like me, you have been struggling to see the man behind the cravat, you might be interested in this fabulous article he wrote about touring the world top five restaurants.

Also, click here to read an extract from the book.

Click here to buy Cravat-a-Licious:
RRP: $34.95, Booktopia Price: $27.96

Matt Preston was also a guest at the Sydney International Food Festival.
David Thompson

This book is so divine it is difficult to tell whether it is an art book or a cooking book. The images are so fabulous you will swear you have walked off the plane and into Thailand when you fall into this book. You walk down the streets, greet passers-by, are invited into their homes, take meals with them, and then wander outside to the side walks, watching those at work as they prepare food, stretch noodles, catch fish and transport cargo on their bikes. Thompson starts with morning food, snacks mainly, deep fried and hand-held delectables, before launching into noodles for noon. Thompson evocatively describes the times of day, such as midday when 'covers are drawn, lights are dimmed, cats sleep and stallholders snooze'. The pages of this book are glossy for the recipes and matted for the dalliances onto the streets and this is a huge book, larger than A3 when open - I don't want to overstate it, but the overall effect is dazzling.

For each recipe Thompson gives the Thai name and history of the dish for example 'Pat Thai' emerged in 1930s and 40s under the military regime of Phibun who established a competition to get people eating noodles - and it was the winner. Now very popular with both Westerners and Thais, it is distinguished from Chinese noodles by its nutty, lemon taste. The addition of prawns is a gentrified version of the authentic original (which makes you realise why you are paying the extra $3.50 for them on a Friday night!).

Much of the book features seafood, especially curries and rice dishes. Chicken and beef certainly make a play, as do sweets involving many versions of coconut and banana. Beware: this is not your make-it-quick-and-easy book, this is your escape-to-a-far-away-place book, and I suggest you invite your best loved friends over to indulge in the wonder of the experience with you. Look out for moments featuring delicacies of the night, stir fries made to order, whole fish, soups, Chinatown, BBQ pork, dessert puddings, custards and sticky rice. In the final pages there is an index of all the photography, including what it is an image of. I simply can't rave enough!

Click here to see sample recipes and photographs from this book.

David Thompson also appeared at the Sydney International Food Festival, click here to read more.

Click here to buy Thai Street Food: RRP: $100.00, Booktopia Price: $79.99

If this tickled your fancy, you might also be interested in:


Chan Chen Hei

Oh, the pages of this book make me want to lick my fingers! All your favourite yum cha (or as Americans say, dim sum) recipes including pork buns, steamed vegie dumplings, prawn rolls, flaky egg pastries, custard tarts and green tea fried balls... need I say more? At times the descriptions on method and ingredients can be on the minimal side, but essentially this is a treasure trove of ideas. Even some of the more adventurous flavours are included such as beef tongue and black sesame.

Click here to buy: Dim Sum
RRP: $29.95, Booktopia Price: $23.96
For two fabulous guides on South-East Asian cuisine and its native regions, try:

Click here to buy The Complete Indonesian Cookbook:
RRP: $34.95, Booktopia Price: $26.40

Click here to buy The Complete Malaysian Cookbook:
RRP: $34.95, Booktopia Price: $26.40
  Frank Camorra and Richard Cornish

I tell you what, if food can be sexy, Frank Camorra knows how to make it sway. In that oh-so-enticing way that Spaniards have of making you forget the time of day or things to do... No, I must focus. In this book Camorra visits his extended family in Spain to get some inspiration on how to eat and live - and lucky for us he brings it back to Australia to share!

Click here and here to see some sample pages from the book and click here to read Booktopia's exclusive interview with Camorra.

Movida Rustica
Retail Price: $59.95, Booktopia Price: $47.95

Rose Gray, Ruth Rogers

Straight from the banks of the Thames, London, the owners of this most classic of restaurants (which can claim the likes of Jamie Oliver as its alumni) comes this collection of simple, seasonal recipes.

Click here to see sample pages from this book.

The River Cafe Classic Italian Cookbook:
Retail Price: $59.95, Booktopia Price: $47.99

Tessa Kiros

This beautiful gold embossed edition instantly seduces you into a world of gondolas, marble statues, sandstone buildings, painted masks, colourful jewels, trumpeting markets, and Renaissance paintings. Its gold-tipped pages are filled iwith mages of the drinks, snacks and stories you will find along the way and delicate matted envelopes to help you keep your own treasured memories safe. Also included are recipes for pasta, delicate postcards, and spaces to note down your most remembered adventures, observations and contacts. Even make notes of your important personal details, such as size of hat, shirt, glove, make of watch, favourite meal and song... Get this book just to make you feel like you have gone on holiday!

Click here to buy Venetian Journal
RRP $39.95, Booktopia Price: $31.95


Monica Trapaga

One of my childhood idols has written a book!! Monica from play school has written a manual for her daughter Lil (who is leaving home) and in it she includes recipes from her grandmother, mother, Lil's childhood friends, their travels and favourite best-loved cookbooks. The culmination is a collection of family and friends' advice from years of cooking and eating together. The Trapaga family, being Spanish, draws much of that nation's tradition for her inspiration, but many of her dishes are also inspired by English, Chinese and other regional cuisines. Plus - and do not go past it - there is an entire section on cheesecakes!

But wait, I can go on... the collage design of this book is stunning - like a scrapbook of buttons, fabric and drawings straight from the set of play school but with a professional designer's hand thrown in. The recipes are an ultimate collection of staples for any home kitchen - family satisfaction and entertaining ideas guaranteed. Dips, meatballs, perfect peaches and pears are all accompanied the by stories that make them special: for instance the mother who baked a fourth birthday cake as an exact replica of the emerald city including tiny yellow bricks for Dorothy and Toto to stand on!

Take Oscar Wilde's advice on this one: temptation is best resisted by yielding to it.

Click here to buy She's Leaving Home
RRP $49.95, Booktopia Price: $39.95
There is nothing quite like the smell of bread fresh from the oven - unless it is the taste as you bite through that first crusty shell. Here I give you two of the very best books released on the subject this year.

The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method

Jim Lahey

Selected by the Gourmet Book Club, this book features not only no-knead sweet and savoury breads (that do not require a bread-making machine), but will also reveal all the secrets to great pizza toppings, sandwich fillings and how to use stale bread.

Click here to buy My Bread:
RRP $44.95, Booktopia Price: $35.95
  Bread to Get Your Teeth Into

Richard Bertinet

Including an instructional DVD with Bertinet's most treasured tips for kneading, shaping and baking, this book goes into all the details of every type of bread you could want. Including sweet pastries, salty pretzels, sandwich bagels, sourdoughs, seeded, even sushi breads - and the individual tips for each that make crusty miracles in your mouth.

Click here to buy Crust:
RRP $49.95, Booktopia Price: $39.95
Well this is ingenious. 700 after work ideas, but instead of flipping through the cook book searching for something that will satisfy your tastebuds, energy levels and nutrition needs, this rationalises down the selection to a flow chart: for example, every chocolate recipe - sorted by preparation time (10, 20 and 30 mins). A picture of the recipe is provided, to tempt you, and the page number where you will find the recipe. Each essential ingredient is sorted in this manner, before menu planners introduce an assortment of entertaining options and count down your time in preparing each step: at 60 mins out, prepare the starter and leave to marinate, at 45 mins prepare the dessert and the dressing for the salad, leave to refrigerate, at 30 mins chop all the ingredients for the main, at 15 mins throw all the main ingredients in the pot and let stew - fabulous! Each recipe comes with freezing information and options for variations and healthier alternatives (and the effects on these techniques on the dish). It might not be as pretty as some of your other cookbooks, but it is a great deal more practical.

Click here to buy Express Cook:
RRP $60.00, Booktopia Price: $47.99
Natalie Savona

Take one juicer and one good fruit store, add this book and you have yourself every juice you could ever imagine. They are not kidding this book is really big, there are 405 juices, guides for what to eat for what ailment, nutrition details and how to recognise ripe ingredients.

Click here to see inside this book.

Click here to buy The Big Book of Juices:
RRP $39.99, Booktopia Price: $31.99

Or, if you're off the health kick and are still enjoying drinks more attune to the races, try The Big Book of Cocktails. Click here to see inside.
  Antony Worrall Thompson and Jane Suthering

It turns out you can do every part of a meal on the barbecue - appetisers, salads, desserts - try this for a meal: grilled asparagus in crispy prosciutto, oriental chicken thighs, roast tomatoes stuffed with garlic ricotta and finished with grilled maple macadamia pears... Sound good? There's plenty more in here to keep you going through Summer.

Click here to buy Barbecues and Grilling:
RRP $24.99, Booktopia Price: $19.99

Terry Bolin and Geraldine Georgeou

Edited by the President of and a dietitian working with The Gut Foundation this collection of recipes from Australia's top chefs is geared towards the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases by educating Australians about the roles fibre, fat, carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals play in governing our health. The delectable assortment includes Neil Perry's original bircher muesli, Steven Snow's piri piri prawns, Philip Johnson's open ravioli with artichoke, tomato, basil, goat's cheese and olives and Elise Pascoe's Apples stuffed with amaretti. Avoiding cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity never sounded so delicious did it?!

Click here to buy The Gut Foundation Cookbook:
RRP $39.99, Booktopia Price $31.99


Delicious Meatless Recipes That Will Change the Way You Eat

Tal Ronnen

Vegetarian food that celebrity chefs would be proud to serve! The ultimate combination for those with health and dietary ailments who do not want to give up on taste and style on their plates.

Click here to buy The Conscious Cook:
RRP: $59.99 Booktopia price $47.96
Don Burke

Oh - our national hero! Everything you could want to know about planting and cultivating your own produce from every garden. No more needs to be said.

Click here to see inside this book.

Click here to buy Organic
RRP $29.95, Booktopia Price: $23.95

If you liked this, you might also like: Vegie Patch by Alan Buckingham
RRP: $49.95, Booktopia Price: $39.95
Click here to see inside this book.
  Jenny Ferguson

Arranged month-by-month this delightful memoir style journal discusses everything from plants and flowers to meandering thoughts on how gardeners work and useful recipes that come to mind. Amongst the stunning photographs of landscapes, cakes and flowers there are spaces for 'little garden thoughts' to be noted down.

Click here to buy A Year in My Garden
RRP $59.95, Booktopia Price: $47.95

Rose Levy Beranbaum

This is my new bible. This master of sweet delights knows everything there is to know about baking, decoration, sugaring, creating confection... She can tell you how to layer a wedding cake, make a fruit cake moist, whip a fluffy ganache or shape a rose from your icing. You will also find storage information for each type of baked good, whether it is in the fridge, freezer or air temperature. Several quantities are given for each recipe, to tailor for both home and entertainment situations, and each technique (including those that change as quantities change) is explained in simple terms that will have the baker in you chomping at the bit to give it a go! This one is a a brilliant Christmas idea for that culinary creative in your life.

Click here to buy Rose's Heavenly Cakes:
RRP $59.95, Booktopia Price: $47.95
Rachel Grisewood

Designed like the headings and contents have been written in pencil, and that there has been flour spilled on the pages, the woman behind Marickville's famous sweets, cakes and biscuits store has created a book that gives the feel it has come straight from her kitchen - and it comes with love! Amongst the recipes there is something of everything, from boeuf bourguignon and duck liver pate to black forest gateau (Heston Blumenthal style - ie like tasting it for the first time).
Best are her cakes, cookies and pastries (try the smartie macaroons) though there is certainly plenty else on offer. There is not usually a long list of ingredients to deal with and the fluoro coloured pages enliven you with inspiration to give food to the people you love.

Click here t
o read Booktopia's exclusive Q&A with Rachel Grisewood (including a recipe!). Click here to see some sample pages.

Click here to buy
Manna From Heaven:
RRP: $59.99, Booktopia Price $47.99

Max Brenner

Any genuine sweet tooth will not want to miss out on Max Brenner's spectacular new book celebrating a entire culture of chocolate.

Click here to buy Chocolate: A Love Story
RRP: $45.00, Booktopia Price $36.00

Susan McQuillan

Martha Stewart, Jamie Oliver, Rachael Ray - some of the biggest names in the celebrity chef world have come together to create this healthy kids cookbook.

Click here to see inside this book.

Click here to buy Sesame Street "C" is for Cooking:
RRP $29.95, Booktopia Price: $23.95
  Antonia Kidman and Julie Wood

Julie Wood will be appearing in six episodes of the ABC TV series ‘Can We Help?’ before Christmas talking about... you guessed it, childrens’ fussy eating habits. She is a natropath, nutritionist and mother of two and teams up with Antonia Kidman (mother of four) in this gem.

Click here to buy Feeding Fussy Kids:
RRP$35.00, Booktopia Price: $27.99

Jeremy Oliver

The 13th edition of this bestselling handy-sized guide.

Click here to buy The Australian Wine Annual 2010
RRP: $29.95, Booktopia Price: $23.95
  Hugh Johnson and Stephen Brook

Johnson is a living treasure, able to open up the subtleties and pleasures of wine.

Click here to buy Hugh Johnson's Wine Companion
RRP: $79.99, Booktopia Price: $63.99

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Jamie Oliver

Touring America is an epic journey for Jamie. Think narratives of the wild west and characters from Gone With the Wind - well, not quite. In six trips he discovers the carnival culture of Louisiana, native American cooking in Arizona, immigrant restaurants on the outer-bounds of society in New York, a barbecue competition in Georgia... the list goes on. This was an enormous challenge, but I think Oliver has managed to do the impossible: truly engage with a people and a culture that have become so beyond stereotype in our minds. If you don't believe me, check out this trailer on the Channel Ten website. If you have been watching the bucking bull of a TV series, you will have already seen the moment he hunts and strips an alligator for cooking (Irwin style). The book features superb photography, wine suggestions and finer versions of baby back ribs, Waldorf salad and hamburgers.

Click here to see sample pages and recipes from this book.

To read more about the book and Jamie, including a Q&A with the man himself, click here.

Click here to buy Jamie's America:
RRP $65.00, Booktopia price: $51.99


Pick up these two classic titles now in paperback!

Nigella Express:
RRP $49.95, Booktopia price: $39.96

Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone:
RRP: $35.00, Booktopia price: $27.99


Julia Child

See the movie, read the book, cook the food and eat it! Julie and Julia is based on the memoir of Julie Child, a food revolutionary of the 1950s, who single-handedly awakened America to gourmet food with her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking and television show The French Chef. Landing in France in 1948, she trained herself in French culture, buying food at local markets and taking classes at the Cordon Bleu. She tells the story with veracity and wit in My Life in France.

Click here to read more about the movie.

Click here to see recipes from the movie and book.

Click here to buy My Life in France:
RRP: $12.95, Booktopia Price $10.36

Also check out these reissues of Julia's original publications that took the US by storm...

Julia's Kitchen Wisdom:
RRP: $32.95, Booktopia Price: $26.35

Mastering the Art of French Cooking
RRP: $39.95, Booktopia Price: $31.96

Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol 2
RRP: $39.95, Booktopia Price: $31.96

The French Chef Cookbook:
RRP: $34.95, Booktopia Price: $30.75


Rôtis: Roasts for Everyday of the Week
RRP: $49.95, Booktopia Price $39.96

The Exotic Meat Cookbook:
RRP $$59.99,
Booktopia Price: $47.99


Here is a selection of bestselling titles from chefs featured in this month's Sydney International Food Festival:

Simple Chinese Cooking
RRP: $59.95, Booktopia Price: $47.95

Balance and Harmony
RRP: $89.95, Booktopia Price: $71.95

Asian Delights: Mini Cookbooks
RRP: $4.95, Booktopia Price: $3.95

Tasty Asian Dishes: Mini Cookbooks
RRP: $4.95, Booktopia Price: $3.95

A Culinary Journey
RRP: $59.95, Booktopia Price: $47.95

RRP: $59.95, Booktopia Price: $52.95


Jake Smith

Ever wondered what Queen Victoria munched on at breakfast time? This book has every detail of a dignitary's dietary habits you could ever want to know, and more.

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Eating with Emperors
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Marie Claire Real and Simple

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Cook: Delicious Recipes for Family & Friends   
by Allyson Gofton
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The new updated 2009 edition of this definitive guide to the kitchen includes 900 photographs and the details and origins of nearly every recipe included.

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Love Soup